Venus, the second planet from the Sun, has a similar internal constitution to the Earth. Its surface is composed of many volcanoes and lava plains, its atmosphere is extremely dense, and it exhibits a strong greenhouse effect. In astrology, Venus has a special meaning.

As the mother of Cupid, the ancient Roman god of love (the counterpart of the Greek god Eros), Venus is associated with romantic relationships, and our need for tenderness, intimacy, and sentimental contact. It rules our instinctive tendency to fall in love and use relationships as a means to creation, to our familiarization with new aspects of ourselves and, eventually, to our self-actualization. The extent to which we fulfill this need, along with the way in which we express it, has to do with our Venus. This planet in our birth chart represents our eroticism and charm, our hedonism and sensuality; it mirrors the female side of our sexuality, and its position demonstrates the degree to which we have embraced and express it.

At the same time, Venus functions as an index to our self-esteem, to the value we ascribe to ourselves, but also to what it is we appreciate in others. There are two sides to it: one of them concerns our material needs, and the other is related to our emotional bonds and social life. Venus’ placement in our birth chart shows what we need in order to enjoy life: our desires, our want for pleasures, the luxuries we take delight in; our relationship with money and how we spend/manage it; and, generally, all goods we deem valuable, be they of a material or an emotional nature.

Correlated to the ancient Roman goddess of beauty (as derived from the Greek goddess Aphrodite), Venus is additionally connected with beautification, our outward appearance and our interest in it. Moreover, it rules art, music, and colours; it infuses us with creativity and translates our imagination into actual artistic expression. It is also identified with taste and determines the kind of aesthetics with which we surround our life. Representing pleasure, welfare, and all that adds value to our life, Venus is generally considered a planet of good fortune.

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