Golden Globes winner Amy Adams' horoscope!

January 13, 2015 16:13 Celebrity Horoscopes

Amy Adams’ smile should still be wide enough to knock out all the traffic lights on Sunset Boulevard after winning the Best Actress Golden Globe for a second year running. She bagged it for her portrayal of Margaret Keane in Tim Burton’s Big Eyes. Leos like Amy are hardwired to think big, and usually with an eye on entertaining, making the spotlight their natural habitat. But this alone is no guarantee of the global success she’s currently enjoying. Horoscope Friends therefore hunts down what else in her chart points towards her ascending star in Hollywood.

Second Golden Globe in a row for Amy Adams - what's next based on her horoscope?

She’s got the walk as well as the talk, with an industrious Virgo moon coupled with a clever ascendant in gemini (based on 20 Aug 1974 12.00am). Mercury - ruler of both these signs – gives her words wings, which is why she’s able to carry the audience away so convincingly. A keen intellect and charming wit make her fun to be/work with, likewise the sun/ Venus in Leo radiate natural warmth in her personality.
To be a true star you must possess a quality that makes the audience not want to take its eyes off you. Not even to check Facebook. Charismatic Neptune usually has a dominant influence over the charts of such people, and Amy’s opposes her ascendant so she’s also sensitive, creative and otherworldly. Those affected by such an aspect in their charts often have a greater need for some kind of escape – and hers looks to be acting. Neptune can also indicate musical ability, and you only have to see her in the film Enchanted to know that she can hold a tune!
A strongly placed Jupiter is the cosmic equivalent of being dealt a lucky hand in life. But its trine with Saturn means that nothing will be handed to her on a plate, neither would she want it to be. Saturn also points towards greater success later in life. She’ll be conscientious too, with a strong moral sense. With this favourable cosmic tailwind behind her, and two Golden Globes under her belt (she won one last year for American Hustle), she does seem to be on a winning streak.
Jupiter also opposes Mars. This can be tense at times, causing a negative and wasteful scattering of energy when she’s frustrated, plus her independent spirit effectively builds a kind of psychological barrier to full commitment in a relationship. No wonder she’s been engaged to her partner Darren Le Gallo since 2008!
So is she likely to take the plunge anytime soon? Saturn’s just about to transit her natal seventh house, and this will inevitably bring her relationship into focus more sharply. But with Saturn involved it might be practical rather than romantic reasons that make them decide to tie the knot in the next few years. Alternatively, she could be attracted to someone else who is older (Amy and Darren are both 40) and break it off completely.
Amy is confirmed to star in a biopic of Janis Joplin, provisionally titled Get It While You Can. This is interesting because Joplin struggled with addiction problems, and Amy’s progressed moon is in Pisces right now, the sign that rules all this kind of thing. There’s therefore a kind of victim/saviour psychology going on within her that will attract her to grittier roles in the next couple of years. Oh, and that moon also happens to be in her house of career and ambition, so she’s not going away anytime soon.
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