The planet Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and also the one closest to the Sun; that is why, in our birth chart, it is often positioned in the same sign as our Sun or in the one immediately following it. If the Sun symbolizes our Spirit, Mercury forms its irreplaceable assistant in the externalization of our personality. Corresponding to the messenger of the gods in ancient Roman mythology (derivative of the Greek god Hermes), it is clearly correlated to communication, information, and our mental abilities. Thus, our need to communicate, our way of doing so, and our skillfulness at it are largely dependent on Mercury’s placement in our birth chart.

Mercury's placement in our birth chart sheds light on our habitual line of thought, our preoccupations, our interests, and how evasive and flexible we can be in our relationships; also, on our capacity for analytical thinking, our perspicacity, and our aptitude for speech, the most fundamental means of expression. Apart from speech, Mercury is associated with written expression, literature, and particularly our introduction to education (our first school years), how we responded to it, and how it shaped us. As the planet of wisdom, it is responsible for our ability to explore the diverse aspects of life and draw constructive conclusions about it; in other words, for our way of assimilating experience and subsequently sharing it through the exchange of ideas. By extension, the discoveries achieved and the knowledge acquired through scientific research and experiments are related to this planet as well.

In addition, Mercury rules our nervous system –which reveals the connection between our thoughts and our physical reactions–and what it is we tend to notice first in our environment. At the same time, it rules all forms of transportation; travel, and short-distance trips in particular; and all means of communication, along with our ability to use them. Mercury symbolizes the predominance of spirit over matter and demonstrates our capacity for analyzing, comprehending, and categorising the elements of the outer world. It is the planet that endows us with reason, so that we can separate ourselves from and transcend the animalistic aspects of the human condition.

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