The Sun

The Sun

The planet Sun is an immense source of energy, light, and warmth; a vast sphere of fire around which revolve the other planets, thus rendering it the center of our solar system. Its role in astrology is equally influential and prominent: as the exponent of our Ego, our luminous core, it represents the bright light of our identity. The Sun’s placement in our birth chart traditionally answers the question “What is your star sign?”, which underlines its central role in astrological analysis.

In most ancient civilizations, the Sun, as a source of vital energy, was treated and revered as a deity. Either in the form of Apollo in ancient Greece or in that of Mithra in ancient Persia, it was the first celestial body people prayed to. Accordingly, in modern astrology, the Sun bears the spiritual needs we are called to satisfy and express in order to attain our self-fulfillment. Forming the exponent of our individuality, it is fully described by the word “individual”, which etymologically evokes that which cannot be divided into smaller parts.

Determined by the sign in which it was placed at the time of our birth, our Sun constitutes the driving force lying behind our every action. Representing our Spirit, this nucleus of light demonstrates our creative forces and our way of expressing them. Resembling its function in our solar system, where all other planets get their light from it, its role in astrology is fundamental: the brighter our Sun is, the more the other planets in our chart are illuminated, i.e. expressed.

In addition, the Sun is associated with our father figure and the way in which he has influenced our personality. Either as a parent or as a symbol of power, the Sun stands for the male force that motivates and impels us to act. If we are to achieve spiritual harmony, we have to discover and adhere to the demands of our Sun as the key-bearer of our self-realization.

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