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3 things that go through your partner’s mind, based on his star sign

3 things that go through your partner’s mind, based on his star sign

Wondering what your partner’s thinking about you and your relationship? You can figure it out with a little help from astrology! Get inside his mind and find out where he stands with you, based on his star sign! If you like this article, you're also going to enjoy five signs that your partner is really into you.


  • ‘Her whining is really starting to get on my nerves! I’d rather spend time with my friends.’
  • ‘I would do anything for her! I just hope she can keep me interested long enough…’
  • ‘She’d better not start dreaming of our wedding just yet!’


  • ‘I’m very patient, but she’d better not push me to my breaking point!’
  • ‘If she wants this to last, she needs to learn how to cook.’
  • ‘No need to rush. I’ll give it time and see how it goes.’


  • ‘We don’t have to spend every night together! I could use a little “me” time.’
  • ‘She should be spending less time worrying about her makeup and more time cultivating her intellect.’
  • ‘What part of “no strings attached” doesn’t she understand?!’


  • ‘She understands me – I think I found the love of my life!’
  • ‘If she cheats on me, she’ll never see me again.’
  • ‘I hope she feels loved, cherished, and proud of me!’


  • ‘I may be mad about her, but if she expects me to apologise first, she’s sorely mistaken.’
  • ‘If she stops making me feel wanted, I’m out.’
  • ‘She adores me! But then again, who wouldn’t?’


  • ‘Is sex all she ever thinks about?!’
  • ‘I won’t make her any promises. Actions speak louder than words.’
  • ‘If she wants this to work, she needs to accept my quirks.’


  • ‘She’s a little too confrontational for my taste…’
  • ‘I hope she doesn’t start taking me for granted and letting herself go.’
  • ‘I wish she’d just stop calling me indecisive!’


  • ‘If she ever cheats on me, I’ll make her regret it!’
  • ‘If we weren’t sexually compatible, our relationship would have been over before it even began.’
  • ‘Could I be any more irresistible?’


  • ‘If she can’t accept me for who I am, it’s her problem – not mine!’
  • ‘If she thinks I’ll stop going out with my friends, she’s in for a surprise!’
  • ‘If she puts too much pressure on me, I’m out.’


  • ‘If she wants this to last, she’d better let me call the shots.’
  • ‘If she ever embarrasses me in public, she’ll have to kiss me goodbye!’
  • ‘I hope she understands how important my career is to me.’


  • ‘I really like her! I hope she doesn’t expect me to sacrifice my independence for her.’
  • ‘I don’t do normal. If she wants normal, she’d better start looking elsewhere.’
  • ‘If she expects me to stop talking to my exes, our days together are numbered.’


  • ‘Am I in love with her, or am I in love with love?’
  • ‘I’m not sure I’m cut out for monogamy…’
  • ‘Will I regret it if I let her into my heart?’

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