Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system and a very important one in astrology. It is a gas giant (like the preceding Jupiter and the following Uranus and Neptune) with no solid distinct surface, emits large amounts of energy, and is best known for the rings encircling it; these, occasionally visible from the Earth, are primarily composed of floating chunks of water ice.

The Roman equivalent of the Greek Titan Cronus, the mythological Saturn, had set out to devour all his children to prevent anyone of them from overthrowing him, which urged his son Jupiter to kill him and, thus, become the king of the gods. This myth is enlightening with regard to the astrological Saturn, whose role is to set limits, pose obstacles, and cause inconvenience. If the essence of Jupiter resides in the transcendence of the soul over matter, Saturn consists in the circumscription of the soul within materialist conditions and limitations –the responsibilities and discipline we have to adapt to, in order to make it in life.

Saturn constitutes the planet of harsh demands; it is the ruler of work, but also of the social recognition achieved through it. It is the stern teacher reminding us that if we are to be rewarded, we have to be industrious, diligent, and persevering. By extension, it provides us with clues as to the career we will pursue and how successful it will be. By and large, it shows how we structure our life in our effort to ensure our safety and protect our gains.

As a collective planet, Saturn is also associated with the established social structures, the law, the status quo, and our relationship with them. It forms the exponent of all forms of power and its position in our birth chart demonstrates how domineering we are, along with the extent to which we accept the dominant social hierarchy. At the same time, it represents our dark side, which we reject and try to suppress. Saturn’s traits become more evident with the passage of time, when we are old enough to have reached a certain point of maturity; that is why this planet symbolizes aging. Presiding over time, Saturn dictates the unbending frame within which we have to act in order to be realistic about our life goals. Apart from being a harsh judge, however, Saturn also rewards us when we remain faithful to our ambitions. As the ruler of karma, it prescribes that our actions have consequences and that the more consciously we act, the more benefits we will reap.

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