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Saturn in the 12 zodiac signs and its meaning in Astrology

Saturn in the 12 zodiac signs and its meaning in Astrology

In Astrology, Saturn is the planet that, more than any other planet, confronts us with situations associated with experiences that involve growth, pain and existential loneliness, as well as with those aspects of life that we have to deal with in order to overcome negative past experiences. After all, that’s how the law of karma – the law of cause and effect – works. Guided by Saturn, the taskmaster, we can take a clear look at all the things that weigh us down and hinder us from growing, fulfilling our life purpose and attaining self-realization. In order to understand Saturn’s lessons, we need to know what is signified by its position in our birth chart.

What Saturn means based on its position in your birth chart

Saturn’s position in our birth chart reveals what obstacles we’re likely to be faced with and which aspects of our personality can prove problematic. The zodiac sign in which Saturn is placed in your birth chart sheds light on the difficulties you will have to overcome in order to grow as a human being. So read on to find out what is signified by Saturn’s position in your own birth chart. If you don’t know in which zodiac sign Saturn is placed in your birth chart.

Saturn in Aries

If Saturn is in Aries in your birth chart, you may have had to grow up and learn to be responsible at a very young age, which may have hindered you from developing personal ambitions. You’ve probably encountered many obstacles and may have often found yourself anxiously trying to prove your worth. You avoid expressing your anger over all this, choosing instead to put on a cool, unaffected façade. Your lack of self-confidence is offset by your strong sense of responsibility towards yourself. Your attitude towards risk vacillates between two extremes: You either risk it all or risk nothing at all. Saturn in Aries makes you rational, but also somewhat suspicious of people in higher-ranking positions. You generally try to impose your views of right and wrong on other people, and always feel the need to be in control.

What you have to learn in life: In order to succeed, you need to feel self-sufficient. Behaving in a friendly, agreeable manner will help you overcome your insecurities and face the challenges life throws your way with self-confidence. Moreover, you need to learn to distinguish between what is worth the effort and what is not.

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Saturn in Taurus

If Saturn is in Taurus in your birth chart, you value emotional and financial security above all else. You always try to be in control – even when it comes to minor everyday matters. Unfortunately, though, things don’t always go as planned. Nevertheless, you have the patience, the self-discipline and the determination it takes to accomplish your goals. In any case, you don’t make rushed decisions. Even though you’re not particularly spontaneous, you’re generally regarded as a good and reliable friend. When you offer your love, though, you do so expecting something in return. Sometimes, you may try to buy other people’s love. You generally tend to value material possessions a great deal and, sometimes, you can be selfish and tight with your money. 

What you have to learn in life: Realizing that material goods cannot buy you love will help you develop a healthier relationship with wealth. You have to curb your stubbornness and find a way to deal with your feelings of jealousy. The key to succeeding and earning the acceptance of others lies in your steadfast, dependable character.

Saturn in Gemini

If Saturn is in Gemini in your birth chart, your methodical way of thinking helps you adapt easily to demanding situations. You’re prolific with ideas, even though you’re fearful of the unknown. Sometimes, you doubt yourself and withdraw from the world. Nevertheless, your good sense of humor, your energetic disposition and your ability to distance yourself from harmful situations usually help you overcome the problems you encounter. You may have difficulty picking up new skills, but master the skills you acquire. You may have had to deal with learning difficulties when you were a child. In any case, you’re a master at planning and have a highly organized mind. You’re constantly in need of new stimuli, so you don’t do well with repetitive tasks.

What you have to learn in life: You need to work on your self-confidence, build a more positive self-image and stop anticipating the worst. You also need to relax, stop isolating yourself from the world and learn to connect with others.

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Saturn in Cancer

If Saturn is in Cancer in your birth chart, you value nothing above your family – they are your number one priority. You’re not particularly effusive and prefer to keep your deepest emotions and thoughts to yourself. You tend to grow overly attached to the people you love, and constantly need reassurance that they love you too – which is something you wish you could change about yourself. You may feel like you were not loved as a child and become obsessed with being loved. You may have had unpleasant childhood experiences and still be haunted by them. You get hung up on the past; maybe you feel guilty about something you did or something you didn’t do. Even though you come across as vulnerable, you have a strong survival instinct and always manage to pull through adversity. Keep in mind that every crisis is an opportunity.

What you have to learn in life: You need to realize that your self-worth is not tied to whether or not you’re loved or needed. Learning to accept yourself will change your life for the better. Moreover, you need to stop building walls around you for fear of getting hurt, to learn to see things from other people’s point of view, and to understand the importance of responsibility.

Saturn in Leo

If Saturn is in Leo in your birth chart, you like to be a leader and tend to pursue fame and recognition. Your ambition knows no bounds, though. You can’t stand being alone and constantly seek confirmation from others. You occasionally come across as feeling inferior. You have many creative talents, but find it hard to express them. You have high expectations of yourself and those around you. You’re reserved and don’t trust others easily. You like things to be done your way. You may not be too fond of kids. You’re strong-willed, but sometimes you underestimate and sabotage yourself. You often come off as jealous or self-conscious, which pushes people away. You also tend to protect yourself from situations you deem threatening by building walls around you.

What you have to learn in life: You need to lower your expectations of yourself, as well as of those around you. You need to overcome your fear of getting hurt and learn to bond with other people by expressing your love for them. You need to become more humble, tame your Ego and connect with your Higher Self.

Saturn in Virgo

If Saturn is in Virgo in your birth chart, you’re a rational and practical person. You work hard and with diligence, and your attention to detail borders on perfectionism. You’re steadfast, self-disciplined, self-restrained, and a careful planner. However, you tend to underestimate and be too hard on yourself. You don’t like wasting time on unimportant matters. You can be very shy and reserved; you don’t like drawing attention to yourself. You need order and routine in your life, and sometimes you develop obsessive habits. You’re averse to taking risks, so you end up missing out on many things in life. If you manage to overcome your fear of the unexpected, you’ll find a way to express your inner creativity.

