Monthly Capricorn career horoscope for November 2017

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Capricorn Month November 2017

You have reached the end a long journey, one that is not just in the process of bringing this professional year home, but a push that began with Jupiter's return to your career sector in September 2016. Jupiter only left last month and the Sun 12 days later, which is when the transition phase began. This is a transition from a period where there was a massive push to pursue every option and to push through every possible barrier, to a point where it is time to bring things home. And you have the perfect two planets for the job. Until she leaves your career sector on the 8th November, Venus is focused on fuelling your professional confidence, attracting opportunities and as the planet of money, steering things in a lucrative direction. Until he leaves on the 9th November, Mars will spend the whole month fuelling your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit, while working to make things happen. Venus and Mars are the closers or the finishers, the planets that come in after the hard, challenging and at times messy work has been done, pretty things up and exploit your full potential. By the time Mars leaves on the 9th December, if there is anything to exploit he'll hunt it down, while giving you the energy, drive and passion to pursue it relentlessly. It is then that you'll finally have a chance to take your professional hat off. There will still be some pockets of professional pressure or work/life balance tension, mainly in the early and later days of the month, but this is more a reminder. The Moon will move through from the 14th November to the 16th November, sharpening your professional instincts and providing some valuable clues, hunches and insights one last time before Mars leaves.
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November 2017
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