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Perfect Fit - These Zodiac Signs Go Together

Perfect Fit - These Zodiac Signs Go Together

The elements

Fire and water? For a crazy night including bondage games and unexpected climax with pleasure! If you're looking for a harmonious relationship, don't go there. A first look at the four elements of fire, water, earth and air will show you which star sign is right for love. And where you can expect drama instead of a  dream team. 


Zodiac signs with the same element harmonise easily with each other and have a  good chance of a Perfect Match. Zodiac signs that are opposite each other in the  zodiac complement each other best and bring out just the right strengths in each  other. 

• Water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces often get along well with earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. 

• Fire signs like Aries, Leo, Sagittarius find exactly the right partner in crime in the air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. 

Nevertheless, love is like everything else - listen to your intuition! No matching is above your feelings or what is right for you. Besides, your zodiac signs are just the beginning. If you want to dive deeper into the astrology of love to see who's meant for you, it's worth looking at both of your detailed birth charts. Your ascendants, descendants and planets will show even more clearly whether you should set off on your honeymoon in the camper or rather pull up stakes. 

Looking for a big love? These zodiac signs are your perfect match! 


Aries and Gemini: 

White-water ride instead of chain carousel! You need variety and adrenaline like the air you breathe. Perfect, because your Gemini partner is always the first to know where to find the best tiramisu and why you should definitely try out this new Instagram trend. You can talk for hours with the inquisitive air sign just as well as  dance the night away. Together, you'll live life to the fullest. 

and Leo: 

As a fire sign, you know exactly how to rediscover your passion again and again.  Wild games and teasing are quite normal for both of you and you also like to live it out between the sheets. Just like Aries, Leo needs recognition and admiration, and that's exactly what you give each other. Whether it's private dreams or milestones in your job - you encourage each other to always give your best. And  you can both benefit from it. 

and Sagittarius: 

Fire sign number 3 is number 1 for you! Sagittarians are just as enthusiastic about every adventure as Aries. And they like to go one better. While you're still talking about the wedding in Las Vegas, Sagittarius has already booked the tickets. You rarely stop laughing and together you overcome every obstacle. 

Taurus and Cancer: 

Cancerians are the caretakers among the zodiac signs and as a Taurus you like  to be cared for. You both love security and that is exactly what you give each other. Cooking for each other for hours, admiring the sunset from the lounger in the spa - you enjoy the Dolce Vita together even more. From the emotional water sign Cancer you will learn a lot about your feelings and how to show them. 

and Libra: 

You both share the same planet. Venus not only rules love, but also your zodiac signs. Although Libra seems superficial at first and likes to dance at all the weddings instead of bingewatching with you, you are united by a longing for deep love. And you give it to each other. And on top of that, Libra always lures you out of your comfort zone - out of your sweatpants and into the urban jungle. 

and Pisces

So cheesy, so beautiful. Loving and being loved is just as important for emotional Pisces as it is for Taurus. You show your deep feelings to each other in words and small gifts. While Taurus, as an earth sign, gently brings Pisces down to earth,  Pisces brings Taurus to engage even more with his feelings. You complement each other perfectly on many levels. 

Gemini and Gemini: 

Like a pot and a lid. You are both just as curious and inquisitive and learn more from and with each other than others in 20 online workshops. Nothing turns you on more than a wordy duel or sophisticated dirty talk. You share the same love of  discovery and no one understands what's going on in the twins better than another twin. 

and Libra: 

As air signs, you both prefer to be surrounded by close friends and extravagant  people. Libra's love the smart ways of Gemini. As a Gemini, you can always rely on the honesty of your Libra. With their unerring flair for art and design, Libra's give  their Gemini partners that extra kick of inspiration. Together you can conquer studios around the globe. 

and Sagittarius: 

The fire sign has an incredible attraction for the twins. You are both playful and  curious, but Sagittarius goes one step further. Picnics on the roof, going to the seaside just like that, trying out new toys in bed - it never gets boring with  Sagittarius. You stimulate each other and in no time you have experienced what others need decades for. Time to write a book together - about the adventure of  love. 