What you have to learn in life: Despite what you think, you don’t need to be perfect to succeed. You need to learn to distinguish between what is important and what is not. Relax, stop being overcritical and obsessing over unimportant things, and work on your sense of humor.

Saturn in Libra

If Saturn is in Libra in your birth chart, you’re noble, sophisticated, cultivated, fair and honest. You’re tactful and endowed with sharp diplomatic skills. You prefer cooperating to competing, and excel at teamwork. However, you find it hard to commit to long-term relationships. You feel unworthy of love. You refuse to open up or are too quick to reject people who seem genuinely interested in you for fear of being abandoned. When you feel peaceful, though, you’re amiable, resourceful, restless, and really care about other people. You’re gifted with artistic talents and help those around you become better people.

What you have to learn in life: In order to succeed, you need to learn how to truly connect with other people. You need to realize that the quality of your relationships depends on you, and to strike a balance between love and self-discipline. Be flexible, patient and tenacious.

Saturn in Scorpio

If Saturn is in Scorpio in your birth chart, you’re incredibly strong-willed and energetic. You’re tenacious and persevering, but can also be cold, selfish, mistrustful of other people, intransigent and impatient. You possess self-control and a high sense of responsibility. You have high expectations both of yourself and of those around you. You may be drawn to the occult and the darker side of things. You’re a meticulous and calculating planner. You lead an intense and passionate life, but at the same time you diligently seek to achieve greater self-control. When you get your feelings hurt, you become ruthless. You can also be cunning, jealous and possessive. Even though you come off as self-assured, deep down inside you fear you might be rejected, so you reject others before they can reject you or try to be one step ahead of them so you can anticipate their every move.

What you have to learn in life: When you’re emotionally present and keep your vindictiveness in check, you can make the life of those you care about fascinating. The biggest obstacle to your success is your negativity. You need to learn to be considerate of other people’s feelings and more responsible with their belongings.

Saturn in Sagittarius

If Saturn is in Sagittarius in your birth chart, you’re an honest and straightforward person. You live by high moral standards, believe that success comes with hard work, and want to be held in high esteem. You place high value on religion, philosophy, spiritual teachings and education. You’re drawn to foreign and ancient cultures, and love to travel. You rarely indulge in romanticism, though. You probably fear that you might be punished if you go off the beaten path. Saturn in Sagittarius urges you to shake off your illusions as to the significance of power and seek out personal freedom. By letting go of your fears, you will become a free person without compromising your integrity.

What you have to learn in life: You need to learn to open up and trust other people. You also need to learn to be more cautious in your judgement and to distinguish between right and wrong.

Saturn in Capricorn

When Saturn is in Capricorn (the zodiac sign it rules), its influence is at its strongest. If Saturn is in Capricorn in your birth chart, you’re ambitious and capable of pulling off even the most demanding of tasks. You’re thirsty for power and tend to be focused on your career. You’re gifted with a sharp mind and have a flair for planning and organizing. You have difficulty delegating, though; you don’t trust that others are capable of living up to your expectations and often end up doing everything by yourself. You feel more at ease when in an environment that is impersonal and organized. You’re big on rules, reserved and attentive to detail. You believe that life is a constant struggle. Your greatest fear is that your hard work will not be recognized. You often find fulfilment in doing things for the sake of others.

What you have to learn in life: You need to learn to handle power and authority in an effective manner. You feel a strong need to be in control of your environment because you fear that otherwise you may end up being controlled by it instead. Your devotion to your work could be another manifestation of this fear. You need to relax, allow yourself to derive pleasure from your creations and devote more attention to your personal life.

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Saturn in Aquarius

If Saturn is in Aquarius in your birth chart, you’re an open-minded intellectual ready to embrace all sorts of novelties and technological advances. Your ability to concentrate is enviable. You have a highly inventive mind, even though you tend to conduct yourself in a conservative manner. You want to make the world a better place. You’re a devoted and impartial friend, but generally let very few people in. Despite being a loner, though, you like the idea of being part of a group. However, you often alienate others by giving them the impression you feel superior to them. Sometimes, you choose to keep to yourself and put on a cool, indifferent façade for fear of being disappointed. Your life is very organized, even if unconventionally so.  

What you have to learn in life: In order to succeed, you need to become more tolerant towards others. Cultivate your intuition and your ability to think originally. Learn how to put your ideas into practice. Share your views with other people; your unique way of looking at things can prove very helpful to them. Instead of playing it cool, do something about the things that make you unhappy.

Saturn in Pisces

When Saturn is in Pisces, the rationality and resilience typically associated with the planet of karma are weakened by the oversensitivity characterizing said zodiac sign. If Saturn is in Pisces in your birth chart, your vulnerability and indecisiveness hinder you from actively pursuing your goals. You feel you are too weak to succeed. Sometimes, your pessimism borders on paranoia. At the same time, you’re full of compassion and have a natural gift for seeing things from other people’s perspective. However, you tend to make other people’s problems your own. You feel morally obliged to help those who’ve been less fortunate than yourself. Sometimes, though, you take things to the other extreme and completely detach yourself from others. You’re gifted with artistic talents and strong spiritual tendencies. Even though you come off as a hopeless romantic, you can be a cold-blooded realist.

What you have to learn in life: You need to overcome your negativity and your fears. Leave the past behind and start focusing on the present. Work on your self-confidence. Learn to rein in your imagination and to trust your intuition.

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