The planet Neptune is the symbol of dreams and your psyche in astrology. Neptune as a planet in the solar system is surrounded by four rings and has thirteen known natural satellites, among which Triton, Thalassa, and Proteus.

Neptune is the exponent of our need to transcend the material limitations of life. Corresponding to the ancient god of the sea (Poseidon in the Greek mythology), it represents our instinctive impulse to immerse our Ego into the greater Being; it is related to the collective unconscious and the extent to which we can communicate with it and channel it. That is why Neptune, displaying the needs of the collective soul, is associated with the arts: they speak the language of the soul, to which logic does not apply.

The need to surpass the limits of logic is a Neptunian characteristic in all its manifestations. This is the planet that mirrors the escape from reality through delusion and dreams. Its position in our birth chart unveils our illusions, along with the life aspects we have difficulty confronting and, thus, prefer to evade. In the same vein, it is connected with substance abuse, drugs, and alcohol –shedding light on our susceptibility to them– and with show-business –many people working in which have Neptune prominent in their birth chart.

Imagination and romanticism also form qualities attributed to Neptune, as they allude to the possibility and feasibility of an alternative reality. In addition, this planet rules selfless love and demonstrates the extent of our tendency to lose ourselves in a relationship. Of course, it also presides over romantic bonds founded on the victim/martyr role, since it reflects the part of ourselves that wants to help others, but also that which desperately looks for something to cling to. Neptune constitutes the planet that bears illusions and the abolition of logic; through this prism, it also manifests our feeling of religiosity and, generally, our tendency to merge into something superior to us.

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