Cancer and Virgo: 

As an earth sign, Virgo gives Cancer support and security. They can also be very practical by assembling the Ikea shelves or managing your move. Virgos want everything to be perfect - and they want to see their Cancerians happy. This can  sometimes be exhausting, but with Virgo, Cancer finds exactly the security it is looking for. And in turn gives Virgo an emotional depth that the practical star sign rarely achieves on its own. 

and Scorpio: 

In addition to emotional depth, Cancer and Scorpio reach a whole new level of intimacy. You are both water signs and can give yourselves fully to your feelings.  Sex is even more essential for Scorpio than for Cancer. Together you can live out your love for each other especially intensively between the sheets. As a Cancer you dare to experiment more and to discover yourself and your partner anew again and again. 

and Pisces: 

Love at first sight? With Cancers and Pisces, sparks fly very quickly. As emotional water signs, you understand each other without big words. Pisces copes well with the sometimes volatile emotional chaos of Cancer and always puts harmony and  love first. This makes you both strong and you stick together, even when things get tough. 

Leo and Leo: 

Confidence and strength times two! No other match is as proud and energetic as two lions. You are a real power couple and even if things can get heated - you make up just as quickly and wildly. Together you love to make every day the best and really blossom when the sun shines. Then you dash through the heat together and jump from one lake into the next. 

and Virgo: 

A little grounding can't hurt a Leo who's always looking to make a grand entrance.  Virgo will also get you off your high horse if you go a bit overboard. And you encourage Virgo not to always want to be perfect, but to simply go on the next adventure with you. This love is always in balance and still full of energy. 

and Libra: 

The air sign lets you be yourself. As a Leo, you like to lead the way and Libra likes to follow - as long as it's arty enough and she can take her friends with her. She can, because Leo needs attention. Especially in love. You both tend to be dramatic at times, but you always have fun together - as a Leo, you get the stage you need from Libra. And you provide ever-bubbling inspiration with your charm and desire for action. 

Virgo and Taurus: 

As an earth sign you combine sensuality and determination to an unbeatable Combi. Together you give each other the freedom to show your romantic sides. And Taurus will never tell Virgo what to do when it comes to planning. Whether it's a home furnishing project, a weekend trip or a birthday party. Virgo may manage, Taurus supports and enjoys - and always has the best insider tip for culinary highlights at the ready. 

and Scorpio: 

Enjoy a meditation together or listen to a podcast? Works great for you! Virgo and Scorpio also need silence and retreat. That's exactly what you give each other. Only to rediscover passion and fall on the sheets again! This is difficult for you as a Virgo at first, but Scorpio encourages you to trust your sensual and eccentric side even more. 

and Capricorn: 

You both love to be organised and determined. Capricorn's ambition is sometimes  ahead of Virgo's, and you help each other out when things get stressful at work. This is what makes your relationship so unique: you encourage each other to achieve your personal heart's desires. And at the same time you grow even closer together. Perfect for a long, beautiful relationship. 

Libra and Gemini: 

Trust and respect are your top priorities. As air signs you love communication and  are welcome guests at any event. You simply know the best stories and Libra and Gemini enjoy being together as much as spending time with friends or alone. After me-time it's time to cuddle up again. You are always balanced and at the same time it never gets boring between you. 

and Leo: 

Together you simply shine. Leo enjoys your admiration and as a Libra you can always be sure of Leo's deep love and affection. Fire and air - the two of you are always feeding each other and enjoying your time together. Whether you're dancing wildly on the dance floor with all eyes on you or holding hands as you walk in the cheesy pink and red sunset, you have Hollywood glamour and Oscar-worthy love. 

and Aquarius: 

Friendship plus at first? With Aquarius it starts slowly and then becomes firm and intense. Both of you are air signs and first need an intellectual level that fits. Then you can open up emotionally. And that's like a magic bag. Libra's love of detail and  Aquarius' eccentricity make for a crazy mixture that always provides surprise and  variety. 

Scorpio and  Cancer: 

Your connection is almost out of this world. You are both crustaceans who seem unapproachable on the outside. In reality, you are united by an incredible emotional depth. The level of feeling you reach with each other as water signs is unique in the zodiac. You develop an incredible level of intimacy and there is no  room between you. 

and Virgo: 

A little grounding is good for the emotional Scorpio. When you see drama everywhere, Virgo is by your side, cleaning you up and making a plan to get you out of your hole. You really enjoy this support and stability and give back with passion. When Virgo is again too eager to stick to her plans, you show her how good a spontaneous, erotic distraction from the daily grind feels. 

and Capricorn: 

As an earth sign, Capricorn copes well with the impulsive nature of the Scoprion. You give Capricorn the necessary passion and emotional depth to just leave work and enjoy life with you. With a romantic dinner, extensive cuddling and even more passion in bed. Capricorn also wants to be the best sign of the zodiac, and you'll gladly accept this ambition. 

