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5 lines that will make him yours based on his star sign

5 lines that will make him yours based on his star sign

What if we told you that there are 5 lines guaranteed to make him yours based on his star sign? If desperately in love and after this person for a while, you probably find it hard to believe. You can't muster up the courage to say what you want to say! Well, how about using just the words they want to hear instead? Depending on its characteristics, each star sign is flattered by different compliments. All you have to do is read on to find out which 5 lines are guaranteed to work on your interest, based on their star sign

Five lines that will make him want you based on his zodiac sign 

The five lines based on his zodiac sign listed below will make him want you. For the best possible results make sure to cross-read this guide for his zodiac sign and his ascendant.

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Aries star sign or Aries ascendant

“You’re the best!”: Go for the superlative; this is an Aries we’re talking about.

“You’re so strong!”, while touching his arm. A line guaranteed to work on an Aries

“You’re so intelligent!”: Aries really likes it when someone compliments them on their intellect, because they often feel that others see them as shallow.

“You’re a god!”: There is no such thing as “too much” when complimenting an Aries.

“This is the best sex I’ve ever had in my life!”: This line will do. You might as well skip all the rest.

Already in a relationship with an Aries but wondering if his mind is running off elsewhere?

Taurus star sign or Taurus ascendant

“You have great taste!”: He already knows, but hearing it from you will make him feel even better.

“Your scent is intoxicating!”: It pays to let a Taurus know your senses are as acute as his.

“You make everything you wear look good!”: Taurus likes to be told they’re elegant.

“I have the utmost respect for your patience”: Praise him for his virtues.

“You always pick the best places to eat”: Use this line and he’ll know you’re the woman of his life.

Nothing a Taurus enjoys more than a fine meal!

Gemini star sign or Gemini Ascendant

“I never get bored when I’m with you!”: Gemini likes to be told they’re interesting.

“How do you know so much about everything?”: Gemini takes pride in their ability to collect information.

“You do so many things at the same time and do them all so well! How do you do it?”: Gemini loves being complimented on their multitasking skills.

“I love talking with you!”: Let him know there’s no such thing as talking too much. Gemini loves the sound of their own voice.

“You’re the most intelligent man I’ve ever met!”: There’s nothing you can say to a Gemini that can top this line!

Nothing a Gemini admires more than confidence!

Cancer star sign or Cancer Ascendant

“I feel safe with you”: This line will resonate with a Cancer’s own need for emotional safety. He, too, needs to be able to feel safe with you.

“Your place is so nice!”: If you think it won’t make a difference, think again.

“My friends adore you”: Cancer loves to be loved.

“You bring out my sensitive side…”: Let him know there’s a sensitive side to you. Cancer thrives on emotion.

“I love taking care of you!”: This line can put a permanent smile on a Cancer’s face.

People under the sign of Cancer often have complex personalities which can be a bit baffling, especially in the beginning.

Leo star sign or Leo Ascendant

“I admire you deeply!”: Like every other king, Leo feeds off of the admiration of others.

“You’re the center of my world”: That’s exactly what every Leo wants to be.

“You’re so gorgeous I go weak at the knees every time I see you”: Leo loves being complimented on their looks.

“You’re so generous! How can I ever thank you?”: The question is meant to be rhetorical and to show him that you know how to be grateful.

“He’s one of a kind, isn’t he?”: Say this line in front of other people, and your Leo will adore you for it.

Nothing a Leo admires more than a well-dressed woman.

Virgo star sign or Virgo Ascendant

“Your diligence and attention to detail are impressive!”: Praise him for his good qualities.

“How do you keep it so clean and tidy?”: Say this as soon as you first walk into his house.

“You’re the most capable man I know”: You cannot say that enough.

“I’m in awe of your intelligence!”: He knows he’s intelligent, but it will please him immensely to hear you say it.

“This information is so useful!”, when he says something you find interesting.

Virgos are known as the healers/protectors of the zodiac!

Libra star sign or Libra Ascendant

“You look gorgeous!”: Repeat this line to your Libra every chance you get.

“I can spend hours talking to you”:  A Libra’s going to love you for saying that, but make sure you’re ready to really spend hours talking with him.

“I love what you’re wearing!”: Say this every time you see him…dressed.

“Your sense of justice is unparalleled”: Libra hates injustice, so they love it when others acknowledge their sense of fairness.

“You’re perfect husband material”: Whether he lets it show or not, that’s exactly what he wants to be.

Scorpio star sign or Scorpio Ascendant

“My heart is in your hands”: Scorpio loves being in control and feeling like they have the upper hand.

“You stir my deepest passions…”: No Scorpio can resist a line like this.

“Nothing is more important than trust”: He couldn’t agree more.

“I love how mysterious you are”: Scorpio takes pride in being seen as mysterious.

“This is the best sex I’ve ever had in my life”: Yup, it works on Scorpio as much as it works on Aries. After all, they used to share the same ruler (Mars).

Sagittarius star sign or Sagittarius Ascendant

“I love your sense of humor!”: Sagittarius likes to be surrounded by people that know how to have fun.

“You weren’t born to be tied down! You’re a free spirit!”: Say this line, and he will allow himself to be tied down of his own free will.

“Your optimism is infectious”: Sagittarius can’t stand miserable people.

“You should have pursued a career in philosophy”: Sagittarius loves nothing more than indulging their philosophical bent.

“I wanna know what adventure is, I want you to show me!” (or something along those lines, only less cheesy): You’d better start preparing for a safari trip after saying this line to your Sagittarius.

People under the sign of Sagittarius are all about journeys! Both physical and…philosophical!

Capricorn star sign or Capricorn Ascendant

“Is there anything you can’t do?”: Capricorn loves nothing more than feeling useful.

“You’d make a great manager”: Capricorns love to hear this line, and it also happens to be true.

“You’re very reliable! I really appreciate that in a man”: Capricorn loves being seen as dependable.

“I’ll leave the where up to you”: Let him be in charge. Capricorn loves power.

“You had me at hello. You ooze gravitas!”: This line is sure to send him over the moon.

Aquarius star sign or Aquarius Ascendant

“Your ideas are amazing!”: Aquarius lives in the realm of ideas. If you compliment an Aquarius on his ideas, he will greatly appreciate it.

“I feel so comfortable with you, as if you were one of my best friends!”: He’ll be immensely intrigued.

“I love discussing your theories with you”: Aquarius is very big on communication.

“You’re very forward-thinking!”: Aquarius loves it when others compliment them on their progressive, innovative spirit.

“Some people can be so individualistic. Personally, I believe that united we stand, divided we fall”: He’ll fall madly in love with you after this line.

Pisces star sign or Pisces Ascendant

“I’ve never felt this way before”: Pisces seeks a love that knows no bounds.

“You’re my savior”: This line will melt his heart.

“You’re incredibly perceptive!”: Pisces often comes across as absent-minded, but in reality they are very alert to the world around them. Let him know you realize this.

“You’re  the most kind-hearted person I’ve ever met”: Praise him for his kindness.

“You’ve filled my life with magic!”: No Pisces can resist the prospect of a fairy-tale romance.

People under the sign of Pisces are very artistic! Check out our Music and the signs of the zodiac and impress him by telling him which favourite singer of his he shares the same sign with! 

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