The planets constitute one of the most significant chapters in astrological analysis. Their transits through our chart help us understand what will happen in our life and how it will affect us. Their position in our birth chart sheds light on our fixed character traits, and the manifestation of these traits is triggered by planetary transits, which signify events. Check your birth chart to see the placement of the planets at the time you were born.

The planets are divided into two groups: the personal (the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) and the collective ones (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). The former represent the primary features of our personality and events that exert a direct influence on our life; the latter are related to broader concepts, which pertain to collective life aspects.

Each sign is ruled by a planet and, by extension, shares its characteristics, while some planets rule two signs: the Sun/Leo; the Moon / Cancer; Mercury / Gemini-Virgo; Venus / Taurus-Libra; Mars / Aries - (traditional ruler of) Scorpio; Jupiter / Sagittarius; Saturn / Capricorn; Uranus / Aquarius; Neptune / Pisces; Pluto / (modern ruler of) Scorpio.

The names of the planets have their roots in ancient mythological tradition, which provides useful insight into their role and function in modern astrology. The planets depict the various facets of our life, which we are called to thoughtfully ponder, in order to conquer the key to our self.  

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SunSunEgo, Basic Personality, ConsciousnessLeo
MoonMoonEmotions, Moods, SubconsciousCancer
MercuryMercuryCommunication, Mind, ReasonGemini,Virgo
VenusVenusLove, Art, BeautyTaurus, Libra
MarsMarsAction, Passion, CompetitionAries
JupiterJupiterLuck, Growth, ExpansionSagittarius
SaturnSaturnKarma, Responsibility, FearCapricorn
UranusUranusUnexpected change, Reformation, RebellionAquarius
NeptuneNeptuneDreams, Intuition, ImaginationPisces
PlutoPlutoPower, Death, EvolutionScorpio