Gemini Characteristics and Personality

03 Oct 2018
Contrary to Aries’ need for power and Taurus’ need for ‘possessing’ in order to feel safe, Gemini seeks knowledge. People born under the sign of Gemini are the information collectors of the Zodiac. Their mission is to gather as much information as possible and draw rational conclusions; besides, Gemini is considered the most logical of all twelve signs and the one most closely related to the Internet.
  • Gemini dates are May 21 – June 21.
  • Element: Air
  • Mode: Mutable
  • Gemini symbol: ♊
In contrast to Virgo people, with whom they share the same ruler (Mercury), Gemineans cannot properly distinguish between useful and useless information; as a result, their brain ends up resembling a hard drive storing lots of unnecessary data that –they think– might come in handy sometime in the future. Of course, this characteristic enables them to perfectly connect diverse situations by combining various pieces of information, and makes them communicative and capable of always remaining open-minded. However, it is also intertwined with another trait that is often ascribed to them, which is immorality, as those with Gemini prominent in their birth chart have an insatiable curiosity to taste all things new and constantly long for fresh experiences, without being able to set limits on this desire.
Gemini people find it difficult to set long-term goals, as they prefer ‘shorter distances’, and they often experience disappointment because of their tendency to put things aside only shortly after they have first engaged in them (as a result of getting easily bored) or to become involved in many things at the same time, ending up leaving them all unfinished. The typical Gemineans approach most of their affairs with two minds operating simultaneously. Besides, their sign has the symbol of the Twins, which connotes the duality of its nature.

Their greatest positive quality is their flexibility and adaptability to any situation that may arise, which expectedly makes them the most sociable sign of the Zodiac. Read here for Gemini Daily Horoscope.

Gemini Traits

Gemini, the third sign of the Zodiac can of the most confusing signs for other people. A Gemini personality is intriguing & sociable but the reasons behind this are more complex than one could imagine. The star sign of Gemini let us begin by saying that the sign’s flexibility comes from its Mutable Quality, while the restless, ever-changing aura of the sign derives from its association with the Air Element. While you may think of this information as a bit confusing right now, take a moment to let it sync in and fully understand the symbolisms, as the quality of each sign largely shapes its compatibility with other zodiac signs.

Gemini Personality

Planning in advance and looking into the future are things that feel alien to a Gemini. Long-term…anything, is not something a Gemini feels comfortable with or interested in. This sign is easily bored and it only takes a little while until they decide to discard the thing they were extremely interested in yesterday, as something already old. Another side-effect of their curiosity is engaging in a multitude of things, all at once and naturally ending up leaving most or all of them unfinished.

It’s rather common for a Gemini to enter a relationship or sign up for a job with two contradicting ideas about them in his mind at the same time. The symbol of the sign, the Twins, perfectly depicts this constant internal struggle. However this struggle is invisible to most as the sign’s adaptability makes them shine in any room they enter. It is not considered the most sociable sign for nothing.

The Gemini Man

The flirty Gemini man is witty, scatty (but sharp where it counts) and instantly lovable to many many people. Desperate to be regarded as the font of all knowledge, this wannabe Renaissance man can’t be bothered to put in the work but gets away with it. He’s endlessly entertaining.

How to win the heart of a Gemini Man

The UK’s late Princess Diana famously complained of there being three people in her marriage to Charles, and if you’re pondering a relationship with a Gemini male then you must prepare for your relationship to be even more overcrowded than hers was. That’s because your typical Gemini, dear Horoscope Friends fans, is several people masquerading as one. Get to know a little about a lot of things to hold their interest, or go the other way and let them hog the limelight and impress you with their vast general knowledge and big them up about it. Either extreme will do.

The Gemini Woman

Here we’ve got Miss Clever Clogs, chatty, bubbly and with a Mona Lisa smile. Lady Gemini is a quick thinker and a little tinker, always ahead of the game thanks to her curiosity and quick intelligence. She likes to have her fingers in many pies and will easily change her name, her job, her life and appearance to keep up with the times. Curiosity drives Lady Gemini ever forward. If you need a lowdown on all the gossip, or if you’re looking to find the coolest new restaurants in town, Gemini is your gal. She’s also really handy to have around in company as she never runs out of interesting things to say. She can get a conversation going in no time and listens to others when they speak.

Lady Gemini has many friends, not all of whom are going to stick, but then again, that’s life isn’t it? A constant flow of places, faces, thoughts, here today and gone tomorrow. She speaks her mind and is a great networker, blogger and make-things-happen person. She loves learning new things and this keeps her forever young and interesting. You will never be bored with Lady Gemini. Is it true that she has multiple personalities? Well, would you want to wear the same shirt all your life? Variety is the spice of life and she can certainly spice up yours!

How Gemini acts when they first fall in love

Gemini gets their skates on when they first fall in love – like getting keys cut for their new love one week into the relationship! They see no reason for playing it Arctic-cool when their heart’s been harpooned! And if you think their mobile phone usage is off the scale, you ain’t seen nothing like when they first fall in love!

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Date Modified: 03 Oct 2018
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