Daily Horoscope - Wednesday, 18 July, 2018

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The Moon in Libra oils the relationship wheels today and you’re in for lots of smooching and nodding.  Politeness will get you a long way on a Wednesday so go on, be nice! Read your daily astrology prediction for today followed by your daily horoscope for every star sign.

Get your pretty face on, it’s a Libra Moon!

It’s people who make the world go round, not money, and the Libra Moon knows that very well! Hence its effort to reach out, connect with others, negotiate deals and extend some form of partnership. Find your other half - in love or business - and you can conquer the world! It’s time to step out of your shell and socialise when the Moon is in Libra, or at the very least to think of others and consider what they want or what they have to say. Where you find Libra in your chart is where you want to be nice and play fair. It’s where you want to cooperate with others. Is it love? Or is work? Your personal horoscope would know…

The Moon squares hard taskmaster Saturn in the morning so this might not be the most enjoyable start to the day. You might have to be polite out of duty or toe some hard line. But as we head toward Wednesday night, the Moon trines Mars retrograde in Aquarius and you’re feeling a little more rebellious. You’re eager to express yourself, go after what you want, flirt someone’s socks off. Enjoy the fun while you can because we’re reaching the half-way point between the first two summer 2018 eclipses and things are getting hotter by the minute! What do you really want? What are you oh so angry about? Mars in Aquarius has a disruptive agenda and in a week or so it’s all gonna blow! Read the horoscope for your star sign for more on love, career and happiness.

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18 Jul 2018
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