Leo Ascendant
05 Feb 2020

Leo Ascendant: The Leo Rising Sign Characteristics

The Sun, ruler of Leo ascendant, endows you with some of your shine and you certainly never go unnoticed. You are ambitious, generous, tenacious and, above all, proud.

Leo Rising sign: The Ascendant in Leo and its meaning

You have great self-confidence, like to be admired and do all you can to get other people’s attention. Irrespective of your age, you are always young at heart. You tend to over-dramatise the events in your life.

You enjoy directing people and situations and having the leading role in all aspects of your life. You are even capable of plotting, in order to be the ‘leader’. Although you are generous by nature, you prefer to use underhand means, even for the most minor disagreements. You pay great attention to your external appearance and personal space, in this way creating a pleasant atmosphere that can have a positive psychological impact on both yourself and others.

You tend to use the ‘markers’ of physical gestures as a way of expressing yourself to other people, either to entice them, to convince them or even to threaten them. Because the concept of love and, in particular, having others love you is the foundation stone of your ‘ego’, you instinctively use body language to attract the attention of those around you.

You are not interested in examining your identity introspectively but aim for people’s acceptance through continuous collaboration, as this increases your inner strengths. You aspire to working with other people towards humanistic, political or educational goals, in order to have the chance to distinguish yourself and be validated in the eyes of others.

You feel an urgent need to create. Whether it’s a work of art, a romantic involvement or a child. This need to create is related to the construction of the ‘ego’ and the sense of confirmation that success brings you. Above and beyond all, what you really seek is to lay solid foundations for your desires, your aspirations, your goals and your own self, to ‘put down roots’ in an environment that is your own ‘home’.

Love and faith are the driving forces that motivate you in everything you do, from even the simplest acts to your greatest efforts in your personal and professional spheres. When you feel that someone is in love with you and has truly earned your trust, then you devote yourself to them heart and soul. To love and be loved gives you the strength to do anything! 

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Leo ascendant personality traits

To have a Leo ascendant means that the Sun is the ruling planet of your first house and a very important planet in your horoscope. The Sun showers you with light and helps you never go unnoticed. Your ascendant makes you generous, ambitious, proud and –usually- very talented. You like to be admired and be the center of attention, although self confidence is hardly ever an issue for you and you always seem to be young at heart. For the same reason, you also tend to over-dramatise the events in your life, as everything seems to lie under a magnifying glass way too often.

As a Leo Ascendant person, the general concept on love and being loved in particular is very important to you. As a result, when you feel neglected or not worshiped the way you deserve, you shut down and get turn into an iceberg. You enjoy directing people and situations and being the leader in any situation. In spite of your generous nature, you value your personal space greatly and can make any place rather un-hospitable if you have been hurt or insulted.

A person with Leo Ascendant can express themselves in a very animated way, conveying their exact feelings and emotions at any given time. This trait, combined with their need to create, makes for very good actors therefore and, in fact, some of the greatest actors of our time have their Ascendant in Leo. Above all, what a Leo Ascendant really needs is to lay solid foundations for the desires and goals while surrounding themselves by people who love and admire them.

Loyalty and love are driving forces that motivate you in everything you do. As such, when you feel that someone truly loves you and has earned your trust, then you can be the most generous soul, devote yourself completely and wholeheartedly. To love and be loved is what gives you the energy and power to achieve almost anything!  

One of the key focuses in your life will be to work with other people towards a goal that is greater than life itself. Goals that most people think unreachable and noble activities of humanistic or educational nature will be important to you and once you find the right people during the course of your life, those pieces will fall into place.

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Leo Ascendant Man

Leo Ascendant men thrive on attention. They are driven by the desire to impress and will do everything in their power to earn the admiration of others. They want to be able to feel proud of their partner, but would hate to have their thunder stolen by her, so they’re usually drawn to women who prefer to keep a low profile. They also expect to be the center of attention in bed. Their sexual drive is strong, but unless their partner is primarily focused on gratifying their own desires, they won’t stick around for long; they’ll go searching for someone else. They generally expect their partner’s taste to match their own.

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Leo Ascendant Woman

Leo Ascendant women love being in the spotlight, especially when they’re surrounded by members of the opposite sex. They are – or, at least, appear to be – very confident in their sex appeal and overall charm. They’re usually attracted to progressive, self-reliant men who appreciate self-confidence and determination in women. They often tend to react in a theatrical, exaggerated manner, but also have a whimsical side to them. They also have a taste for luxury. When it comes to sex, they're quite similar to men with the same Ascendant; they expect their own pleasure to be their partner’s number-one priority. If they feel overlooked, they’ll waste no time in finding someone eager to worship them. They sometimes tend to be emotionally detached, which can be a source of friction in their relationships.

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Celebrities with Leo ascendant

Famous people with Leo Rising are Donald Trump, George Bush, Marilyn Monroe, Luciano Pavarotti, Tina Turner, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Jessica Lange, Prince Charles, Meryl Streep, Camilla Parker Bowles, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lopez, Al Pacino, Frida Kahlo, Robbie Williams, Jack Nicholson, Sting, Eva Green, Alfred Hitchcock, Andy Warhol, Michelle Williams, Rita Ora, Mystic Meg, Tina Fey.

