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4 things you need to take into account before moving in with each of the 12 star signs

4 things you need to take into account before moving in with each of the 12 star signs

Have you and your significant other decided to take your relationship to the next level and move in together? If yes, there are a few things you’d better consider before going ahead with it. Astrology can fill you in on the challenges you’re likely to face based on your partner’s zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign has its own peculiarities so read on...

Ready to move in together? Here's what to look out for when it comes to each of the 12 star signs!

Each star sign has its own peculiarities. And we all know there is nowhere to hide once you move in together. Better be prepared! Read on to find out the 4 things you need to take into account before moving in with each of the 12 zodiac signs!


  1. You’ll have to do things your partner’s way. Aries always wants to be in charge. It’ll be your Aries that will be calling the shots. All the shots. Of course, you’ll be allowed to chime in. Just don’t expect it to make a difference.
  2. Most Aries have a strong sex drive and want to have sex every day. Are you sure you’re up for it? “I have a headache”, “I’m tired”, etc., won’t cut it – unless you want to see your relationship go down the drain.
  3. You’ll be picking their socks, underwear, etc., up off the floor and other random places. Aries is not renowned for their tidiness. On the contrary.
  4. Do you enjoy living on the edge? You probably find your Aries’ vivacity exciting, but moving in with them means you’ll be exposed to it 24/7. You may want to consider replenishing your sedative supplies. Living in the roller-coaster version of Westeros can be somewhat nerve-wracking. And it goes without saying that it won’t be you who will be sitting on the Iron Throne.

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  1. Taurus are notorious homebodies. This can be a problem if you are an outdoorsy type. If you move in with your Taurus, you’ll have a hard time getting them off the couch.
  2. Hopefully, you have the cooking prowess of Anthony Bourdain or Rachael Ray. There are few things a Taurus appreciates more than a good home-cooked meal. You can forget junk food. Home-cooked food tastes better. And it also costs less…
  3. And speaking of costs, it’s time for you to get a degree in accounting. You two need to start working out your monthly budget. Your Taurus’ financial security is not to be played with.
  4. If you happen to have any friends, you’d better start getting used to the idea of keeping in touch with them via email. That is not to say that you two will turn into a pair of recluses. It’s just that you’ll only be able to invite your friends over when your Taurus is not home (a.k.a. never), and you won’t be allowed to go out with them unless your Taurus can tag along.


  1. Are you talkative? Well, you’d better be, because Gemini likes to talk for hours on end – and they will, even if you just got home from work and all you want is a little peace and quiet.
  2. Do you enjoy routine and monotony? Hopefully not, because Gemini doesn’t. Gemini constantly seeks variety and change, because they get easily bored. If you don’t mind having to look for a new hobby every day or having to look for a new place after barely having settled in, you’ll have a blast living with your Gemini.
  3. Hopefully, you’re a good organizer, because you can’t count on your Gemini to really do their share of the housework. Gemini’s organizational skills leave a lot to be desired.
  4. How do you like the idea of living in the midst of a constant flow of information, that is, in a place where the TV is on, the radio is on, and your partner has their best buddy on speaker phone all at the same time?

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  1. How do you like the idea of constantly being surrounded by countless objects without being allowed to throw any of them away? Cancer never throws anything away. Every little thing has a sentimental value to them.
  2. You’d better start thinking of food as a potential source of tension. Don’t even think about eating the last French fry or taking food from your Cancer’s plate without asking – that is, unless you’re confident you can survive their whining.
  3. Do you enjoy going out? Hopefully not, because Cancer is the very zodiac sign that embodies home and family life.
  4. You’d better be good at handling mood swings. Cancers are hot then they’re cold, they’re yes then they’re no, they’re in then they’re out, they’re up then they’re down, you’ve been warned.


  1. Living with a Leo means spending big. Leos really love them some luxury; they like to have the best of everything. Are you ready to go bankrupt?
  2. You’re probably already aware of your Leo’s need to be the center of your attention. If you move in with them, you won’t be able to do anything that doesn’t include them. God forbid you should be allowed to ignore them for fifteen seconds.
  3. Hopefully, you take kindly to being given orders. Living with a Leo means living by their rules.
  4. You’ll be living in the company of a Queen/King. We take it you’ve always wanted to be a servant?

