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The Moon ‘Void of Course’: Welcome to the Dead Zone!

The Moon ‘Void of Course’: Welcome to the Dead Zone!
Astrologers often talk about the Moon going ‘void of course'.  What does that mean? And why should you care?
The Moon is constantly in flux.  Not only does it wax and wane, it also changes signs and makes aspects to everything else.  In just under one calendar month, the Moon has waxed to Full and waned to New, it has been through each sign of the zodiac, and it has made every possible planetary aspect to each astrological planet!  Talk about being thorough!   Like the sweeping beam of a clockwork-lighthouse, it keeps time, holds things together and brings everything into sharp relief. The Moon’s fluidity is symbolic of our own changing moods, even if we are used to these changes (as we are to the changing seasons) and hardly pay much attention…
Nonetheless, each time the Moon changes signs there is a moment of disorientation and adjustment as everyone’s responses shift gear.  For instance, when the Moon moves from Gemini to Cancer, people retreat a little, keenly aware of their emotional needs, which may have been neglected over the past two days of intense intellectual stimulation. Then, the Moon moves into Leo and it’s time for self-expression!  And then, after some fun and play, the Moon moves into Virgo urging us to get down to work… And so it goes.   These shifts can be smooth or unsettling, or even liberating if you have been in the grip of something unpleasant and the pressure starts to recede. (You can track the Moon in our daily horoscope special.) Then, there are also the times when the Moon is ‘void of course’…

When the Moon enters the Void  

The Moon is Void of Course just when it has made all the major aspects it’s going to make in a certain sign and is now just cruising toward the next sign. That’s when the Moon is ‘crossing the void’ or ‘running on empty’ as it were.  This may happen for only a few minutes or a whole day or more. Given that the Moon changes signs every 2.5 days or so, 1-2 days is the frequency, roughly, with which it goes void.
Metaphorically speaking, that’s when the Moon has completed all the major transactions it had planned in a certain district and is now making its way onward.   Sometimes it encounters other characters during this empty crossing, but these are secondary and do not have the power to overturn any agreements or decisions made – they can assist or clarify, provide directions or handle some brief transactions but not change the odds of the big bets.  And so the Moon walks on, coasting on the energy of its last meeting until it enters a fresh field of action and meets with the major players once more from a different vantage point.
Why care about this? Traditionally the Void Moon is very good for certain activities and not at all good for others.  Just as it is good to know the weather forecast when you are planning a garden party, it is good to know when the Moon is Void…

What to Do during the Void Moon:

Void Moon gives everyone some respite from external stimuli. It also provides a momentary disconnection from your emotions, which can be a good thing – a valuable moment of clarity.  Use this time to:
  • Enjoy the calm
  • Gather your thoughts
  • Kick back and relax
  • Enjoy not having to make major decisions
  • Get on with tasks without outside disturbance
  • Keep working on an existing project
  • Iron out the details
  • Review, refine
  • Have fun with loved ones
  • Be silly (if you are going to embarrass yourself, this is the time to do it, when everyone’s retention powers are hazy)
  • Sleep
  • Clear out your stuff
  • Organise your desk
  • Lose yourself in your thoughts
  • Take stock
  • Prepare yourself quietly
  • Enjoy emotional detachment
  • Do small intraday trades
  • Go for a walk
  • See things clearly & revel in your sense of clarity
  • Make notes
  • Listen to your intuition (that voice in your head)
  • Enjoy the calm (before the next storm)
  • Clear clutter
  • Tidy up
  • Clean
  • Find lost objects
  • Take a breather
  • Get a sense of perspective
  • Stick with what you know
  • Shop for overlooked, second hand or sale items whose value has gone unnoticed by the seller

What Not to Do:

The traditional symbolism of a Void of Course Moon is that of ‘lost time’ or that ‘nothing will come of the matter.’  So any attempt made to push forward with fresh ideas, plans of action and meetings with others at this point that require energy and cooperation to succeed will meet with a void…. Action but no reaction; wasted effort; the echo of your own voice rather than a conversation...  Expect delays and cancellations if you push ahead.  In that spirit:
  • Don’t initiate new projects
  • Don’t enter a new relationship
  • Don’t make major decisions
  • Don’t arrange new meetings (they probably won’t happen)
  • Don’t make fresh plans (they will probably fall through)
  • Don’t attempt to connect with people you don’t know well (you won’t)
  • Don’t try to learn/study/memorise new things  (memory is poor)
  • Don’t make promises you intend to keep (only those you don’t…)
  • Don’t try something for the first time – something challenging for instance
  • Don’t push ahead with your ideas
  • Don’t make expensive or important purchases
  • Don’t give a key interview or presentation (you might be forgotten)
  • Don’t start a new job, or launch a new project or enterprise (it will meet with no response)
  • Don’t book tickets, hotels, venues etc. (greater likelihood it is cancelled)
  • Don’t make new arrangements and new agreements generally
  • Don’t buy gym memberships (you are wasting your cash)
  • Don’t invest in or commit to anything long-term
  • Don’t rely on instinct (that feeling in your absent)
This is a rough guide, but you get the picture.  So, watch out for the Moon Void of Course, and plan ahead!

Void of Course Moon for June 2014

You can track the Moon going Void every day by checking out our Today's Special Horoscope.  Here are the times the Moon is Void in June (UK)
1 June 07:32 – 2 June 02:43           Cancer
3 June 15:41 – 4 June 15:20           Leo
6 June 10:12 – 7 June 03:01           Virgo
8 June 20:46 – 9 June 11:38           Libra
11 June 03:21 – 16:23                     Scorpio
13 June 05:11 – 18:04                     Sagittarius
15 June 07:35 – 18:25                     Capricorn
17 June 19:07 – 19:25                     Aquarius
19 June 20:05 – 22:25                     Pisces
21 June 23:24 – 22 June 04:03       Aries
24 June 02:48 – 12:05                     Taurus
26 June 12:56 – 22:05                     Gemini
29 June 02:02 – 09:42                     Cancer 
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