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Leo ascendant and its Sun sign combinations

Find here all 12 combinations of Sun signs combined Leo rising sign. Read the characteristics the Leo ascendant gives to your personality, in combination with your Sun.

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Aries Sun with Leo ascendant

Aries  Zodiac Sign and Leo Rising Star: Conquering character, charismatic and energetic.
You are sincere and open-minded. Success is very important for you and you are able to remain patient and keep your cool in order to reach a higher position. You are generous and talented and everyone loves your company. Foreign countries will play an important role in your life and it is very possible that you will profit significantly from legal affairs.

Taurus Sun with Leo ascendant

Taurus  Zodiac Sign and Leo Rising Star: You like comfort as much as art and luxury.
You are very ambitious and the most important thing for you is to secure a good position in society, which you are usually able to do. You are kindly and have a big heart, in which everyone can find a place. You are particularly attractive to the opposite sex and steal hearts wherever you appear! Nonetheless, when in a relationship you remain true to your partner and no one could ever accuse you of being unfaithful.

Gemini Sun with Leo ascendant

Gemini  Zodiac Sign and Leo Rising Star: You know how to take the lead of the scene.
You are an artist who seeks to play a variety of roles in your life, with great success. You are decent and polite and people easily accept you and forgive your mistakes. You tend to exaggerate your abilities so as to score a higher position in society. In your love life, you are sincere and constant although must watch out when choosing a partner, as you tend to attract rebellious types.

Cancer Sun with Leo ascendant

Cancer Zodiac Sign and Leo Rising Star: You don’t let yourself be forgotten.
You have many qualities and talents although you do not manifest them easily. You are faithful, polite and kind-hearted but only the people who know you very well can see this. You are very loyal to your friends and rarely make enemies. You love your family and would do anything to keep it strong and to hand your family values down to your children.

Leo Sun with Leo ascendant

Leo Zodiac Sign and Leo Rising Star: An ubiquitous pride and a lot of dignity.
The double influence of Leo endows you with great self-confidence, which makes you seem especially proud and optimistic. You know how to behave, how to convince and how to defend your interests. The high life is very important for you and you want to enjoy all life’s luxuries. You are very generous and your love is demonstrated in both your words and your actions, which are unforgettable.

Virgo Sun with Leo ascendant

Virgo Zodiac Sign and Leo Rising Star: You are intelligent, rational and logical.
You are very impressive and kind-hearted and like to win everyone’s trust. Money is your greatest interest and you can either easily waste it or save up manically, at the risk of being seen as a miser. Love plays an important role in your life and you are looking for a partner who will love you deeply and provide you with security.

Libra Sun with Leo ascendant

Libra Zodiac Sign and Leo Rising Star: You undoubtedly possess the art of pleasing.
You are very charming and extremely sensual. Love is the be-all and end-all for you and you like being honest as you believe communication is a very important element in a successful relationship. You can succeed professionally as you have many talents. Whatever you do at work your contribution will soon be recognised and, in many instances, you will feel that luck is on your side.

Scorpio Sun with Leo ascendant

Scorpio Zodiac Sign and Leo Rising Star: A great energy of life and a strong sensitivity.
You are very ambitious and always ready to respond to the demands of your career. You have a great belief in yourself and face every challenge as though it’s an opportunity for you to get further ahead. Patience and persistence are the means that you use to achieve success and a great financial situation. Family is very important for your personal development.

Sagittarius Sun with Leo ascendant

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign and Leo Rising Star: Insurance, willingness, enthusiasm and determination.
You are independent, active and ready to meet any situation. You feel secure and proud of your abilities, which will lead you to success and glory. You want to prevail at any cost and love having difficult goals, which you can easily achieve without much trouble. When you fall in love you want to have an immediate response, and this soon comes thanks to the passion and self-confidence you exude.

Capricorn Sun with Leo ascendant

Capricorn Zodiac Sign and Leo Rising Star: Perseverance and passion, rigor and scale.
You radiate a grandeur and seriousness that inspires awe in others. Even so, when someone approaches you they can feel the warmth, generosity and love that you are ready to offer. You have many priorities and your life will be very interesting as your ambitions are never-ending. Achieving one goal only leads to another. You will give much thought to choosing your partner as you do not like the idea of failure one bit.

Aquarius Sun with Leo ascendant

Aquarius Zodiac Sign and Leo Rising Star: You look good in the sneakers of a leader.
You are a dynamic and very independent person who sometimes has a domineering personality. It’s not easy for someone to get you to change your mind. In the professional sphere, you need to find yourself a leadership position as you don’t like taking orders from anyone else. Even so, embarking on a risky business may lead to financial loss. In your love life you want to control and guide your relationships.

Pisces Sun with Leo ascendant

Pisces Zodiac Sign and Leo Rising Star: You are easily impressed by all that glitters.
Although this is a difficult combination, it makes you kind-hearted and gives a warmth and sincerity to your feelings. Money is a sensitive issue for you and someone who doesn’t know you well might think you’re a miser. The truth, however, is that you burn through your money in record time whenever you have any. You can achieve a very high position in your career but you will need to work hard for it.
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