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Astrology and your Dog

Astrology and your Dog

Our four-legged friends’ personalities are as much influenced by the stars as our own.

It’s Dogs Unite for Guide Dogs Day on June 14th, and thousands of canines, their owners, plus a few celebrities will gather in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for a mammoth sponsored dog walk in aid of the Blind Association.  

If you took the time to observe this gathering, or any sizable gaggle of mutts, you’d very quickly notice all their different personalities, like the bold Aries sniffing out a bit of argy-bargy, the coy Cancer hiding behind its owner’s leg, and the puffed-up Top Dog vying for supremacy (most probably a regal Leo).

All you need is your doggy’s day of birth…

Astrology Dog Signs 

The Aries pooch has a keen hunting instinct regardless of breed, even if his or her prey amounts to nothing more than a squeaky toy.  These dogs are fairly independent and are bursting with energy and enthusiasm, at the start of the day, or a walk, or anything really. They can quickly burn out, you see. Walking to heal is an alien concept to them, so you might not feel all that comfortable with giving your Aries dog a long leash, let alone letting him or her off it altogether. If they see something they like, this impulsive pup will be off like a greyhound out of a trap. This is a vocal dog, and one that is fond of a bit of aggro in the company of other dogs. Unruly, yes, but they’re not without a certain charm either.

Celebrity Dog-a-like: Marley (Marley and Me)

Taurus bow-wows like to take their time and visit as many trees as possible on a walk. Trees aside, they don’t form attachments particularly easily and can be hard nuts to crack, so you might be best investing in a Beware of the Dog sign, or pre-warning the postman. These dogs have eye-wateringly hearty appetites. Behind closed doors and in the safety and comfort of the familiar, this is a big softie, although wilful and possessive of their master or mistress, to whom they are unquestionably loyal and affectionate. If they feel that they have been usurped or lost their place in the pecking order, it will be written all over their disgruntled face, like a bulldog chewing a wasp. This is the sulkiest of the pack as well as the most stubborn, so if it’s too cold and wet for walkies, you’re going to have to box clever to get them up and out.

Celebrity Dog-a-like: Bulls-eye (Oliver Twist)

Your Gemini doggy can, and most probably will, outsmart the rest of the pack, and most humans with it come to that. You can’t mistake that knowing look in its eyes, and he or she will pick up training with frightening speed, ability and agility. This dog lives for the moment and will make lots of friends on his or her short and frequent walks, and bounce up to strangers without hesitation, and with an inquisitiveness that marks out their natural intelligence. This is a naturally trusting pet and one that looks for the good in everyone. Although short attention span and a fickle streak means you’ll never quite feel that you have their total allegiance.

Celebrity Dog-a-like: Snowy (Tin Tin)

Face-licking dogs are usually Cancer, and if he or she isn’t planting one on you, then they will be polishing off any leftovers on your plate, or anything else in what to them is a lickable world. This dog spends most of its time thinking about food, in between affection hunts. Your Cancer dog comes alive in the summer, and he or she will like swimming and splashing about in rock pools, or swimming in the sea. The full moon might also cause a few mood swings in them, just like their human counterparts. In fact, this dog likes to think of him or herself as human and, bizarrely, has the knack of being able to mirror your behaviour.

Celebrity Dog-a-like: Scooby-Doo

Snuggled up by the fire is where your Leo dog is happiest, and when he or she isn’t curled up in a twitchy dream state, it’s strutting his or her stuff around the house like Top Dog. They like to wear a coat of cool indifference, around both other canines and humans, and are incredibly bright dogs. This is one animal that would eat at the table if it could, and will frequently try to elevate itself by whatever means possible: chairs, tables, or being picked up and carried – anything other than slumming it on the floor with all the riffraff.

Celebrity Dog-a-like: Brian Griffin (Family Guy)

Virgo dogs are very particular about everything, like food, and if you pander to them every time they turn their nose up at something you’re making a rod for your own back. They like to be walked at roughly the same time of day, their baskets to be kept nice and orderly, and can be fairly shy in the company of other dogs. They also like to do their business as discreetly as possible, and don’t particularly relish being watched when they’re eating, or at all for that matter. They can be the least barky of all the dogs, and the most thoughtful.

Celebrity Dog-a-like: Rowlf The Dog (The Muppet Show)

Crufts was tailor-made for the Libran pooch. It loves pampering and trotting around in full view of an audience, and being the envy of other dogs.  Their coiffured coats are easily ruffled if they’re ever upstaged, little coats and hats seem also to suit them, and when they look good, they feel good. They don’t like a diet that’s too rich and they need plenty of water, preferably bottled and served at room temperature. Libran dogs are usually quite social animals, although they also like to be in with the in crowd, and not fraternise with just any old mongrel. They also like lots of human company, and do not take kindly to being left alone.

Celebrity Dog-a-like: Bruiser (Legally Blonde)

Can you feel the weight of your Scorpio dog’s stare? These dogs would wear shades if they could. Here we have the most wolf-like of the bunch, in that they have a wild streak and like time in isolation. There’s a good chance that they have a hiding place, such as behind the curtain, or other hidey-hole more suited to a cat. They can be fiercely protective of their owners and their owners’ possessions, and are also immensely bright and loyal to the death. They make great companions, are steely, and tend to attract a lot of admiring glances in the park.

Celebrity Dog-a-like: Greyfriars Bobby

A shaggy coat and clumsiness are two Sagittarius dog traits. These pooches are clever nonetheless, bursting with enthusiasm and always glad to see you. Like the Aries dog they have plenty of energy, and they can be quite vocal when they think a walk is overdue. They also have big appetites and hearts, and are the perfect family pet as well as companion for life’s loners. They like long walks and rambles, plus the odd trip in the car. They can lead other dogs astray when they’re leading the pack. 

Celebrity Dog-a-like: Einstein (Back to the Future)

Saturn-ruled Capricorns are old souls even when they’re young, so there may not be anything all that sprightly or vital about this dog, even when a pup. They seem to possess a wisdom and an air of authority in the pack, and these hounds like repeatedly digging up and then re-burying their bones, although their own bones can get a bit creaky when they age. But on the plus side this is the dog that will probably live to count more doggy years than most. Its facial expressions swing between embarrassment and outright disgust, and the occasional wry smile.

Celebrity Dog-a-like: Toto (The Wizard of Oz)

The Aquarius dog is stubborn when he or she wants to be. They are perhaps the least loyal of all dogs, and would quite happily go off back to the owners of one of their dog pals in the park as soon as your back is turned. This is because they live for a sense of freedom, which also makes them difficult to control on the leash. They might be a bit a aloof at times, and sit with their noses in the air, an inscrutable look on their face, but their rarely heard bark is a lot worse than their bite and they’re essentially good eggs.

Celebrity Dog-a-like: Snoopy

Being street smart doesn’t come easy to Pisces dogs. They are the most trusting of mutts, and love to roll over and get their tummies tickled, and have the most angelic, smiley faces of any dog. When they’re not smiling they have a dreamy, faraway look about them, and if this dog ever found itself at a home for strays, it’d be rehomed in hours. They love anything that’s bad for them, like chocolate, and they also like frolicking in sprinklers or diving into the local lake when it’s hot. 

Celebrity Dog-a-like: Goofy 

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