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Your October 2018 horoscope promises something special! Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio awakening sleeping passions, Scorpio’s ruler Pluto stations direct unleashing the beast in you and no less than three planets travel through that mysterious sign making October a very sexy month! Old lovers return, illicit affairs call your name and temptations abound… Can you handle it? Dive in at the deep end you’ll come out stronger, your love life - and finances - transformed! Tenacity is a key Scorpio trait. Show some tenacity. Take a leaf out of Scorpio’s book and keep at it and, by Christmas, the forbidden fruit could well be yours!

Lover Venus literally hijacks the month of October! Not only is the love planet retrograde intensifying all desire but we have a New Moon in Libra on October 9th and a Full Moon in Taurus on October 24th, both Venus-ruled signs! October has love (and money) written all over it! Especially people, places and goods you’ve been secretly craving for a long long time! Persistence is key. That and being able to strip your heart of all pretence and look your desire straight in the eye. This will allow you to transform your past and find the guts to go after a future that might have hitherto seemed out of reach.

You have until October 24th to play nice with others, with the help of the Libra Sun, and fuse your best bits into a better future. The Libra New Moon on October 9th could be just the ticket to help you re-evaluate an important relationship, revive an old love affair or revisit an issue very close to your heart. You have two weeks to give it your all. The Taurus Full Moon conjunct Uranus on October 24th is a wild card that could bring sudden changes! This is your cue to release the past and open yourself to something new.

The last week of October calls for caution. That’s when the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in Scorpio and when Venus retrograde dons her warrior armour, awakening your most dangerous and uncontrollable passions. Don’t rush into anything or you’ll soon be like “what was I thinking?!?”

Keep reading for your monthly love and career horoscope, star sign by star sign and don't forget to check out your October 2018 Single Love Horoscope!

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22 Oct 2018
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