Scorpio Daily horoscope for Friday, 22 September 2017

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Scorpio Today Friday 22 September 2017

With Venus gone from your career sector but Ceres just two days away, you can afford to let things settle. Work and career forces are still aligned and Saturn is still slowly gaining momentum on the income front. In fact income, work and career forces are in a place where they are fine to slowly tick over. This will hopefully give you some time to step back and waste some time. Except time out for navel gazing and daydreaming is anything but wasted time.

Scorpio daily horoscope tip

Great minds are known to think alike, and it could be a case of two heads being better than one in some way now. There might be a work or career angle to this and if a workload can be divided and shared, then seize a chance to do so rather than struggle on your own. It might also be you who concocts a clever solution to improve efficiency - and earn well-deserved praise for doing so.
Friday 22 September 2017