09 Aug 2018
Libra Ascendant

Libra Ascendant

Libra ascendant is governed by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty and endows you with a noble charm and finesse, which will make you loved and wanted by those around you.

Discover what it means to have a Libra ascendant and read all about your rising sign.

With your sharp mind, you make sure you have the right knowledge and cultivation in order to ‘get’ all the sensitive aspects of people and situations. You also have an air of ‘self-promotion’ without, however, any bad intentions.

You support justice and honour and usually have a well-balanced sense of social values. You seek companionship, not just emotionally but socially as well. In this way, you develop a strong social conscience that works positively for other people. Teamwork and collective activities offer you the appreciation and admiration of others and this gives you particular satisfaction.
In your love life, you are very romantic and know perfectly well how to create a ‘magical’ atmosphere so your relationship can grow. You have a strong intuition and, when you meet someone, you usually know what chances you have with them. You are willing to make many compromises for your partner as you want to share with them not only day-to-day life but the big plans for the future that you like to have.

You adapt easily to a shared life as balance and harmony are essential for you to feel secure and take the strength to face any adversity. Your ability to weigh situations correctly and take the right decisions can help you have a successful career in law. You could also make your name as an art critic.
You enjoy taking care of your home and putting your personal aesthetic stamp on it. You have a talent for creating a natural harmony of colours and shapes to produce a feeling of serenity. You are endowed with a healthy sense of humour and know how to make others have a good time. As a result people enjoy your company and want you to like them. Nevertheless you often form superficial friendships that don’t last long.

You are very sensitive and can easily sense when something is lurking beneath the surface of a situation, something which helps you to keep your distance from people and things who lack harmony or you believe aren’t worth your attention. In any case, your main aspiration is to have harmony and balance to feed and revive your spirit.

Celebrities with Libra ascendant

Bill Clinton, Francois Mitterand, Isaac Newton, Frank Sinatra, Rafaella Carrà.

Select the combination of your zodiac sign with your ascendant and learn about your characteristics and features.

Aries with Libra ascendant

Aries  Zodiac Sign and Libra Rising Star: Charming, in a sociable mood, with a cordial temperament.
You are provocative, sensitive and romantic. Companionship is everything for you. The search for a romantic partner is something that concerns you from a very early age, and usually leads to a rushed and premature marriage. Friends will play an important role in your life and it is very possible that they will introduce you to your great love.

Taurus with Libra ascendant

The Taurus Rising Star beautifully and often wisely hands the feet of Libra on earth.
The double influence of Venus makes you very sensitive, and you seek permanence and prosperity. You are a very romantic person and feel complete only when you have a strong relationship with lots of passion. Love and sex revive you and boost your self-confidence. Avoid becoming involved in secret, illicit affairs, which exercise a strange charm over you.

Gemini with Libra ascendant

Gemini  Zodiac Sign and Libra Rising Star: Clever speaker and excellent conciliator.
This is a wonderful combination as it enables you to combine charm with a brilliant mind that amazes everyone. You know how to handle emotions – yours and others – and to live harmoniously with those around you. Issues related to foreign countries will play a positive role in your life and you may even get married abroad or to someone from another country.

Cancer with Libra ascendant

Cancer Zodiac Sign and Libra Rising Star: Sensitive character with a very lively imagination.
You have a very artistic nature and are kind, friendly and sensitive. Your home is your refuge and you like spending time there and entertaining your loved ones, as you are a very good host. You will make many sacrifices for your friends but will also become vengeful when they annoy you. You have great career ambitions but feel disempowered when you do not receive support.

Leo with Libra ascendant

Leo Zodiac Sign and Libra Rising Star: A lot of kindness, seduction and sociability.
You have a rare artistic nature and love beauty, luxury and philanthropy. You enjoy interacting with others and meeting new people and you can easily make friends, as you exude a charm and natural nobility. You love money – for the security it offers –and enjoy spending it to make your life and the lives of all those who suffer better.

Virgo with Libra ascendant

Virgo Zodiac Sign and Libra Rising Star: Everything is at home reasoned, weighed and fair.
You have stable goals and values that do not change with the passage of time. You enjoy working and perform your professional duties with joy. You have many friends, mostly lifelong ones. In your romantic life, you don’t open up easily and perhaps even limit yourself to superficial flirting as you fear serious commitments.

Libra with Libra ascendant

Libra Zodiac Sign and Libra Rising Star: Your elegance opens many doors that you just have to push.
You are very attractive and charm everyone who meets you. You are open to new experiences and, although you are busy with many things, are ready to abandon everything when you find your great love. You will do everything to live harmoniously and plentifully with your partner. You must also consider your own needs, choosing a job that will satisfy you financially without threatening your relationship.

Scorpio with Libra ascendant

Scorpio Zodiac Sign and Libra Rising Star: Intense seduction and aestheticism.
You have a pleasant personality that makes you very popular and you enjoy communicating with the people around you. You are a born diplomat and are able to follow other people’s rhythms so as not to upset anyone. Love is very important for you and your interest does not diminish with the passing of the years. Maritime professions will bring you financial benefits.

Sagittarius with Libra ascendant

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign and Libra Rising Star: Warm character, diplomat, lucky and charming.
You have an irresistible charm and rare communication skills. As a result, you have a wide circle of friends with whom you share your artistic and creative interests. You are honest and trustworthy but often depressed for no reason. During your life, you will collaborate with people who travel or will travel a lot yourself. Your earnings will come through a profession as an agent.

Capricorn with Libra ascendant

Capricorn Zodiac Sign and Libra Rising Star: Charm and ambition, flexibility and perseverance.
You are a very balanced person, have a strong will and are decisive. You have set yourself high goals and your actions are always guided by common sense. It is very important for you to have a romantic or business partner in order to share responsibilities with but also to support you, as there will be many times when you lose your self-confidence.

Aquarius with Libra ascendant

Aquarius Zodiac Sign and Libra Rising Star: Adaptability, sense of friendship, sympathy and tolerance.
You have a strong desire to communicate on many levels, primarily the emotional level. You seek balance, harmony and peace. Your affability, kindness and diplomacy open many doors for your success and personal validation. You must learn how to maintain your self-control and avoid outbursts and becoming irritable.

Pisces with Libra ascendant

Pisces Zodiac Sign and Libra Rising Star: Gentle, sensitive, considerate, charming.
You are very sensitive and have a rich imagination. Your heart is open to everyone and you enjoy making other people happy. You are talented artistically and can use this to make money and achieve fame. You can express emotions easily and are willing to make sacrifices in order to be happy in love.
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