Sagittarius and Sagittarius: 

You're on fire and no adventure is too crazy. You know no boredom and sometimes have to slow each other down so that you don't go through the roof with so much energy. You always infect each other with your optimism and lure each other out of your comfort zone. Even in bed you discover even stranger positions and take a break from laughing - only to fall over each other again. 

and Aquarius: 

Eccentric, exciting, unpredictable - the whole nature of Aquarius simply fascinates you. As a Sagittarius, you're always curious about everything that lies outside your realm of experience. Wicked restaurants or remote eco-farms - you both expand your horizons together. And that even though you both like to be independent. You discuss everything together - it can get heated at times, but you're always bursting with energy. 

and Pisces: 

As an adaptable star sign, Pisces also gets along well with Sagittarius' independence. You spur each other on to pursue your own paths and goals,  completely detached from your partner. This is good for the very loyal Pisces, because they can be themselves. For Sagittarius, the emotional strength of Pisces gives them an unexpected depth in love, which they first find exciting and then irresistible. 

Capricorn and Capricorn: 

Only a Capricorn understands the ambition of another Capricorn so well. You can put the brakes on your sometimes too dogged zeal for each other - after all, you can see in a mirror when the other needs a break. As Earth signs you need commitment - your relationship grows slowly and steadily. Your plans are not just castles in the air - you put into practice what you set out to do and thus get much further than other couples. 

and Taurus: 

Pleasure meets loyalty - you are both earth signs and Taurus strengthens your plans and intentions. However, if Capricorn hangs around in front of the computer for too long, Taurus will intervene - this sign is all about enjoyment and Taurus can show Capricorn a thing or two about that. At dinner as well as during wild lovemaking. 

and Pisces

For Capricorn, unpredictability is actually a horror - but not with Pisces at their side. The sensitive signs of the zodiac give Capricorn the necessary support when life gets rocky. Capricorn can still learn a lot from the Pisces' deep connection to their intuition. 

Aquarius and  Aries: 

The wild fire signs celebrate the uniqueness of Aquarius at all Levels. You experience the craziest adventures together. Whether you get lost in  

the forest or stuck in a traffic jam - you always come up with something to turn an  everyday situation into a work of art. Air is what really makes the fire burn. And what  Aquarius does with Aries in bed cannot be put into words. 

and Gemini: 

These air signs are made for each other. Gemini is magically attracted to the  irresistible charisma of Aquarius and can't believe what Aquarius has already  experienced. Aquarius is more than fascinated by Gemini's curious and open nature. Although the two of you are more into platonic relationships, you can make it  work. You simply give each other the space that each of you needs. 

and Aquarius: 

The two of you simply understand each other on a level that no other star sign can follow. Each loves the other's quirkiness and your eccentricity makes you the birds of paradise among lovers. If you need to get away from each other, the other one always understands - because you know where your nest is and you always like to come back. 

Pisces and Taurus: 

You both love fun and intimacy. As an emotional water sign, a Taurus gives you as an earth sign, exactly the foundation of love and trust that you need. You inspire each other - you as a Pisces with your creative, dreamy nature and Taurus with his unique vein for pleasure and enjoyment. You take each other's needs seriously, creating an incredibly strong and beautiful relationship. 

and Cancer: 

Cancer understands the sensitive nature of Pisces like no other sign. He makes sure that you as a Pisces also think about yourself and your passions and are not only concerned about harmony in your partnership. You want one thing above all: to make each other happy. And that is exactly the best prerequisite for a long  relationship. 

and Capricorn: 

As a Pisces, you sometimes float in your own fantasy world. Earthy Capricorn picks you up and makes sure you don't lose sight of your goals in the real world. The two of you give each other stability and a lot of room for dreams that come true thanks to  Capricorn's zeal. In turn, as a Pisces, you show Capricorn how to get even more in  touch with their emotional and sensitive side. Win win for both. 

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