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Your horoscope for the week of November 19-25 brings great enthusiasm as Mars squares Jupiter, the Sun enters Sagittarius and a Gemini Full Moon on Friday tops it all! Add to that Neptune station direct on the Sunday and you’re all set for an exciting, super-chatty and romantic weekend!

You can barely contain your enthusiasm on Monday-Tuesday as Mars newly in Pisces squares Jupiter newly in Sagittarius. You’re eager to start new adventures and hugely optimistic! But how can you channel all this energy and enthusiasm? Don’t just rush into something new. Acting rashly or prematurely could cause you to frantically backpedal down the line, especially with Mercury retrograde. If, on the other hand, you’ve been thinking about something a long time and you simply haven’t had the cojones to make your move, now’s your chance! Mars and Jupiter give you a big boost of confidence to get the ball rolling.

On Thursday the Sun enters Sagittarius where it will soon join lucky Jupiter, launching an incredibly fortunate and hopeful year for all star signs, so watch this space! By Friday, a Full Moon in Gemini opposite the Sun and Jupiter, and square Mars, has you chomping at the bit. You have so much to do and to say! Have your say, go out for fun with friends, take an excursion, write down your thoughts and socialise. Do steer clear of gossip and arguments, as Mars squares that Full Moon and could bring up verbal attacks and altercations. Trust Sun-Jupiter and be honest and tolerant, keeping your eye on the bigger picture. Then, from that place, communicate your message!

The week ends on a super-romantic note so plan something special this weekend. Come the Sunday, Neptune in Pisces stations direct and you get an incredible rush of feeling, as your longings and fantasies burst into life. What do you dream of? What does your soul yearn for? Whether you experience elation or disappointment now (or both!), this will bring a key message home. Read on for your weekly horoscope, star sign by star sign!

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20 Nov 2018
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