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  1. Virgo likes tidiness and cleanliness. A lot. You can forget about putting a glass down on the table without a coaster underneath, not having to rush to the sink to wash the germs off your hands as soon as you get home, and leaving “that filthy bag” on the couch.
  2. Virgo also likes order. Putting a T-shirt in the underwear drawer or a glass bowl in the Tupperware cupboard is a no-go.
  3. For a Virgo, it is attention to detail that makes all the difference. Hopefully, you’re not one of those people who wrongly believe that the direction of the toilet paper roll makes no difference at all.
  4. How well do you cope with whining? Virgo is prone to anxiety and compulsion, so chances are your Virgo will be complaining about all sorts of trivial matters from time to time. Good luck figuring out what calms them down.


  1. You’d better start getting used to the idea of having to call all the shots: where to eat, what to eat, what movie to watch, when to go to the supermarket… Libra is notorious for their indecisiveness.
  2. Libra likes to live in an environment that fulfils their need for harmony, balance, serenity and peace. Changing the position of the chairs in the living room on a whim won’t be an option.
  3. Do you enjoy having other people around all the time? Wait, wait… Don’t rush to number 4 just yet. Do you enjoy having other people around ALL THE TIME?
  4. Would you call yourself a tactful, cultivated person? Are your manners refined enough? Gross body noises (such as burping and slurping…) will not be tolerated.

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  1. Scorpio likes their partner to be magnetic and mysterious. If you’re planning on moving in with your Scorpio, you’d better be ready to sacrifice comfort for the sake of your sex life, because walking around the house in worn-out sweatpants won’t be an option.
  2. Scorpios really value their privacy. Does the idea of your partner spending hours alone, locked up in a room, sit well with you?
  3. Are you good at handling tension? Scorpio can’t live without passion, tension and intrigue. They get bored when things are quiet and peaceful. If you move in with your Scorpio, they’ll constantly be looking to spice things up by picking fights with you – or by getting you to pick fights with them.
  4. Hopefully, you don’t mind sharing your secrets. Chances are your Scorpio will be searching through your stuff to find what it is that you’ve been hiding from them. You’re always hiding something from them, whether you realize it or not.


  1. Sagittarius are very pleasant to live with, because they’re extremely fun to be around, but running a household is not their forte. If you move in with your Sagittarius, chances are you’ll be shouldering the burden of household responsibilities all by yourself.
  2. Sagittarius are not very big on routine. In fact, they avoid it like the plague. How do you like the idea of your partner leaving for a couple of days, every once in a while, to “get some breathing space”?
  3. Do you like philosophy? Hopefully, you do, because you’ll be sharing your place with a natural-born philosopher. Sagittarius has a philosophical opinion about everything (except for practical matters – don’t bother them with those), and they’re always eager to share it.
  4. The two of you will have to make sure you’re on the same page about the future of your relationship before moving in together. You see, Sagittarius is a little… commitment-phobic.

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  1. Capricorns are notorious workaholics and often bring work home with them. Are you sure you won’t mind having to be quiet all day?
  2. If you’re not willing to participate in the running of the household, you may want to reconsider. Capricorn is extremely reliable; they never fail to fulfil their responsibilities, and they expect the same of others.
  3. Capricorn lives by a schedule. They don’t appreciate unpredictability. Living on the edge is not their thing, nor is getting unexpected visits from friends who are “supposedly” in need (“your friends can fend for themselves!”).
  4. Do you earn enough money? You do realize you’ll be contributing to the bills, right? You’re not under the illusion that “we’ll work these things out as we go along”, right?


  1. How do you like the idea of living in… Grand Central Station? Aquarius are extremely sociable and their motto is “friends always come first”. So, if you move in with your Aquarius, their friends will be “coming first” (and en masse) into your house.
  2. Hopefully, you’re not too big on rules. Aquarius hates the idea of living by a schedule and wants every day to be different.
  3. Don’t put it past your Aquarius to up and leave for a month because “everyday life became too hard to bear”. So long as you admire their independent spirit, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  4. Aquarius doesn’t do responsibility. You may find yourself desperately looking for a plumber to fix the kitchen sink while getting a lecture on the importance of equality and freedom.


  1. “Practical matters” and “Pisces” don’t fit into the same sentence. Pisces doesn’t have time to do their share of the housework; they’re busy daydreaming.
  2. If you move in with your Pisces, make sure you don’t leave the finances to them, otherwise you’ll have to turn to charity (more precisely, to the charity organization your Pisces will have donated all your money to) for food.
  3. You can’t count on a Pisces to come back from the supermarket with the things they were supposed to buy. You can count on them to come back empty-handed because they got distracted by the sunset and lost the money.
  4. If you move in with your Pisces, make sure you keep all alcohol in a locked cabinet. As a Water zodiac sign, Pisces has a thing for liquids; there’s a thin line between “liquid” and “liquor”.

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