Weekly Cancer horoscope for 21/08 - 27/08

Free weekly horoscope for Cancer star sign and Cancer Ascendant people, for the week 21 Aug 2017 - 27 Aug 2017. Read on to find out how this week’s astrology aspects will affect you, in our general weekly horoscope.

Cancer Week 21 Aug 2017 - 27 Aug 2017

Where your world was devoid of comfort in some way, you've seen signs recently that a new level of comfort has not only arrived but you have every reason to believe it's not going to vanish any time soon. What has been one-sided between you and a certain person appears to offer more in the way of reciprocation. This is helping you to be more receptive to some new and very real possibilities. All you need to do this week is ensure you maintain an open mind.

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21 Aug 2017 - 27 Aug 2017