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3 things to say to your partner to make him feel special

3 things to say to your partner to make him feel special

Is your SungglePuss feeling blue because of all this snowy weather or has his ego gotten so battered bruised that he’s in need of a little pick-me-up? Or are you looking for some zodiac sign-specific compliments guaranteed to boost his flagging confidence and make him love you more? Here’s the Horoscopefriends’ guide to making him feel special!

The right compliments, based on his zodiac sign

How can you compliment each zodiac sign in the most effective and delightful way? Here goes!

Since you are here:


1. It’s not the taking part but the winning that counts and you’ll always be my Number One.

2. The word ‘boring’ was scrubbed from my vocabulary the day I met you.

3. You radiate it, and it melts my Häagen-Dazs, but I don’t care cos I love you more than ice cream!


1. Out of all my exes, you can go the longest, no question, and what you do in the bedroom (and the kitchen) deserves an OBE.

2. Your voice is so velvety smooth that I want to run up a pair of curtains from it to lock out the cold weather when we’re snuggled up together.

3. Changing your mind is for wimps.


1. My heart loves a little bit more of your beautiful mind with each passing day.

2. I swear you’re getting younger-looking every day.

3. You light up my life and every room that you walk into.


1. It turns me on whenever I see you boil an egg, or doing anything in your apron for that matter.

2.  I want a one-way ticket to your private little world. 

3. I didn’t know how good life (and butter) could taste before I met you. 


1. I couldn’t have picked a more spectacular father for my kids!

2. Yours are the most capable, strong, majestic arms that have ever been wrapped around me

3. Your heart’s so big I could back a removal van up into it! 


1. You’re always there, tool in hand, whenever anything electrical goes on the blink!

2. I love the way you neatly fold your clothes in the heat of the moment!

3. You’re about as close to perfection as anybody could get!


1. I was wandering the style and diplomacy wilderness before you rescued me.

2. You definitely wear the trousers. They never wear you. 

3. You’re such a tasteful gift buyer (for a bloke).


1. I need never look over my shoulder cos I know that you’ve always got my back. Or are you checking out my behind?

2. You make my day even when a gas bill arrives. 

3.  You make me feel safe, protected and sexy as hell.


1. You make me want to be a better person - even on days when I feel like ramming my shopping trolley into people’s shins.

2. I learn something new every day with you.

3. You’re the only person who makes me laugh from the belly up and gives me tingles from the belly down.


1. That shirt-and-tie combo makes me weak at the knees and I know that you’re always gonna catch me.

2. God knows where I’d be now if I hadn’t met you.

3. You’re such a giddy goat when it’s just the two of us. Nobody nibbles my ear like you do.


1. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had!

2. I accept and love, love, love the way I can never, ever second-guess you. Ever. 

3. There’s so much about you that many people don’t know. Including me. 


1. I’ve never laughed so hard or met a heart as soft since meeting you!  

2. Before I met you I only ever had fish on Fridays! 

3. Nobody kisses me, whispers my name, or plain just ‘gets’ me the way you do. 

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