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Happy New Year! It’s a brand new astrology month and a brand new year - and what an action-packed start to 2019 this is! Action Hero Mars touches base in Aries on the very 1st of January and this means you’re ready to go-go-go with your new year’s resolutions! Then, within barely a week, two monumental events happen: Uranus turns direct for the very last time in Aries accelerating your progress, and we get a New Moon partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn all on the same day, January 6th! This acts like an instant brain-upgrade, getting you to ready to think and act differently as soon as 2019 kicks in!

Venus and Mercury, having been retrograde for ages, also decide to perk up their act. Mercury enters Capricorn on January 5th and Venus enters Sagittarius on January 7th and you’re now ready to discuss practicalities and take a more optimistic view on relationships. This can help you organise the changes you want to make, plus it cheers you up, as relationships become much more light-hearted and fun! And for you, dear Sagittarius? it’s time to strike gold! Astrology’s good guys, Venus and Jupiter, are together in your sign in January, bringing you luck and making you a favourite for finding love and for making money too! Venus will stay in Sagittarius till February 3rd.

Now for the big news: a Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on 21 January! This is a potentially dramatic, even shocking and life-changing eclipse! You have had eclipses in that area of your horoscope since 2017 so, in some ways, you’ve worked the ground for whatever is coming. But, maybe you didn’t expect it to be quite this sudden? So fast? So different? It’s a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of moment. Time to put the past behind you and get a whole new show on the road! Dear Leo, this is a very powerful moment for you, preparing you for a brand new chapter in your life. Mercury in Aquarius from the 24th will help you connect with others (for Leo, in particular, a partner) and innovate in your life!

Lastly, we have two major aspects in January that will repeat throughout and colour the whole of 2019 (watch this space!). Jupiter square Neptune on January 13th and Saturn sextile Neptune on January 31st. These indicate that this year requires a careful balancing act between enthusiasm and realism. You have everything that it takes to change your life for the better this year. The key is to be neither too timid nor too careless. Do your due diligence, plant both feet on the ground then let your mind soar. The sky is the limit!

Read on for your January monthly horoscope on love, career and happiness, star sign by star sign! Will you find love in 2019? Your 2019 single love horoscope has some answers!

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16 Jan 2019
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