Daily Horoscope - Tuesday, 20 November, 2018

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It’s all systems go in your Tuesday horoscope, as Mars squares Jupiter and the Moon races through Aries. Speed is of the essence, or so you think, but there is a danger of just seeing your wheels spinning without gaining any real traction. Seek expert guidance and advice as the Sun trines Chiron in Pisces helping you tap into profound wisdom. Read on for today’s astro weather forecast followed by the horoscope fo your star sign!

Trust your inner wisdom with the Sun trine Chiron!

Mars and Jupiter have surely inflated your desires and expectations beyond any bearable measure and you’re fit to burst with enthusiasm! Yes, Mars-Jupiter gives you wings… But you lack focus. There’s so much potential for action that you’re wondering ‘where should I fly off to first?’

The Sun and Chiron come to the rescue as they trine this morning, allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom…or someone else’s. Whatever is going on, this calls for authentic leadership and for being true to yourself. And even if you don’t know what will happen tomorrow, if you trust in your inner guidance, you won’t go wrong. With Mercury and Venus being wobbly these days, try not to finalise matters until well into December. Just take each day as it comes focusing on positive opportunities for change!

The Aries Moon is the all-round action-hero of lunar placements and that’s you right now. You want to get going… And you want quick results! A square to Pluto could bring a sense of urgency in the morning and by the time the day is done, the Moon opposes Venus and relationships take a bit of a hit. As you can see, this is anything but a smooth day, but that’s not so bad. There’s lots you can achieve if you grow with the small challenges the universe brings you now.

By night-time the Moon links up with Uranus and the Nodes and what seemed small a minute ago may appear life-changing now. You’re about to grow in leaps and bounds in the next few weeks and months so don’t be afraid to shake loose what you’re ready to get rid of!

By midnight the Moon lands in steady Taurus and you can finally dial down the pace a little. Your daily star sign horoscope has more on all that…

20 Nov 2018
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