Libra Daily horoscope for Saturday, 23 September 2017

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Libra Tomorrow Saturday 23 September 2017

The Moon's departure from Libra just hours before the Sun returns today, means you'll start your birthday month and new solar year with an intuitive edge from the get go. Hopefully this has inspired your imagination as well, for the Sun has returned to support Jupiter in his final weeks. With the early weeks of your birthday month and new solar year overlapping the final weeks of Jupiter's yearlong visit to Libra, this gives you the power to embrace the future.

Libra daily horoscope tip

Focusing your attention on minuscule details of an idea or plan could cause you to feel distracted from a bigger, more inspiring picture. Seemingly small steps being taken are integral to progress where the overall objective is concerned. Don't see them as annoying setbacks. They can actually help you to keep an eye on the bigger, main reason why you chose to undertake whatever-it-is in the first place.
Saturday 23 September 2017