Daily Horoscope - Tuesday, 17 July, 2018

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The Moon slides from nitpicking Virgo to lovey dovey Libra tonight so get everything sorted while you can. Then be ready to brush your hair and bat an eyelid or two at just the right person come the evening! Your astrology forecast for Tuesday July 17th awaits and so does the horoscope for your star sign.

Relationships are on your mind tonight as the Moon enters Libra!

The Moon is still in Virgo and a busy bee all morning and there’s much you need to do before the night comes. As the Moon harmonises with Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer, you’re like a powerhouse of energy and confidence, blasting through that to-do list, all your little helpers at hand. If you’re looking to dial it down a little and turn your attention to tasks that have been a long time pending, this Tuesday brings good news. Come the afternoon, you’ll be able to clear your schedule and focus all your thoughts on what you want without being disturbed! That’s because the Moon goes void of course in Virgo, giving you some much needed space to clear any backlog. Instead of initiating anything new, use this opportunity to clear the decks! Just do what needs to be done - whether it’s the cleaning or the ironing, a nice relaxing massage or simply sitting back with a good book - and you’ll be happy you got that sorted.

Once evening arrives, the Moon moves into relationship sign Libra and companionship becomes your first priority.  Libra likes life best as half of a duet so reach out and find someone who’s willing to smack that tennis ball right back to you! The Moon opposes Chiron in Aries later tonight and someone or something might momentarily hurt your feelings. Don’t fret. It’s nothing major and only a passing influence. If it’s old dirty laundry that is coming up for air, use this opportunity to identify it and see it for what it is. Read on for the love and career horoscopes for your star sign!

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17 Jul 2018
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