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Home is where the Chart is: Astrology and the Home

Home is where the Chart is: Astrology and the Home
The astrological chart (as well as the heart) dictates what we look for in a home. We take a look through the keyhole at the various sun sign notions of what makes a house a home.

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A cluttered, cooped up environment makes Aries want to bolt. This is possibly why they like to be sat near the exits on flights or at the end of the row in theatres.  An aversion to stifling heat is another fire sign trait, so the temperature must be kept to a modicum. Confinement and heat make for an irascible Ram. The colour red probably features in one way or another, and Aries rules the head, so this part of the body will be reflected in their choice of décor, so head-and-shoulders portraits, or face-related object d’art, like masks, often characterise the Aries abode.  This sign tends to be possessive of its own chair, and likes to know the whereabouts of the remote control at all times.

The Taurus home arrests the senses, most notably smell. If it’s not the aroma of something hearty simmering away on the hob, it’s scented candles, newly laundered clothes drying, or beautiful freshly cut flowers tastefully arranged in a vase. Tradition also plays a part in making a house a home for this sign, and their tastes rarely verge anywhere near the gaudy or lavish. The garden is an equally important part of their abode, and their love of nature will likely also be reflected in the interior décor, like floral prints and indoor plants. There also tends to be an above average focus on the kitchen area, and they prefer a look of sturdy quality over what happens to be fashionable, or as they see it, gimmicky and impractical.

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Gemini people take pride in their homes and like them to reflect their intelligent taste. They also like two of everything, so if they don’t have the luxury of a bolthole tucked away somewhere, or a holiday home, they just might have another place they can escape to that they like to think of as their ‘second’ home, like a shed or office. They’re not usually sentimentalists, and don’t tend to hoard as such. They are lovers of clean and simple lines and nothing too bold in terms of colour, preferring pastel shades, and tasteful, understated adornments to their interiors that often have a duality to them. There’s usually plenty of seating too because this will be a sociable household, and as the sign that likes to stay ahead of the curve, the latest technology will feature.

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The Cancer home can be a bit of a den, and a shrine to comfort over anything else, which perhaps explains why it can sometimes look a bit mismatched or topsy-turvy. Cancer likes to get its money’s worth, so furniture has to be on its last legs before being replaced. This sign loves to make the kitchen the focal point of the whole house, its beating heart, and they feel lost if they don’t have a kitchen large enough in which the family can sit and spend most of their time. If space is at a premium you’ll often see a tiny table crammed in the Cancerian’s kitchen, or even a breakfast bar or a single chair. A homely bathroom also makes a home sweeter for them, and is a place in which they like to spend a lot of time, with some Cancer households boasting a disproportionate number of WCs. Perhaps long soaks in the bath put them in touch with their namesake’s watery roots?

Leo people like lots of mirrors and pictures of themselves with their partners and other loved ones, just as long as they figure in the picture themselves! They feel right at home in very opulent and extravagant surroundings, and there’s also usually something theatrical and sweeping about the interior, like big velvet curtains, or highly personal creative touches here and there. Like a big cat, they like and need a lot of sleep, so they tend to make more of their bedrooms than other signs, often installing a mountain of cushions so that they can get as comfortable as possible. This is a sign with grand designs, so big often means beautiful in terms of the house itself as well as its contents. Their kids’ rooms will often be the envy of their friends.

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The Virgo home is a hive of detail, like a musical score, and music very often plays its part in shaping the character of their homes, like a piano or other instruments, or a large collection of retro CDs or vinyl. They aren’t domestic tyrants as such, although this is a sign that is a stickler for personal thoroughness and cleanliness. They have a knack of bringing a sense of order to their part of the home, in what could be an otherwise chaotic household. They can take pleasure in giving the house a mega deep clean, but they don’t normally use this is a stick to beat other, less tidy, members of the household with. Virgo is a self-sufficient sign. They prefer a functional home with everything in full working order, meaning draws that don’t open and shut properly or leaky taps are usually swiftly dealt with. They aren’t what you would call loud people, bit their taste is often a few decibels higher than the image they project.


