Weekly Sagittarius horoscope for 23/10 - 22/10

Free weekly horoscope for Sagittarius star sign and Sagittarius Ascendant people, for the week 23 Oct 2017 - 22 Oct 2017. Read on to find out how this week’s astrology aspects will affect you, in our general weekly horoscope.

Sagittarius Week 23 Oct 2017 - 22 Oct 2017

A certain feeling is emerging that refuses to be ignored, but you have a choice about you choose to respond to it. To make this, you're going to have to switch off the passionate way in which you see it. Strong feelings are affecting your vision and making it difficult to see it objectively or rationally. Before you can decide a move, you need to view a situation or arrangement in a cold but honest light. Your mission this week surrounds removing passion from the equation.

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23 Oct 2017 - 22 Oct 2017