The planet Pluto is the slowest and darkest planet as far as astrology is concerned. Although its astronomical status has been downgraded to that of a “dwarf planet”, Pluto’s astrological standing has remained intact. Lying at the outer limits of our solar system, it is extremely cold and covered with a mixture of rock and nitrogen ice. In mythology, Pluto (Hades) was the brother of Jupiter and Neptune, and the god of the underworld, the kingdom of the dead; hence, the word describing it par excellence is “death”.

Pluto represents the inescapable force of the laws of nature, which prescribe that everything has a beginning and an end. It manifests the slow, radical changes that absolve our life of all things redundant and moribund. In this sense, Pluto consists in a revitalizing force that always serves the evolution of life; what has come full circle has to be deconstructed and make room for something new. This planet in our birth chart reflects our capacity for rebirth and symbolizes our strength in the face of the crises afflicting our Ego. Of course, it does not set out to destroy, but firstly shows what is dysfunctional, where we should be more lenient, and when we should relinquish control. 

Apart from death as the biggest blow to our Ego, Pluto is also associated with sex. Our physical and spiritual union with the Other represents the demise of our individual limits through contact and conflict. Sexual intercourse causes our animal instincts to emerge; these, too, are related to Pluto, and so is unconditional love. At the same time, this planet rules power relationships –our need to possess the Other. It is connected with abuse of power as well as obscure, illegal activities. In addition, it reflects the darkest depths of our soul, our fears, and all that we try to conceal but always eventually bursts out at unforeseen moments. That is why the most distinctive scientific field linked with it is psychoanalysis.

Apart from darkness, though, the assiduous deep search into our soul also leads us to discover the inner wealth we are endowed with and entitled to. Pluto is the planet symbolizing the renaissance process that transforms what is no longer alive into a propitious ground for the emergence of new life.

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