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Venus in the 12 Signs

Venus in the 12 Signs

Venus in Astrology | Beauty and Style

Venus, the goddess of beauty lets you in on style tips suited for your astrological personality! / Let the goddess of beauty teach you how to dress!
In Greco-Roman mythology, Venus (Aphrodite) was the goddess of beauty and love. Venus in the zodiac embodies the female archetype of sensuality; she is the seductress that uses her physical charms as a means to allure the object of her desire. Venus’ favourite lover was Mars (Ares), the god of war and the archetypal male figure, and her son, Cupid (Eros), was the mischievous god of love and lust, who would pierce the heart of his unwitting victims with his arrows, causing them to fall madly in love. The mother-son relationship between Venus and Cupid is meant to indicate that beauty and success in love usually go hand in hand.
Even though the mythological figure of Venus is often depicted naked, her astrological counterpart is considered to rule clothing. Venus’ position in our birth chart provides insight into our preferred style of dress, the type of clothes we tend to opt for, and the type of clothes that suits us best. It could be said that our natal Venus sheds light on the feminine side of our sensuality. Venus’ placement in our birth chart also reflects and influences our self-confidence, the idea we have of our outward appearance and how we feel about it. Knowing which clothing choices meet the demands of our natal Venus can go a long way toward helping us get the looks that can best serve the image we wish to project to others. If the god of masculinity was passionately enamoured of the goddess of beauty, the latter must have been privy to some secret knowledge that the rest of us should not ignore!     

Venus in the 12 signs

Find out in which sign Venus is in your Birth Chart

Venus in Aries

The favourite colour of the Venus in Aries woman is scarlet. This woman tends to dress in an aggressive, attention-capturing fashion. Her striking sex appeal has a masculine quality to it, which is suggestive of a woman that does not adhere to stereotypically feminine ways of dressing and flirting. Her intense sexuality is bound to attract every man that will not feel intimidated by her magnetism.  

Venus in Taurus

This woman has a preference for pastel shades and earth tones. She loves fine fabrics and wants their texture to feel familiar against her skin. She lets her feminine sensuality and natural beauty induce men to take the initiative. She generally avoids experimentation and eccentricity, and knows how to be charming without becoming provocative.

Venus in Gemini

This woman’s wardrobe probably boasts a wide variety of colours. Her sense of style is savvy and she likes to experiment with different clothing choices. She comes off as intelligent, eloquent, and flirtatious. She is willing to sacrifice her sexual side in order to give her look a witty twist. She may be partial to androgynous, menswear-inspired ensembles and outfits that make her look comfortable, graceful, and ethereal.

Venus in Cancer

It is white along with the various shades of blue and grey that compliment the Venus in Cancer woman. Women with this Venus placement in their birth chart tend to dress in a modest, discreet fashion, as they prefer to avoid provocative or extravagant clothing. They want their clothes to accentuate their femininity. They love silver jewellery and they generally opt for outfits that reflect their emotions.   

Venus in Leo

The Venus in Leo woman has a strong preference for the lighter shades of red and the colours of gold and orange. She likes to dress in an arresting, eye-catching fashion, but without giving the impression of trying too hard. She tends to favour expensive clothes and golden jewellery. Animal-print pieces flatter her and highlight her feline aura.

Venus in Virgo

Women with their natal Venus in Virgo are partial to the various hues of blue, green, and brown. Their style is sophisticated, their appearance is always polished, and they gravitate towards items of clothing with clear-cut lines. They like to make manifest their sharp wit and they can become very critical of other people’s fashion sense. They love floral patterns and their allure resides in their tactful modesty.   

Venus in Libra

Libra constitutes the sign in which Venus finds its ultimate expression. The Venus in Libra woman can be markedly vain and delights in spending hours on end in front of the mirror. She loves the tones of pink and sky blue, she likes harmonious colour combinations, and she may exhibit a tendency to become attached to certain items of clothing. Placed in the sign of aestheticism, Venus affords the type of beauty that emanates from a refined sense of taste and a gently sensual aura.    

Venus in Scorpio

The placement of Venus in Scorpio is indicative of a woman with a mysterious and dark style of dress. Her favourite colours are black and crimson red, and she has a smoldering sex appeal. It is not so much her clothes that make her captivating as what lies beneath them; that is why she herself avoids judging people by their appearance. Her style is simple and understated, yet always sexy.

Venus in Sagittarius

This woman has a strong liking for the tones of midnight blue, yellow, and green. Having her natal Venus in a Fire sign, she loves to flaunt her beauty and wants her style to reflect and highlight her fervent temperament. She is usually self-confident and lucky in love. She likes to wear clothes she has bought abroad and she does not hesitate to dress eccentrically. She always wears a smile that illuminates the vibrancy of her appearance.

Venus in Capricorn

Women with their natal Venus in Capricorn gravitate toward classic clothing choices that match and showcase their poise and self-assurance. Their favourite colours are grey and brown, and they rarely resort to tricks and wiles to seduce men. They often opt for tight-fitting suits that accentuate their sturdy personality and compliment their figure.    

Venus in Aquarius

The Venus in Aquarius woman rarely follows the prevailing fashion trends. She likes to dress in an unconventional, avant-garde manner. Even though she is usually unconcerned with her outward appearance, when she is called to pay attention to her looks, her clothing choices are original and daring. The colours that flatter her and highlight her interesting personality are purple, turquoise, and electric blue.   

Venus in Pisces

The Venus in Pisces woman has a strong preference for the colour lilac and the blue-green shades of the sea. She delights in tinging her style with romantic touches, often inspired by the last movie she saw. She loves to make her clothing choices based on the roles or personas she would like to embody. She exudes effortless charm and moves in a seductively elegant manner.
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