Weekly Pisces horoscope for 15/01 - 21/01

Free weekly horoscope for Pisces star sign and Pisces Ascendant people, for the week 15 Jan 2018 - 21 Jan 2018. Read on to find out how this week’s astrology aspects will affect you, in our general weekly horoscope.

Pisces Week 15 Jan 2018 - 21 Jan 2018

To prove a point, some people believe it's necessary to be overly dramatic or exaggerative. They convince themselves that doing both helps to illustrate how important a particular issue or belief is to them. It's a shame they don't accept that those of us on the receiving end would prefer they were calm and rational, not hyped up or overemotional. This week, refrain from going 'over the top' to make a point. Separating fact from fantasy helps you to convey yourself clearly and ensures you're not at risk of being seen to have no true grasp of what you claim to be certain of!

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15 Jan 2018 - 21 Jan 2018
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