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Where is your Part of Fortune?

Where is your Part of Fortune?
The Part of Fortune is a special place in your chart, which is particularly lucky. It is made up of a combination of your Sun, Moon and Ascendant.
The Sun represents your identity and your individuality; the Moon is your emotional side and shows how you feel nurtured and safe; the Ascendant shows how you appear to the outer world. It rules how you look, how you speak, how you present yourself, how you want others to see you.
In astrology, the Sun, Moon and Ascendant are three of the most important points in your chart. They reveal a great deal about you, what motivates you, your likes and dislikes, what you are looking for in your life. When the energies of these three elements of your chart are in harmony, everything in your life falls magically into place. And this is exactly that unique spot where the Part of Fortune is located in your chart.    
The house where the Part of Fortune falls is the area of life in which you find good fortune and success (check out the 12 houses in astrology). The zodiac sign shows how the energy of the Part of Fortune can manifest in your life.
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The Part of Fortune in the Signs

To calculate your part of fortune, read the instructions at the end of this article
Part of Fortune in Aries
If you set yourself clear goals and an action plan, your drive and enthusiasm brings you great good fortune. The more open you are to being spontaneous and receptive to the flow of the universe around you, the luckier you will become. The key to your success is making sure you complete a project and don’t leave it hanging in mid-air the minute you find something else that looks more exciting.
Part of Fortune in Taurus
With your patience and endurance, you create things that are stable and you are able to bring security to yourself and those around you. It’s important that you don’t get too caught up in owning things and that you develop your spiritual side as well. The key to your good fortune is not in resisting changes, but in surrendering to them. Your greatest pleasure lies in finding tangible results for your hard work.
Part of Fortune in Gemini
Your good fortune comes from sharing and communicating whatever you learn. As long as you follow your intuition and listen to the voice inside of you, your studies and your connections with people bring you your greatest luck. The people who live near you will always be there for you if you have an emergency. You are happiest when you are living in the moment and can flit from one thing to another when your fancy takes you.
Part of Fortune in Cancer
Your greatest joy comes through family, or people who feel like family and your home environment. Being a nurturer and feeding others is a way in which you find your pot of gold. Children, animals and anyone who is dependent and who needs nourishing all bring you great pleasure. You might be interested in anything connected with the earth: gardening, growing food, owning land.
Part of Fortune in Leo
Your natural generosity draws good fortune into your life. When you live with integrity and shine in the world, this is of great benefit to you. Your sunny nature has the ability to touch others and to fire them up to reach their true potential. This brings you great joy. You have the ability to become an expert in your field and to inspire others to do the same.
Part of Fortune in Virgo
You are happiest when you have created order in your environment as you are extremely sensitive. This placement brings you good fortune with your career and your health. You have a natural healing ability and you may be drawn to the medical or scientific profession. Anything that involves helping others brings you joy.
Part of Fortune in Libra
When you are able to find balance in your relationships, you will achieve your greatest joy. Libra has a tendency to compromise too much in order to please their partner and your challenge is to learn how to get your own needs met. You are an excellent mediator and your good fortune comes when you achieve harmony and feel as though you belong.  
Part of Fortune in Scorpio
This is an extremely powerful placement as you have the ability to influence others in a positive or negative way. You are happiest when you get to the bottom of a problem or situation. You have amazing recuperative powers and you probably feel as though you have ‘died’ on your own two feet many times. Your joy comes from helping others face their fears and phobias and move beyond them.
Part of Fortune in Sagittarius
Your good luck comes from your insatiable desire to explore new horizons, new adventures, new galaxies. Your greatest fortune may be found far away from your birth location. You have a natural optimism and joy and as long as you don’t try to force others to see the world in the way you do, you can inspire them to reach beyond their current boundaries.   
Part of Fortune in Capricorn
With a good structure, clear goals and a strategic plan, you can manifest whatever you want. You have great staying power and your good fortune comes from your ability to overcome obstacles and reach your goals. This is an excellent placement for good luck in politics, public affairs and business. You tend to achieve your success later in life.
Part of Fortune in Aquarius
Your originality and individuality brings you your greatest luck. It’s important that you don’t allow yourself to follow someone else. You must find your uniqueness and spread that in the world. Once you accept that you are different, you’ll feel much happier inside yourself. You can then inspire others to express their own individuality. You love new ideas, pushing the boundaries of science and fairness and equality for all.
Part of Fortune in Pisces
Your good fortune lies in being in tune with the spiritual side of life. If you cultivate your interest in the metaphysical and the esoteric, you will find good luck. As long as you learn to go with the flow and you express your emotions as they are happening, you will be very happy. You are very creative and will probably be attracted to any of the helping and healing professions. 

Instructions: How to Calculate your Part of Fortune

First you need to draw your birth-chart. You will need your birth-time to find out your Ascendant. Then follow these simple steps:
  1. Find the positions of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant.
  2. Measure the (shortest) distance between your Sun and Moon (in degrees).  Note that each sign is 30 degrees long.
    • For instance, if your Sun is in 20 degrees of Taurus and your Moon is at 5 degrees Pisces, then your Moon is 75 degrees behind the Sun  (i.e. by subtraction backward through the zodiac). We go backward from 20 Taurus: (- 20) in Taurus, (- 30) in Aries, (- 25) in Pisces = 5 Pisces, i.e. -75 degrees in total all the way from 20 Taurus to 5 Pisces). The Moon is behind the Sun because we are going backwards through the zodiac.
    • Alternative Example: if your Sun is 20 Taurus and your Moon is 10 Virgo, then the Moon is 110 degrees forward/ahead of your Sun (i.e. +110 degrees from 20 Taurus to 10 Virgo= (+ 10) to reach the end of Taurus, (+ 30) in Gemini,, (+ 30) in Cancer (+ 30) in Leo, (+ 10) in Virgo = +110 in total, i.e. going forward through the zodiac. And so on. It is always easier to measure the shortest distance, whether forward or backward between Sun and Moon.  
  3. Go to your Ascendant and count the same distance as you did from your Sun to your Moon forward (+) or backward (-) to find your Part of Fortune
    • So, suppose your Ascendant is at 20 Leo.
    • In the first example we counted backward by (-75) degrees, so now we count again backward by (-75) degrees, this time from 20 Leo: (- 20) back to leave Leo, (-30) in Cancer, (-25) in Gemini = (-75) degrees in total, gives us 5 Gemini. So your part of fortune is at 5 Gemini.
    • In the second example we counted forward (+110) degrees. So starting from 20 Leo we have: (+10) to finish Leo, (+30) in Virgo, (+30) in Libra, (+30) in Scorpio, (+10) in Sagittarius = 110 degrees. So your part of fortune is 10 Sagittarius. 
  4. Note that your part of fortune will be in the same relationship (angle) to your Ascendant as your Moon is to your Sun. So if you were born on a full moon, (Sun opposite Moon) then your Part of Fortune will be opposite your Ascendant. And if you were born during a new moon (Sun conjunct Moon) then your Part of Fortune will be conjunct your Ascendant.  If your Sun and Moon are at right angles in the circle, then the same will apply to your Ascendant and Part of Fortune, and so on…
  5. Have fun!  (The exact degree does not matter – just get the zodiac sign right!).
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