Monthly Sagittarius career horoscope for January 2018

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Sagittarius Month January 2018

With no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses, until Venus returns to your work sector at the end of March, you can afford to ease slowly into your new professional year. The fact that this is not usually an active time of the year on the work or career fronts will make this a lot easier. For the biggest danger, this month is jumping into things too early and too fast, long before you have to. There is no danger in doing that in terms of anything that will negatively impact you and more that you need to hold back if you can. For while April and May are always the busiest months of any year on the job front, Uranus is returning here mid May, for the first time since 1942. Uranus is an outer planet and unlike the Sun, Mercury and Venus, who will pass through in a matter of weeks, apart from a few months later this year and into early 2019, once he arrives he's here until 2026. Knowing that you'll soon need to keep your work hat on and then keep it on for the next eight years, makes it important to keep it off while you can. Seize opportunities as they present, make the most of any chance to ease into this new professional year slowly. With no planetary activity in your two professional houses, this makes the Moon's monthly visits a lot more important. The Moon will make its first visit to your career sector for the year from the 5th January to the 8th January, sharpening your professional instincts and your sense of professional direction. The Moon will make its first visit to your work sector for the year from the 25th January to the 27th January, giving you an intuitive read on work and job matters.
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January 2018
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