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Your Vocation and Astrology

Your Vocation and Astrology

Your career, vocation or destiny path is indicated in astrology by the sign on your midheaven.   

The Midheaven through the Zodiac and your Ideal Vocation  

Here is the lowdown on the midheaven through each zodiacal sign. To find out where your midheaven is, draw your Birth Chart for free!


You have good organisational skills, you need to be independent and you don’t like to be told what to do. You do best if you are self employed. Finding creative solutions to difficult problems is one of your many skills. You are ambitious and always have something you are working towards. You have an urge to innovate, to launch a business, to be the leader in whatever field you go into. You detest monotony and predictability. Good careers include: police force, athlete, manager, leader, inventor, racing sports of any kind, business leadership, stuntman, fireman, lobbyist.  
Famous people: Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Prince Charles, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Meryl Streep, John Travolta, Stephen King
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You are consistent, determined and you overcome whatever obstacles come your way. You need security and stability. You like to be in charge and you don’t like to relinquish your position to anyone else. Often, you have trouble delegating because you feel you do the job better than anyone else. You are attracted to a career related to nature, property, managing resources and the performing arts. A good career for you could be in finance, art, music, real estate, architecture or landscaping. You need to be hands on and you like to produce lasting, tangible results.
Famous people: Woody Allen, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Beyoncé Knowles, Justin Timberlake, Robbie Williams, Taylor Swift, Kylie Minogue, Tina Turner


You are always full of ideas and you need variety and flexibility in your career. Because Gemini rules communications, you excel in speaking, writing, and you could achieve fame in literature, the performing arts and human sciences. You do not like to be stuck behind a desk, but prefer to be out and about, negotiating, selling, advising and meeting lots of different people. Your mobile phone is indispensable and you are a master at networking and making productive connections. Good professions include: writer, speaker, poet, translator, reporter, journalist, marketing expert, professor, computer expert, cartoonist, trader, dancer, actor.
Famous people: John Keats, Warren Beatty, Madonna, Kurt Cobain, Steve Jobs, Tom Hanks, Mark Zuckerberg, Roger Federer, Hugh Grant, Walt Disney, Winston Churchill


You are good at planning and you can organise and direct not only your own life but the lives of people around you. You are caring and you genuinely want to help. Although generally easy-going, you are not afraid to fight for something that’s important to you. Connecting with people is vital, as is using your intuition. You need to feel respected and appreciated. You are extremely sensitive about your reputation and you do well in a career that serves the public. As a cardinal sign, you are quite versatile. Because of your need for security you can find success in a variety of different professions including politics, family business, housing, children, healing, medicine, education, social work, hotelier, real estate agent, musician, poet, actor, historian.
Famous people: Cat Stevens, Tony Robbins, Leonardo di Caprio, Britney Spears, Bill Clinton, Charles de Gaulle, Denzel Washington, Yoko Ono, Shirley MacLaine, Monica Lewinsky, Stevie Wonder


You are very ambitious and have the potential to be a great leader. You appear confident even if you don’t feel it. You are very organised and have the ability not only to see the bigger picture, but also the finer details. You take control in a crisis and you give people a feeling of stability. You automatically know what makes other people feel appreciated. You have a good chance of becoming a celebrity, but if you don’t, you are able to connect easily to people with influence. You need to learn how to accept your own strength, self-confidence and power in order to shine. Good careers include: sales, acting, management, teaching, business, film director or producer, ambassador, anything in the gambling field, anything involving art, jewellery and luxuries.
Famous people: Adolf Hitler, Tom Cruise, Napoleon I, Charlie Chaplin, Isaac Newton, Vladimir Putin, Sigmund Freud, Jacqueline Onassis, Prince, Frank Sinatra, Enrique Iglesias, Sai Baba


You are naturally critical and you seek perfection in the world. You are well organised, hard-working and you don’t like to take huge risks. Sometimes you underestimate your own worth and can end up in a job that is beneath your ability. It’s usually later in life when you come into your own and develop more self-confidence. Being helpful is important to you as well as being able to make progress. You build your career gradually and you are unlikely to make impulsive decisions. You are a quick learner and you question anything that doesn’t feel right. Stability and predictability in your career are important to you. Puzzling situations are interesting for you as you love to come up with new solutions. Good careers include: computer specialist, financial officer, executive assistant, medical practitioner, pharmacist, natural healer, veterinarian, researcher, scientist, accountant, analyst.
Famous people: Leonardo da Vinci, Goethe, Brad Pitt, Hillary Clinton, Justin Bieber, Nelson Mandela, Ellen DeGeneres, Edith Piaf, Margaret Thatcher, Kesha, Steven Tyler, Diana Ross


