09 Aug 2018
Gemini Ascendant

Gemini Ascendant

The ruler of Gemini ascendant is Mercury, who endows you with an inquiring spirit and makes you seek knowledge and information. You often explore foreign countries in order to enjoy new scenes and experiences. From Mercury you also have an imperceptible ‘suspicion’, which you use as a defensive weapon whenever you feel that people are trying to deceive and trick you.

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You have a strong personality and enjoy expressing yourself and being seen by others. You rely on common sense to confirm the validity and power of your words and ideas. You have a strong desire to have many experiences and this means you have a wonderful life, far from the monotony and routine of daily life.

Your interests and the professional paths that you follow in your life have alternating and independent fields of interest. You tend to move house regularly, create new friendships and change your mind about the things going on around you, according to how you feel. This, inevitably, makes you seem not to be serious or that you don’t have convincing opinions. Deep down, you are searching for ideas and experiences that will help you win the acceptance of others.

You enjoy interacting socially and, when you are away from your family, form close friendships with your neighbours and colleagues. You maintain contact even with people who live far away and never cut off contact even with people who whom you have had a sexual relationship. You like to make your home a welcoming place and keep everything neat and tidy so that you can host and entertain friends and acquaintances.
Your tendency to emphasise your qualities and promote your skills often receives criticism from others, who may see you as egocentric and arrogant.

Your communications skills are your natural talent, sweeping others up and charming them. If you are involved with education at all then you excite your students and can interest them in even the most boring lesson. You have an eternally youthful appearance, which you take care to maintain, adopting a style that matches every situation and attracting everyone’s attention.

You seek stability and longevity in your personal relationships, but it usually takes a while to gain people’s trust and make them decide to go along with you. When you start a family, you will support it with all your strength and will protect your children, even when they have grown up.

Celebrities with Gemini ascendant: Pamela Anderson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Gregory Peck, Mick Jagger, Ricky Martin, Hillary Clinton, Martin Luther King, Pedro Almodóvar.

Gemini ascendant and its Sun sign combinations:

Aries Sun with Gemini ascendant 

Aries  Zodiac Sign and Gemini Rising Star: Funny, clever and ingenious, impatient for everything.

The double influence of Mercury and Mars makes you energetic but also nervous. You are always ready for action and inertia is your greatest enemy. Your impatience often means that you abandon an idea in the middle in order to start something new. You are as equally unsettled in your love life, and your relationships begin and end very quickly. As you mature, you will realise what you truly want and will then be able to settle down.

Taurus Sun with Gemini ascendant

Taurus  Zodiac Sign and Gemini Rising Star: Sociable, you adore sure values.

This combination makes you sincere and unpredictable. You are nervous and get angry easily, but just as easily get over it and apologise. You like interacting with people but also try to find time for your self, as being alone enables you to relax, recharge your batteries and get back into action.

Gemini Sun with Gemini ascendant

Gemini  Zodiac Sign and Gemini Rising Star: You are easily the center of your little world.

You are an eternal adolescent and want to maintain your independence, communicate with your friends, go on trips and, in general, have a good time. This is why you are scared to have an emotional commitment, especially if it will deprive you of your freedom. At work, you are very lucky and can succeed in every activity you choose.

Cancer Sun with Gemini ascendant

Cancer Zodiac Sign and Gemini Rising Star: Very reactive and curious, your mind is always in motion.

Your main traits are imagination and intuition. You are intelligent and astute. You read and are continuously informed and can easily influence those around you. Your goal in life is to find a way to reconcile your need for freedom and financial independence with your dream of a happy and united family.

Leo Sun with Gemini ascendant

Leo Zodiac Sign and Gemini Rising Star: Charismatic, funny and good talker.

This combination is a fairly compatible one and makes you clever and generous. Your communications skills are very strong and your external appearance will remain youthful for many years. You know how to inspire others and make fans who will support you throughout your life. In your love life, however, there will be many changes before you settle down.

Virgo Sun with Gemini ascendant

Virgo Zodiac Sign and Gemini Rising Star: Cerebral character and excellent communicator.
You are a rational thinker and enjoy being objective. You are outgoing but feel best when at home with old friends or spending time with your loved ones. You don’t lack the Virgo’s caustic sense of humour. You should watch what you say as you have hurt those around you quite a few times. The second part of your life will prove to be happier and more productive.

Libra Sun with Gemini ascendant

Libra Zodiac Sign and Gemini Rising Star: Scattered, but sociable, talkative and curious.

This is a harmonious combination which makes you a charismatic and sensitive artist. You are searching for the perfect partner who can satisfy your emotional needs and are willing to compromise in order to create a harmonious environment. Your problem is your inconsistency, which makes you seem untrustworthy in the eyes of your friends, even if they are always willing to forgive you.

Scorpio Sun with Gemini ascendant

Scorpio Zodiac Sign and Gemini Rising Star: Complex character, tenacious and combative.

Although this is a combination that may somewhat reduce the mysterious nature of the Scorpio, you are still complex for anyone who attempts to ‘decodify’ you. You are sociable and express yourself openly when something interests you, but you become nervous when you are forced to talk about things you’d rather not. Such behaviour, along with your inexplicable flitting to-and-fro, may create problems in your communications.

Sagittarius Sun with Gemini ascendant

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign and Gemini Rising Star: Very popular, adaptable and voluntary, opportunistic and friendly.
You love life and want to do everything and have new experiences. This is the reason why you like to move from one place to another, giving the impression of being restless. Even if you are progressing in the professional sphere, in your emotional life you will find it difficult to keep a relationship for long until you are mature enough to decide to create a family.

Capricorn Sun with Gemini ascendant

Capricorn Zodiac Sign and Gemini Rising Star: Brilliant and scoffing speakers, but friendly.

This combination makes you flexible and talkative and gives you an energy that keeps you always on the go. You enjoy discussing things and exchanging views and want to learn everything. There will be problems in your love life as you often have several relationships on the go or are easily temped, which may cause a scandal.

Aquarius Sun with Gemini ascendant

Aquarius Zodiac Sign and Gemini Rising Star: Interested in everything, sociable, open mind, full of ideas.
You are a clever and sensitive person. You enjoy communicating, exchanging ideas and satisfying yourself intellectually. You were born for adventure and travel. During your lifetime it is very possible that you will leave your own country and live abroad, to explore other cultures. You enjoy platonic friendships.

Pisces Sun with Gemini ascendant

Pisces Zodiac Sign and Gemini Rising Star: Nice, seductive, sometimes detached, but still sensitive and altruistic.

This combination makes you especially charming and you have a gaggle of admirers at your feet. Even so, you are very sincere and don’t exploit this fact. You don’t fall in love easily and only make a commitment once you have secured your freedom and independence. In the professional sphere, you will have a brilliant career, although your finances will be up and down.
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