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Jupiter in the signs - Where is your luck?

Jupiter in the signs - Where is your luck?
Wherever Jupiter falls in your chart, shows where you will experience good fortune, abundance and growth.
Keywords for Jupiter: optimism, luck, good fortune, appreciation, gratitude, faith, expansion, generosity, higher learning, spiritual growth.
Depending on which zodiacal sign and which of the 12 houses in astrology it falls in your birth-chart, Jupiter will show you where you will reap your greatest rewards in life.
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Here is Jupiter through the 12 Signs

Check out your birth chart to find out where Jupiter was when you were born!

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter brings you luck when you take on a leadership role, especially when you inspire and motivate others. Travel, new challenges, and blazing new trails fearlessly bring you your greatest joy. The transit of Jupiter should be very fortunate for you especially if you think big, take calculated risks and are prepared to assert yourself. Any career involving action, project management, innovation, sports, sales, any kind of dangerous work e.g. journalist in war zone, surgeon, adventurer, entrepreneur would bring you good fortune. 

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Jupiter in Taurus

Your luck comes to you when you have clear goals and a plan to achieve them. You are especially gifted when it comes to money and you are able to grow wealth for yourself and for others. As long as you don’t over-extend yourself or get over-confident, you can create money and assets that will bring you security in the long-term. You are not a huge risk-taker and you get your best results through hard and consistent work. You have artistic talents that can bring you riches. Nature, the outdoors, animals and children are all sources of good fortune in your life. Lucky careers are: musician, singer, artist, banker, interior designer, accountant, property agent.  


Jupiter in Gemini

You love to learn new things, to expand your mind and to connect with lots of people. Your good fortune comes through networking and social contacts. You are charming and outgoing and others tend to trust you. You have an extremely quick mind that can learn fast and then use what you have learned to teach and share with others. Your luck comes through your versatility, flexibility and spontaneity. Be open to new and exciting possibilities coming into your life. Any career involving writing, publishing, media, communications, children, music, and technology would suit you well.

Jupiter in Cancer

You are very intuitive and when you learn to trust this ability, you will draw good fortune into your life. By nature you are caring and nurturing which means that the food and catering industries are a good fit for you. You are also suited to a career in real estate and anything concerning the home. You have healing abilities and could find success in any part of the medical profession. You can be very artistic and you have a great imagination that can make you a great deal of money. Security is of prime importance and you are likely to be wealthy later in life through careful and consistent accumulation of money and assets.

Jupiter in Leo

It is through your generosity to others that you receive good fortune. You are suited to a career in the entertainment industry, anything involving creativity, children, gaming, leisure, sport, and having your own business. When you are having fun, playing is when you draw the greatest abundance to you. You may have musical talent, acting ability, artistic skills and a gift for teaching and inspiring people. You have a natural charisma that people are drawn to and your vitality and enthusiasm sparks those around you. When you focus on your optimistic side, you attract abundance into your life.   

Jupiter in Virgo

When you are being of service to others, this brings you good fortune. Good careers for you are in health, healing, medicine, nutrition, herbs, science, writing, literature and any of the service industries. Not for profit organisations and charities may be of interest as you need to feel as though you are making a valuable contribution. You must feel productive and useful. You are a natural problem-solver and you can help others to live healthier and more efficient lives. You enjoy research and finding useful information that you like to share with other people.

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Jupiter in Libra

Your luck comes from collaborating with others on a on a one-to-one basis.  With your diplomacy, your excellent communication skills and your ability to see both sides of an argument, you make an excellent mediator. You love beauty and good careers could be interior design, home staging, fashion, artistic endeavours, entertaining, promotion and PR. You have wonderful negotiating skills as you can be very persuasive. Your love of people brings you good fortune. Coaching, teaching, training and empowering others to live to their fullest potential are great avenues for you to feel that you are making a valuable contribution.

Jupiter in Scorpio

You have an innate ability to get to the bottom of a situation and to bring something to light. With your magnetic personality you can attract whatever you want into your life. Anything that is mysterious and unseen is where you will attract your good fortune. Good careers would include: psychic, shaman, astrologer, investigator, researcher, psychologist, healer, surgeon, engineer, police officer, scientist. You also would do well in business, especially with anything connected with forensic law or accounting. You’re passionate, intense and once set on a goal, nothing will deter you from achieving it.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

This is an extremely lucky placement as Jupiter’s ruler is Sagittarius. It’s like having a fairy godmother who is taking care of you through life and in the eleventh hour, there is always help out there for you. You have a natural enthusiasm and you try to see the best in every situation. Good fortune can be found in the following careers: teaching, training, coaching, publishing, international business, travel. You have strong beliefs and you are interested in philosophy, religion and higher learning. Make sure you take advantage of any opportunities that come your way this year as they are likely to pay off.

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Jupiter in Capricorn

Acting with integrity and having high ethics brings you good fortune. You are resourceful and a good problem-solver. You are a very hard worker as you have a drive for success, power and status. This placement often indicates involvement in politics and a drive for social justice. You have the ability to make the best of a challenging situation. Good careers for you include politics, architecture, design, planning, medicine, finance, business, project management.

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Jupiter in Aquarius

Your good fortune comes from being different and allowing your uniqueness and eccentricity to shine. You are artistic, creative, spiritual and innovative. Aquarius is the one sign in the zodiac that cannot be lumped together with all the rest. Whatever you do will have a quirkiness that distinguishes you from other people. Good careers include: scientist, researcher, activist, futurist, inventor, musician, artist, film director or producer, anything involving technology. You desire to make the world a better place and humanitarian endeavours bring you great satisfaction. You are a great networker and you like to socialise with people from many different backgrounds and cultures.

Jupiter in Pisces

You attract good fortune when you trust your intuition. Helping people who are sick or disadvantaged is gratifying for you. You are extremely sensitive and you pick up on all the energies around you. This is an exalted placement for Jupiter, which means that you can have enormous luck. You are caring, compassionate and empathetic. You do feel everyone’s pain and it is important that you have time out with which to recharge your batteries and disconnect from the mundane world. Good careers include: psychic, astrologer, artist, actor, musician, healer, social worker, counsellor. 

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