The Libran home is one of beauty, refinement, elegance and all-round good taste. This sign seems to have the monopoly on putting together a chic interior from a patchwork of different inspirations and styles that would clash without that touch of je ne sais quoi  - aka Libran magic – that they bring. Classic blends effortlessly with contemporary, and you always get the impression that theirs is a love nest, or at the very least most definitely designed with two people in mind. In fact, a Libran home without love becomes a husk of its former self, and the Libran may even retire to just one room when they’re alone in the house for extended periods. This is a house that is inspiring, and one that you come away from wanting to make some improvements to the place that you call home.

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The Scorpio house quite possibly has a shady quality to it, either down to it being a basement property, one that is eclipsed by trees, or because the Venetian blinds are set at the half-shut position during daylight hours. This isn’t a sign that likes to be gazed upon by the outside world. Scorpio prefers shadow to light and favours dark upholstery and dramatic paintings, sometimes with an erotic twist. There may also be a lack of family photos or personal possessions because they’re fiercely private about such matters, and so the lounge may seem devoid of a personal touch. A part of them always likes to keep something back, so there could well be a room(s) that is off limits to even their closest friends and family, or they might have a converted attic, shed or outhouse that they like to remove themselves to.

Sagittarius people tend to surprise visitors to their homes by having a fairly ordered living space that kind of flies in the face of their general unplanned look and carefree manner. Scratch the surface – or open a cupboard – and it’s possibly a different story, as they tend to get bored mid-tidy and stuff things away out of sight. Furniture is often re-arranged with disturbing frequency, confusing pets and small children, and they also quickly tire of pictures too. So don’t take it personally if a gift you bought them suddenly disappears. Their tastes are often influenced by an expansive mentality, and even if they haven’t managed to travel as extensively as they would have liked, their homes still manage to take on a globetrotting look. If Sagittarius has pets, they like them to have the run of the house.

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Capricorn likes a structured and orderly household and one that is seeped in a sense of history and, believe it or not for the consummate career sign, more than a few sentimental touches. Building is this sign’s speciality, and this skill is put to great use at home. They direct a lot of time and effort in their careers so that they can invest in their homes and make them comfortable for themselves and their families. These are people that like to renovate, and show you the before and after pictures as proof of how much work went into what they helped create. As an earth sign, there’ll be a practical slant to most things, although Capricorn tends to be showier than either Taurus or Virgo, and is seduced by statement/status pieces in their homes. Pets also play a big part in their lives, but they must adhere to strict rules, and not run amok in the house.

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Even if Aquarius lives in a busy household there’ll probably be a part of it that’s their own territory. Even if it’s just a side of the bed or a reading area, or ideally a room of their own where they can escape even just for five minutes’ solitude. It’s perhaps not the most comfortable of homes, and as a guest you might be expected to fend for yourself more than you’d be used to, because Aquarius views the world through independent eyes. This is a tidy sign, although fiercely private, and so they don’t much care for people showing up at their door unannounced. Clean whites and blues are favoured by them, and gadgets that make life easier, although they can be perversely resistant to change too, so their homes can also fall behind the times.

Pisces have homes that don’t match their multi-faceted personalities, making the process of illumination especially tricky for the panel on TV’s Through the Keyhole when the house of a Piscean celebrity is featured. They like a hotchpotch of designs, and their houses can be cluttered, but are quite comfortable and homely at the same time. Housekeeping isn’t this sign’s strongpoint, and lots of their possessions can be broken, chipped or damaged because, like Cancer, they are sentimental hoarders. A watery theme permeates the decor, either in paintings or ornaments, but there’s nothing wishy-washy about this sign’s choice of colour, and they like to go a bit crazy with the paintwork and mix it up. A spiritualist or healing influence gives their home soul.
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