Game of Thrones is Back: Sneak a Peak at Jon Snow (aka Kit Harrington)’s Horoscope!

April 6, 2016 11:38 Celebrity Horoscopes
English actor Kit Harington -instantly recognisable to fans of Game of Thrones as Jon Snow- and co-star Rose Leslie finally made their first public appearance as a couple. Leslie portrayed Ygritte, Jon Snow's love interest in the popular series and it seems the on-screen chemistry between the two has developed into a real-life romance. Let's have a look at Kit Harington's astrology birth chart!
Harington is a Capricorn (born 26th December 1986) with moon in Scorpio (based on a midday chart in the absence of an exact time).  Although with such a lion’s mane of hair our guess is he could very well have Leo rising - Rose Leslie's Aquarius star sign (Leo’s opposite sign) makes for a very compatible romantic relationship. But let’s get back to trading in the facts of Kit Harington's birth-chart.

Kit Harington’s Astrological Birth-Chart

Neptune, the most glamorous planet in astrology, is the heavenly body that rules the acting profession and show business. Being conjunct Kit’s Sun, he’s therefore an equally glamorous person that was born to act, because apart from anything else Neptune’s the planet of illusion and fantasy. With such a charismatic planet next to his sun he’ll probably be as magnetically charming in person as he is on screen. The downside of Neptune is a weakness for constant escapism, and being a magnet for people that ultimately won’t do him much good. He may also have addiction issues.
Along with the moon, Pluto and Venus are also in Scorpio, placing him at the obsessive-compulsive end of the spectrum. He’ll be intensely interested in whatever his latest hobbyhorse might be, like getting his teeth stuck into the parts he plays and plumbing depths other actors wouldn’t go near. People with Venus in Scorpio, while intense in love, can also go for unusually long periods without physical intimacy if they don’t meet anyone that they really click with. Mainly because they have exacting standards, and because trust is the be-all and end-all to these naturally suspicious people. If anyone were to do a kiss and tell on Kit, for example, he would take it very, very personally and perhaps even seek revenge.
Although with Mars in gentle Pisces, here we have a laidback person day to day, and someone who may even bottle up anger because he can’t express it in a way that he’s entirely comfortable with. With Jupiter also in Pisces conjunct The Red Planet, there’ll be a shape shifting quality to Kit that’ll help him tackle a multitude of parts as he ages.
Kit has said that he’s only read his own scenes for this upcoming season so that he can see if Game of Thrones lives up to all the hype by watching it without knowing what’s going to happen. Capricorns often have an offbeat, earthy sense of humour, and combined with Sagittarius, he loves a challenge.
According to Wikipedia he’s a direct descendent of Charles II of England, and he does have a bit of a regal look to him (another reason why we think that Leo might be on his ascendant). While three planets in Scorpio and another three in Sagittarius account for his windswept-yet-interesting-meets-brooding look.
Mercury conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius indicates a mentally sharp, ‘on it’ mind. This also gives him a good sense of what will and what won’t work in the future, a skill that’ll come in handy when he’s looking into worthwhile future roles, especially after the colossal success of Game of Thrones. Unconventional ideas may seem crazy to him at first, but he shouldn’t write them off just because other people don’t get them straight away.

What does Kit's immediate future hold?

His progressed moon in Scorpio tells us that he’s about to go through a testing time of it emotionally. He could become even more obsessive-compulsive about a project than is healthy, or even be attracted to someone dangerous: a kind of femme fatale. His progressed Venus squares his natal Jupiter right now so he’s in store for a bit of a bumpy old ride of it in love whomever he gets involved with, possibly regarding the exposure of a secret. 
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