Daily Horoscope - Friday, 21 September, 2018

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The Sun conjuncts Mercury in Virgo today and, as they both sit down and work things out, a brilliant idea comes to light! This will go a long way toward clarifying your next steps. Check out today’s horoscope for your star sign right after the general daily astro weather forecast for this Friday.

Communication shines thanks to Mercury and the Sun!

Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Virgo so get out your pad and make a list of your next steps. This summer was full of delays and detours and things have been confusing to say the least. With so many loose ends to tidy up, you might not have been firing on all cylinders. Now you are! You’re ready to finally focus on the present. Today brings wide open communication channels, brilliant clarity and intelligent solutions.  And not a minute too soon!

The Aquarius Moon is all for thinking outside the box and this goes a long way toward helping you use your creative genius. With the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Aquarius, two of the most rational star signs of the zodiac, it’s time to appeal to science. Corroborate your results. Keep a journal. Bring in the experts! The stars give you a clear head today, helping you discuss matters in a reasonable, detached manner without the muddle of drama and sentimentality.

Catch yourself before you get too greedy tonight, as the Moon squares Jupiter in Scorpio. This aspect brings a wave of dissatisfaction and nothing is quite enough to fill that gaping hole inside. It’s not a sign of anything.  Just let off some steam. Expound on your big plans, have a good old rant with a mate and give it a rest. Tomorrow is a brand new day! Check out the horoscope for your star sign, only a scroll and click away.

21 Sep 2018
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