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Lone Star: Astrology and the Single Life

Lone Star: Astrology and the Single Life

The number of people living alone in England doubling in the last 40 years doesn’t necessarily mean that more of us are single. But it does pose the question, are we becoming more of a singular society?

The research, by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, also reports that most of it is driven by people between the ages of 30 and 44. Most of these people were born when Pluto, the planet of hardcore transformation, was in Libra, the sign that rules relationships.
Perhaps this is one reason why people’s attitudes to traditional relationships are changing? In a world where coupling seems to be thinning out and relationships are more short-lived – the UK average being two years nine months.
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How Does each Sign Go It Alone?

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Freedom Fighters

Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius are probably the three most independently minded signs.

Aries: There’s nothing of the little lamb lost in the woods about this sign. Aries represents the self, and is mostly happy with its own company and confident enough to stand tall and alone, shoulders back and head held high when the occasion demands it. People with this sign strong in their charts like the feeling of leading from the front, and they accept that this can sometimes be a lonely position to occupy. Aries like space and so the single life doesn’t daunt them, and they also like to take time out between relationships, and can be slow to commit themselves wholeheartedly to someone new.
Sagittarius is the most nomadic of the 12. This is a sign that finds it difficult to sit still and watch a film, never mind making a lifelong commitment. This means that they can be single more than in a relationship, or have an above-average number of relationships in their lifetime. Many of them do of course settle down eventually, but the climate of the relationship must be one that favours them coming and going as they please, at least to a point, or one that makes them think that have such leeway.
Aquarians can be quite shy, even fearful of intimacy, and this contributes to many of them being fully paid-up members of the Astrology Singles Club. Either that, or they find the road to a relationship a rocky one. But once they get over this they make loving, yet fiercely independent, partners. This isn’t a sign that likes to be defined by someone else, and whereas other people wouldn’t dream of venturing alone to plus-one events, Aquarians think absolutely nothing of it. They walk tall when single, and to many of them this constitutes a badge of honour.
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Only the Lonely

Virgo and Capricorn are two signs that don’t mind solitude.

In fact, they thrive on stealing away some time alone. They just tend to get on with life in a very practical sense, and don’t pine for romance and companionship, although they don’t say no to it either.
Virgo is a busy sign, and they like to keep themselves occupied with hobbies and interests, so they’re more cut out for time alone than other signs.
It’s lonely at the top and Capricorn is the sign that understands this more than most because it lives at a high career altitude, and isn’t particularly bothered about it. Their trajectory in life is an upward one, and so this sign has an in-built capacity to deal with bouts of loneliness that come from putting career first. Like Virgo, Capricorn isn’t a sign that likes to live their whole life alone, and they do tend to settle down, albeit a lot later in life.
It’s also worth adding that as earth signs both Virgo and Capricorn naturally enjoy the physical aspect of a relationship, and will miss this if it’s missing from their lives for prolonged periods.

The Inbetweeners

Leo and Pisces like a bit of both in their lives, that’s to say companionship and independence.

Leo opposes Aquarius in the zodiac, and so there is some overlapping here with that Aquarian singular energy, and Leo, being the regal sign, can sometimes alienate people in life. All in all this can make for a curious attitude towards relationships. They love creativity and children, and so they don’t stay single for long, but they are independent of mind, and don’t fall apart if they find themselves between partners.
I know Pisces is a romantic sign and a dual sign, and its inclusion here might be surprising to some. But the Pisces fish are swimming in opposite directions, and this can make then hard to get to know for a kick-off.  Pisces also opposes Virgo, and even though they’re lovers rather than fighters, they do borrow some of Virgos need for time alone. This kind of energy swapping goes on between opposite signs.   Neptune rules this sign so they must watch for nebulous thinking and an unrealistic outlook on love that can lead to disappointment after disappointment. This is another reason why this fish can end up in a tank on its own.

The Lovers

Libra, Cancer, Taurus, Gemini and Scorpio are the signs that perhaps adapt less well to the single life.

Libra is the sign of relationships and when it’s strong in a person’s chart he or she is rarely single for very long. Libra isn’t a sign for wallowing and can quickly get over a broken relationship and move on.
Cancer loves investing pretty much all of its energy into a relationship. This is a sign that just wants to be loved, and they lavish their partner with lots of attention. It’s not so much possessive as much as protective, and a life without love leaves the crab feeling glum.
Gemini is arguably always looking for its twin in life, and they get bored if they’re left alone for too long. Social interaction is like oxygen for this sign, and if they have no one to share their life with they can quickly become dislocated with themselves.
Taurus and Scorpio are immensely sexual signs, and this needs an outlet at all times. They are also the signs of deep feeling, and so if theirs aren’t expressed it can result in an unhealthy state of affairs. 
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