The planet Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun. It exhibits long alternating periods of day and night, its core is speculated to be composed of rock, and its surface is believed to be covered by an extremely hot ocean. Astrologically speaking, from this point onwards, the planets discussed represent non-logical forces.

Succeeding the ruler of conservatism and the established order, Saturn, Uranus brings a breath of fresh air and introduces new ways of living. Forming the exponent of abrupt changes and revolutionary actions that subvert our life in an almost inexplicable manner, it symbolizes our need to cause alterations both on a personal and on a social level. Its position in our birth chart demonstrates the extent of our familiarization with violent change. Uranus is the planet that paves new ways and demolishes established structures in order for society to move forward. Although the changes it generates may be painful and distressing, in its best form, it represents external events that help us destroy what we cannot destroy by ourselves.

Uranus rules the revolutionary movements that alter the course of history and demonstrates our need to form part of a group of like-minded people fighting in the name of an ideal. Apart from collective struggles, however, it is also associated with how we separate ourselves from others –what it is that makes us different and underlines our individuality. It is representative of idealism and non-conformity, and reflects the aspects of our thought that relate to our dreams and goals for the future. At the same time, Uranus is the ruler of chaos, which comes to reverse the constructs of our life through shocking changes and replace them with new ones. Interrupting our ordinary life course, it can give rise to inspiration by leading to miracles or accidents. Uranus typifies the reconsideration of our way of thinking and presides over technology, the Internet, and the novel scientific discoveries that assist in the advancement of humankind; in other words, it is identified with all things innovative and revolutionary.

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