Jupiter constitutes the largest planet in our solar system and its size renders it visible from the Earth with the naked eye. in astrology, Jupiter is as "big", it is the planet of greatness and abundance. Correlated to the father of the gods, Jupiter rotates on its axis quite fast, while its thick atmosphere exhibits alternating dark belts and bright zones, and so far no research has been conducted below it. Up to this point, the planets discussed are the personal ones, which play a decisive role in the shaping of our personality; Jupiter ushers in the group comprising those representative of broader concepts, i.e. the collective ones.

The first feature associated with Jupiter is excess. It is the planet that manifests our need to surpass our limits and expand, by placing ourselves within our mental representation of life. Depending on its position in our birth chart, this expansion can be achieved through higher education, philosophy, religious wanderings, and/or long-distance travel. Jupiter represents everything that nurtures our soul, and forms the exponent of our higher mental abilities and their characteristics. It demonstrates how liberal we are and is, in fact, also indicative of our relationship with the supreme being(s) of our religion. It embodies the force of optimism that motivates us to pursue higher goals and improve our life, and it simultaneously reveals the extent of our faith in ourselves and of our positive outlook on life. It mirrors the collective human soul that aspires to a better future, and it is identified with ethics and justice, showing how just we are, but also how much we believe our world is fair.

As the planet of good fortune, Jupiter is generally characterised by a duality: on the one hand, it may impart humanism oriented towards the common good; on the other, it may generate arrogance. It may bestow abundance, material goods, and unexpected opportunities, but the chances it offers should always be framed with reason; the optimism it infuses us with may not be founded on realism and the excess it brings about may stumble over practical issues. All in all, Jupiter reflects the force that gives birth to ideas, which have to be actualized through work in order for both the individual and society to succeed.

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