Oscar award winner Eddie Redmayne's Horoscope

February 26, 2015 15:08 Celebrity Horoscopes

The sheer brilliance of Eddie Redmayne’s Oscar-winning portrayal of Professor Stephen Hawking in the film The Theory of Everything might have something to do with the fact both men were born under the sign of Capricorn. Hawking on the 8th January, Redmayne on the 6th. This was in fact the actor’s opening gambit when he first met the Professor, prompting a curt response from the great man pointing out that he was an astronomer not an astrologer. As luck would have it we -here at Horoscope Friends- are astrologers, so here’s what the planets reveal about Eddie Redmayne’s horoscope.

The Theory of Everything about Eddie Redmayne's horoscope

Despite his faux pas, Mercury sextile Uranus in Eddie’s chart indicates that he’s actually fairly scientifically minded. But as always with Uranus there’s a contradiction. Namely that this aspect can also point towards an interest in occult or esoteric matters, like astrology (hence him playing the Capricorn card, perhaps?). Who knows, Eddie could even be reading this right now.
We don’t have an exact birth time for him, but based on a midday chart his moon is in Taurus, although the moon moved into Gemini later that day back in 1982. In Taurus, the moon would chime with his earthy sun sign and make him even more of a Steady Eddie. The moon is exalted in this sign too, so if his natal moon is indeed located here he’ll be fairly even-tempered and an all-round good egg. Plus this is also more suited to the privileged background this Eton-educated man enjoyed (one of his classmates was Prince William). A natal moon in Gemini on the other hand points towards a chameleon-like nature, that is restless and really quite mentally brilliant, just like his performance in the film. Neither moon placement is particularly starry or adventurous, which could be one of the reasons he’s apparently ruled out moving to LA on the back of his Oscar success.
He married Hannah Bagshawe last year, but as her birthday isn’t in the public domain, we can’t assess their compatibility directly. What we do know is moon in Taurus hungers for a love life that is secure and plodding, whereas if it’s in Gemini he’ll be looking for fun from a partner that’ll stimulate his labyrinthine mind. Moon in Gemini people also need someone that is self-possessed and secure enough not to be plagued by bouts of insecurity, because Gemini is the sign of the flirt. Eddie’s moon is opposed by Uranus, regardless of the sign placement, sparking a degree of emotional volatility. Three planets in Libra mitigate this to a point because relationship harmony is their ultimate aim. It’s the concentration of this energy that probably levels him out on those strung out days.
Mars just happens to be one of these planets. Mars in Libra natives are investors in people, and not to put too fine a point on it, tend to be horny devils. Jupiter in Scorpio is the only water sign in the chart, and this adds a pinch of raw sex appeal to the mix. Venus in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Scorpio so he can lean towards vanity and laziness. He’s also a sucker for flattery.
Saturn sextile Neptune brings a practical dimension to his idealistic tendencies, and provides a nice balance between the spiritual and the ‘I need solid proof’ aspects of his personality. In terms of transiting planets and his immediate future, Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, turns retrograde in March and will conjunct his natal Uranus once again in early May. This could see him jettison people he regards as wastes of space, or abandon something that he agreed to in haste.
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