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12 Ways to Take Revenge on Your Ex

12 Ways to Take Revenge on Your Ex

Go on, admit it, even if it’s only fleetingly tiptoed across your mind you probably still thought about ways to get back at your ex when you were still at the mad stage. Maybe you still are? Here, and just for fun, is our list of 12 ways to get back at your ex according to their zodiac sign, based on what’s happening in the horoscope right now and on some of the (mostly bitter) experience amassed by our spurned astrologers. We’re talking stuff that he or she won’t ever forget – that being said, one very good reason for us dabbling in this stuff is Saturn in Capricorn encouraging us all to think more benevolently towards those who’ve wronged us! In theory anyway!

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Get Back at your Ex based on their Zodiac Sign

So here goes: 12 ways to get back at your ex, according to that all important zodiac sign!


Getting back at your Aries ex is no cakewalk because once Aries cuts you out of their life they act like you never existed or like you loaned them money. Our advice is to pay the rent on a billboard as close to where they live as possible and plaster your face all over it, or run for local political office (they like to think of themselves as the next Obama!) or be first to tick off what was a mutual aspiration. 


The sneakiest/most effective way to get back at your Taurus ex is to petition the local store so that they stock rival products to the ones he or she loves to buy in the hope that the old ones are eventually eclipsed in sales by the new ones and discontinued! Maligning their sexual prowess is a little below the belt, or is it?

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Gemini might not even notice that you’ve got back at them, or the moment you see that angelic face all twisted, thoughts of getting back at this particular ex leave you! One thing that they do hate is being bored, yet their first instinct is to chat to everybody, so you might want to point Jehovah’s Witnesses in the right direction. 


The best way to get back at your ex if he or she is a crab that did you wrong is to impoverish them in some way or threaten their real estate price. Why not print some fake leaflets warning of plans to build a nuclear power plant practically in their backyard, or some on the very real threat of sinkholes in the neighbourhood.

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Your Leo ex truly is hard to read. These people don’t give much away, so why don’t you do it for them instead by selling some of the –hopefully generous – gifts they gave you and in the most public way possible, like a yard sale, or on eBay via Facebook. Leos pretend to love surprises, but they don’t, so you could start ordering in for them every Friday night! Now that is bad  - and costly!


It’s subtle stuff that drives your Virgo ex crazy. Virgos are health and fitness junkies and their muscles tighten at the mere thought of awkward encounters where there’s no escape, so the worst possible thing that you can do to rain terror down on this delicate sign is join their gym, or jog in the park they do.  They might have you arrested for stalking, but what the hell!

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Libra, like opposite sign Aries, prefers to airbrush past lovers from their memory banks. Libra would deny you even before the rooster’s taken its first breath to crow! The best revenge is to cut up their beloved wardrobe or plant moth larvae in it just before you leave.  If it’s too late for that then you could always tell people they stole all their precious style tips from you!


Your Scorpio ex will be waiting for you to exact your revenge, to do your absolute worst, so it’d be prudent (and safest) to wait a while before you strike. Whichever form this takes, perhaps you should do it just before you move to a new neighbourhood or else they’ll track you down to even the score and things could get messy. 

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Your Sagittarius ex probably did everything in his or her power to remain friends after you split because this sign must be liked. Neutral’s their default state. To get back at Sagittarius, you could switch up your post-relationship friendship and manage their social dairy for them or start matchmaking. They’d hate it and be weirded-out by it all rolled into one. 


With Saturn In their sign, karma might beat you to it rather you lift a gnarly old vengeful twisted finger Capricorn’s way. Then again...Perhaps you were close to their family when you were together? Feeding and intensifying this relationship once you’ve split is bound to make them want to explode inside because they’re too polite to tell you to beat it.

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Paying for a beefier social media following (yes you can do such a thing) that’ll outstrip your Aquarius ex’s following is good revenge material, but you’re only partway there if you really want to get back at them. Aquarius is a fiercely private sign and the worst thing that you can do is be indiscreet about them to your mutual friends, lifting the lid on what they do in private, like them not recycling!

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Your nosy Pisces ex still likes to keep tabs on you or know what you’re up to even when they dumped you, so you can start by cranking your social media privacy settings right up and blocking them. If they hurt you really bad and you’re still social media buddies for the sake of appearances, pointing out a grammatical error or two is a killer for the finicky fish.

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