You need harmony, balance and peace around you in your workplace. Diplomatic and charming, you are able to mediate the most challenging conflicts. You are an excellent communicator, cooperative and a very good team player. You attract support from others because you are able to inspire a sense of partnership with them. It’s important for you to be in a pleasant environment and to surround yourself with beauty. This is the way you achieve balance. You have an extraordinary ability to develop harmonious relationships with people at any social level. You can talk comfortably with just about anyone. Because you think carefully about your decisions, you make a good administrator. Careers that suit you are: anything in the arts, entertainment, interior design, fashion, luxury items, image design, law, diplomacy, politics, writing and communications.
Famous people: Coco Chanel, Raquel Welch, Jodie Foster, Fred Astaire, Brigitte Bardot, Paris Hilton, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Dylan, Nicholas Cage, Angela Merkel, Elton John, Winona Ryder


With midheaven in Scorpio, you know what you want and you are not afraid to go after it. Once you have decided on a particular direction, you will go to almost any lengths to achieve it and to make your mark on the world. Transformation is nothing new to you, and you come through crises stronger and more determined than ever. You are always on the lookout for ways to unleash your powers to reach your goals. You are patient, resilient and persevering and this always pays off for you in the end. Your sign is associated with the 8th housewhich governs finances, investments, inheritances and other people’s resources. It also rules sexuality, death, rebirth and anything secret. (See the 12 houses in astrology) With your intense nature, good careers are: researcher, astrologer, psychic, corporate manager, banker, financial adviser, politician, surgeon, scientist, computer designer, hypnotist, psychologist, energy healer.
Famous people: Barack Obama, Prince William, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II, Bono, Paul Newman, Sophia Loren, Meg Ryan, Sylvia Browne, Jane Fonda, Marie Curie


You enjoy adventures and challenges. You need work that has variety, allows you freedom of movement and gives you independence. Being chained to a desk every day would be stifling for you. Your natural inclination is to be optimistic and to set lofty goals. With a positive mind-set, you can achieve whatever you set out to do. With Jupiter being your ruler, you are likely to change career direction several times in your life. Working overseas, international business, foreign relations are all excellent for you. Good careers include: pilot, international businessperson, importer/exporter, teacher, professor, motivational speaker, politician, acting, promotion, PR, fund raising, spiritual leader, public affairs.
Famous people: William Shatner, Evel Knievel, Karl Marx, Michael Jackson, George Clooney, David Bowie, Robert Redford, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, Carl Jung, Adele


With midheaven in Capricorn, you want to fix people. You want to solve their problems by giving them a structure to move forward more effectively in their lives. You are ambitious and work is likely to be the centre of your world. While a Libra midheaven would crave popularity, you need respect. Cautious by nature, you always look before you leap. You don’t mind hard work in order to achieve success in your field. You are reliable and responsible and you keep your promises. Options are vital to you as you hate feeling suffocated. You are like the goat steadily going up the mountain: patient and determined. Although slow, eventually you go far beyond your peers. As you are ruled by Saturn, success in your career may come later in life, but when it does come, it is very gratifying. Good careers include: judge, manager, organiser, top level politician, gerontologist, archaeologist, university professor, lawyer, mentor, problem-solver, scientist.
Famous people: Martin Luther King, David Beckham, John Lennon, Nostradamus, Nicola Tesla, Tony Blair, Barbra Streisand, Serena Williams, Richard Burton, Benjamin Franklin
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Whatever profession you go into, it’s vital that you put your own unique spin into it. You are a natural pioneer, innovator and future visionary. When you are involved in a huge project, you are excited and motivated. It’s vital that you feel part of something that is bigger than you and that contributes to society in some way. You are extremely intelligent and you need variety and diversity in your work. As a natural problem-solver, you are always looking for new ways to increase efficiency and productivity. You have a scientific and creative mind that is able to see far into the future. You need work that gives you freedom and would do best being self employed or working as an independent contractor. Careers that suit you are: anything in the aviation industry including space travel, astronaut, astronomer, astrologer, scientist, humanitarian, neurosurgeon, psychic, engineer, artist, trends forecaster, anything in technology especially biotech, inventor.
Famous people: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Mick Jagger, Jules Verne, Bruce Springsteen, Ingrid Betancourt, Neil Armstrong, Leo Tolstoy, Susan Boyle, Eva Peron, John Denver


You need flexibility above all in your career and the freedom to schedule your time as you wish. Anything that feels rigid and demanding will not work for you. Comfortable and peaceful surroundings are vital for your wellbeing as you are so sensitive. Your finances will probably fluctuate a great deal – sometimes you will have a great deal of money, other times, very little. The artistic and entertainment industries suit you very well. As a Water Sign, you may be drawn to a profession concerning the sea or water, or anything in the caring and healing professions. You need plenty of alone time to recharge your batteries to face the next challenge. Possible careers are in: music, theatre, film, photography, healing, writing, animals.
Famous people: Albert Einstein, Lady Gaga, Robert de Niro, Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Steven Spielberg, Cher, Michael Phelps, Paul Coelho, Franz Schubert, Rudolf Nureyev
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