The planet Mars, often described as “the red planet”, is similar to the Earth in composition (like Venus), but also in other characteristics (such as land features and seasonal cycles). It is believed to have had water on its surface in the past, which either evaporated or was absorbed into the soil, and theories abound about the possibility of life on it. In astrology, mArs also has a very special meaning.

As the exponent of male activeness, Mars can be seen as the complementary opposite of Venus; besides, the god of war –after whom it was named– and the goddess of beauty were lovers both in Roman (Mars/Venus) and in Greek mythology (Ares/Aphrodite). It can also be regarded as the Sun’s right-hand planet, since it is responsible for the fulfillment of our needs and goals; its position in our birth chart sheds light on our dynamism, our vigour in the pursuit of our objectives, and the effectiveness of our efforts. Corresponding to the god of passion and aggressiveness, Mars demonstrates our assertive tendencies and way of acting, by embodying the archetypal Male that fights, conquers, and stakes his claim. It reflects the part of us that perceives the self as a separate entity having to ensure survival by struggling against the world, but it also represents the demise of the Ego through death.

At the same time, as the male counterpart to Venus, Mars mirrors the male side of our sexuality, which is unaffected by emotions and only aims at the satisfaction of our physical needs and the self-contentment derived from it. By extension, it is related to our self-confidence and the courage we display in our fight to defend and promote our desires. In addition, Mars is associated with cold hard honesty and forms the exponent of our aggression, revealing what it is that triggers it and how easily we lose our composure. It also rules war, weapons, and all forms of competition, demonstrating our spiritedness, our competitiveness, and the degree to which we are minded to strive in order to preserve what (we feel) we are entitled to. Despite its negative role as the force representative of war, Mars constitutes an integral factor in the evolution of life, as this often originates in conflict and rapid, drastic changes. Continue your reading with Mars in the Zodiac Signs.

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