Weekly Cancer horoscope for 16/07 - 22/07

Free weekly horoscope for Cancer star sign, for the week 16 Jul 2018 - 22 Jul 2018. Read on to find out how this week’s astrology aspects will affect you, in matters of love, career and more.

Cancer Week 16 Jul 2018 - 22 Jul 2018

Dear Cancer, you are a romantic soul and you are looking for anything beautiful, ideal, anything that will bring you closer to knowledge and self-realization. This week emphasizes exactly on this side of yours and revolves around issues of education, travel, and personal and family development. You have to decide whether you are ready to make those choices that will lead you closer to your goal or you will let your fear bind you by reason and reality. The bad news is that you have to make decisions, but the good news is that the answers are within you and they are clear.

Your love horoscope for this week

You have to admit that you have allowed some issues to create distance and a negative atmosphere in your relationship. The good thing, however, is that during this period you will be given the opportunity to make things right, so that you improve the situation between your partner and you. If necessary, reset and start from the beginning. Your partner will definitely be supportive, so take the step and enjoy the results. if you are single, this week promises to bring happiness in your life.

Your career horoscope for this week

There will be difficulties in your work, however in the end things will go well. The key to the positive outcome is in your hands and it has to do with your attitude towards your colleagues. Show a collaborative spirit and do not take things out on them. New beginnings are favored, as long as they happen after careful consideration. Your financial situation is showing signs of instability and is easily changing due to poor management. Take drastic measures, control your impulse and you will immediately see things change.

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16 Jul 2018 - 22 Jul 2018
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