The star signs and what they look for in a relationship

January 24, 2018 17:29 Astrology Library

What does each star sign want from their romantic relationships? Here’s a rundown of what each star sign expects from their significant other.

The star signs and what they need in a relationship


There are two things Aries can’t live without: action… and sex! They get easily bored and have a strong erotic streak, so they need a partner who hates monotony as much as they do and with whom they can share a passionate sexual connection. They also refuse to compromise on their independence.


Taurus expects their significant other to be loyal and fully devoted to them. If their partner fails to provide them with the emotional safety and stability they seek, they won’t stick around for long. They also need their other half to share their appreciation for both the material and the sensual pleasures of life.


Gemini longs for good communication and variety. They want to be with someone with whom they can share their thoughts and ideas. They need a partner who’s able and willing to challenge them intellectually, keep up with their thirst for knowledge, and resolve problems through dialogue. 

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Cancer looks for emotional warmth and intimacy in their romantic relationships. They need a considerate, affectionate partner who appreciates their sensitive nature and can make them feel emotionally secure. They also expect their mate to be empathetic enough to be able to sense when they’re feeling hurt or neglected.


Leo demands attention! They need someone who can make them feel special, unique, desired and admired – in other words, someone who’s willing to treat them like a king/queen! They won’t play second fiddle to anyone. They also refuse to be bossed around, and want their other half to share their taste for luxury.


Virgo needs to feel needed. They look for someone who won’t take them for granted. They tend to be humble, so they’re not particularly demanding in their relationships. They simply want their mate to be appreciative of their generosity and the effort they put into making the relationship work, and to show their appreciation through actions.

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Libra looks for a relationship built on cooperation. They expect their other half to be as invested in the relationship as they are. They also need their mate to be understanding and to value peace and harmony as much as they do; there’s no room in their life for people who can’t control their temper!


For Scorpio, it’s all about trust. They expect their significant other to always tell them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! They hate feeling like they’re being deceived or lied to. They also refuse to compromise on their sexual needs; they have a strong sex drive and can’t live without passion!


Sagittarius looks for someone who values their freedom as much as they value their own. They don’t take kindly to being tied down. They also want a partner who shares their insatiable thirst for new experiences; they could never be with someone who didn’t respect their need for thrills and adventure.

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Capricorn needs a partner that’s reliable – someone they can depend on. They have no patience for irresponsible or frivolous people. They value consistency between words and actions above all else, so they expect their other half to behave in a mature, sensible way and to keep the promises they make.


Aquarius expects their significant other to respect their need for personal space and independence. They hate being pressured or told what to do. They are uncompromising when it comes to their freedom. They also need their other half to be as honest and thoughtful as their friends.


Pisces looks for a partner who’s openly affectionate. They are not cut out for solitude; they experience it as loneliness, so they like spending as much time with their significant other as possible. They also need their mate to be understanding of their difficulty in dealing with practical, everyday matters.

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