New royal baby princess horoscope!

May 2, 2015 14:09 Celebrity horoscopes

A new royal princess is born and this is her horoscope:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have announced the birth of their second child, a daughter, and a sister to Prince George. She is fourth in line to the throne, and for all the ardent royal watchers out there, Horoscope Friends presents a snapshot interpretation of her birth chart.
The new princess has her sun in Taurus, moon in Libra and ascendant in Cancer. Both Kate and William have heavy Cancerian influences in their charts, as does her brother, so this will be one close-knit family unit that is incredibly attuned to one another’s needs. As well as instinctively knowing how to deal with the public. The late Princess Diana was also of course born under the sign of the crab. She shares her Taurean sun with her great-grandmother, the Queen, further indicating an astrological pattern that’s evident in so many dynasties.
So what kind of person will the latest addition to the British monarchy be? That particular sun/moon/ascendant combo (together with Venus near her ascendant) will most probably confer on her great beauty, plus a natural finesse and elegance that will help her take to royal life like a duck to water. On the surface at least. But delve beneath it and we have a bit of a rebel at heart, on account of her eleventh house sun and Uranus. Asserting her individuality will therefore be important to her, as will her friendships, and she’ll be attracted to unusual and non-conformist types. She’s likely to be a back-door reformer because her Cancer ascendant favours a subtle sideways approach.
With Pluto in her seventh house, the part of the chart that rules relationships, her choice of partner will shape her destiny and that of the people closest to her, and to a greater extent than she realises. Hers might not be a popular choice, and with Venus, Mercury and Mars populating a busy 12th house, she’s also likely to be very secretive in affairs of the heart. Neptune right at the top of a chart (as it is in the new princess’s) usually means a person exudes glamour, so she will too, and perhaps to a similar extent as her late grandmother, Diana. Saturn in the sixth house will ignite a desire within her to work to achieve something in life, and once we factor in a fifth house moon (ruler of the chart), this could find its expression in something immensely creative. 
Welcome to the world baby princess!
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