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One summer eclipse down, two to go! Last week’s solar eclipse in Cancer dug out a little opening in the wall, helping you see things differently. And now, you have a  small interlude this week as we prepare for the total lunar eclipse blood moon in Aquarius on the 27th!  Here’s what’s about to unfold…

The week starts on a down to earth note as the Virgo Moon celebrates the grand earth trine that accompanied this most recent solar eclipse in Cancer. This helps you establish a good foundation for the future both in business and in personal relationships. Next up, Mars retrograde in Aquarius crosses over the karmic eclipse points. This can help you rein in a situation that got out of control in the last couple of months or so. It can also ignite an old passion in you or move you to get in touch with someone you used to be very active with. Use the clarity of the recent solar eclipse to see things from a new perspective and correct past mistakes!

The weekend 20-22 looks to be fantastic! Love planet Venus in Virgo sextiles lucky Jupiter in Scorpio with the Scorpio Moon pumping up the hype all the way til Sunday!  The Sun enters Leo soon after that and this gives you the signal that the summer is well and truly underway. Happy holidays!

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