The Moon

The Moon

What is the meaning of the Moon in astrology? Forming the brightest object in the night sky, as well as the Earth’s closest celestial body and sole natural satellite, the Moon has similar composition characteristics to those of our planet’s mantle. It affects the tides and when it moves into a position of direct alignment with the Sun and the Earth by passing precisely between them, it causes a solar eclipse.

The Moon constitutes the opposite, female pole of the Sun and is of equal importance in astrological analysis. If the Sun symbolises the Spirit, the Moon symbolises the Soul. It represents our female side –our soul, which bears our feelings and dictates the emotional wants we have to satisfy in order to feel safe. Its placement in our birth chart sheds light on our subconscious, our instincts, our reflex/involuntary emotional reactions, and our automatic patterns of behavior, i.e. our everyday habits. At the same time, the Moon constitutes our emotional memory, the space comprising the past experiences that had an impact on us and have since determined our attitude.

Occupying a central position in the mythological tradition of many cultures, the Moon was frequently worshipped as the Mother Goddess –the figure that protects, nurtures, and caters to the child. Accordingly, its position in our birth chart defines our relationship with our mother, how it has shaped our character, and -mostly with regard to women- whether and how much we long to have children and create a family. The dual role of the mother as nurturer and protector indicates that the Moon is related to both our sentimental and imperative physical needs.

With their fulfillment being integral to our growth into well-rounded adults, its placement in our birth chart demonstrates whether and the extent to which they were satisfied during the first years of our childhood. Therefore, all in all, the Moon reflects our childhood, our family environment, our ancestors, our past, and their overall influence on us. Moreover, as the center of our emotional intelligence, it unveils the way in which we attract people into our life and relate to them; in other words, how we form intimate bonds and how these will lead to the creation of our own family (in the wider sense of the word). Hence, the value of the Moon is equal to that of the Sun, since it exposes our basic needs, which have to be covered in order for our individuality to be expressed.

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