Daily Horoscope - Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

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The Moon’s in Virgo after yesterday’ Virgo Full Moon and Mercury is still caught up with the Neptune-Saturn sextile making this a productive Wednesday in all. With a whole host of lunar-planetary aspects underway you’d better get an early start! Read on for your star sign’s daily horoscope (just click on the icon) right at the bottom of this, the general astro weather forecast for your day!

Inspiration is never far with Mercury-Neptune-Saturn!

The Virgo Supermoon’s got so charged up by the Sun’s rays yesterday that it could keep going for hours! And so might you today, as the Moon gets through a whole host of planets all with clinical precision and an inexhaustible supply of advice. If you want something done, well, ask a Virgo to do it and the Virgo Moon has lots to do today. Chop chop!

Work is wonderful news right now because you’ll have loads of wonderful things to show for your efforts. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, connects with the Saturn-Neptune sextile opening the channels of communication, inspiration, as well as just the right doors for you to help you realise your dreams. Time to implement your ideas in just the best, most perfect possible way! And all that is music to the Virgo Moon’s ears. Work smart! Work inspired!

You’re sure to wake up with a few ideas of how to tick all the right boxes, as the Moon connects with Mercury, Neptune and Saturn in the morning. No need to control everything. Just let your mind take you where it will; let things happen. As a reward, the Moon trines Venus and Pluto later tonight, giving you a loving, beautiful reward for all your hard work! With Jupiter in play too, you just can’t get enough of whatever pleasure the cosmos has in store for you. Well, you can indulge freely tonight!

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20 Feb 2019
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