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8 Reasons why you should date a Scorpio

8 Reasons why you should date a Scorpio

There are many reasons why dating a Scorpio is the best thing for your love life and we’ve picked 8 of them. Being a good lover is one of the most well known Scorpio characteristics.

The lyrics to 80s soft-rock classic I wanna know what love is by the group Foreigner kinda sums up what it’s like to date a Scorpio, because if all the stars are properly aligned, there’s no love like it. This is a zodiac sign that can definitely show you what love is - if you’re brave enough to ask them to show you! One reason we’ve gone for 8 reasons is because 8 happens to be water sign Scorpio’s number. It’s the eighth sign in the western zodiac, and 8’s also considered a lucky number in Chinese astrology!

1.With a Scorpio you’ll never take love lightly again

If any sign’s gonna transform your flippant view of love as a fickle beast, it’s Scorpio. It’s what they do best. You can actually feel a Scorpio’s love like a warm blanket around you. Some people are too scared to go beyond ‘puddle-deep’ emotionally, and a Scorpio’s ‘ocean-deep’ love is not for wimps!

2. A Scorpio will show you what it feels like to be possessed

Scorpio can be possessive, no question, which some people find flattering/erotic, but it gets to be choking after a while, and if you’re on the receiving end of it, you’re less likely to behave that way yourself once you’ve given your Scorpio the push!

3. You’ll come to truly understand the power dynamic in all relationships

Dating a Scorpio shines a light on the power dynamic in all relationships. One person shouldn’t be ‘on top’ the whole time, and they perfectly demonstrate that submissive can also be dominant!

4. You’ll get to know the true meaning of financial equality

Two become one when one of the two is Scorpio, and going Dutch in life, true financial equality in other words, is another essential string to have to your bow for an improved love life.

5. You’ll have the courage to be intense without always needing to make a joke about it afterwards

Those uninhibitedly intense moments when you get lost in each other are rare with other, less intense signs, or so often followed up by a joke to lighten the mood and/or cover up embarrassment. But your Scorpio lover/date will give you the courage to feel it instead of fight it!

6. Nobody is better in the bedroom than a Scorpio

We can’t mention Scorpio without mentioning sex in its purest form. Scorpio can take you places that only eagles dare (and this sign is represented by an eagle as well as a scorpion funnily enough). You’ll expect, and demand, better quality sex once you’ve dated a Scorpio!

7. You’ll know the true value of building something together

Scorpio gleans a lot from its opposite sign, Taurus, the builder of the zodiac. You’ll therefore get to taste the satisfaction that comes from building something together and sticking with each other through thick and thin. This can happen very early on. 

8. A Scorpio’s loyalty is forever!

Scorpio makes every effort to grow together with their partner rather than grow apart, even if it means them changing to fit with you (no easy feat for a fixed sign!) and this sacrificial lesson in love is something that you’ll take with you forever. If, that is, they ever let you move on to another relationship!

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