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Your moon sign shows you who suits you best!

Your moon sign shows you who suits you best!

Still searching for your Soulmate?! 

Then stop scrolling through the dating jungle, because your Moon sign is your best secret love key. Curious which Zodiac sign is the perfect match for you according to your Moon sign? Then keep on reading - we'll tell you abut your ultimate Moon Mate! 

Your super-hot Tinder dates turn out to be fake and you go from one situation to the next? Ever thought about doing a zodiac compatibility check on your dates? No? Then it's about time, because you can start with your Venus sign and turn to your Mars sign with confidence when it comes to topics like sex. But even more important is your Moon sign to bring you even closer to your Mr./Mrs Perfect. Because "La Luna" sits with your BFF in the dating jury when it's "Thank you, next!" or "Go and get them, girl! But what is your moon sign? Your moon sign shows you which sign the moon was in at the time of your birth. You don't know what your moon sign is? Then you can easily determine it with a birth chart calculator on the internet. All you need is your birthday, place and the exact time you were born. Et voilà, you've already decoded a little more of your astrological DNA. Emotional cinema, #relationshipgoals & secret longings. The Moon in your horoscope stands for the concentrated load of emotions as well as your sensitive and vulnerable side. So your Moon sign tells you a lot about your emotional world, your desires and what you need to feel truly safe and loved. Mingle or rather 100 per cent exclusive? Shy about commitment or head over heels in love? When it comes to love, your Moon sign not only helps you to better understand your dating and relationship needs, but also knows who suits you best on an emotional level, and which date you should keep your hands off. 

Who is your Moon Mate? Find your moon sign and learn more! 



Fast & Furious: With the Moon in Aries, you're already on fire on the first date. Whether it's speed dating, setting up your own surf school together, or hot games à la Shades of Grey - you know what you want and your love motto is "Go for it! A tandem skydive together, a wild make-out session in the cinema or a big dose of Bonnie and Clyde, is what makes your perfect relationship. You need someone who has just as much fire within them and celebrates your wildness and spontaneity over and over again. An extroverted bundle of energy or someone who shows you where the sleep-button is. Both are a good fit! 

Your Moon Mate Match: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius & Libra 


Even when your boyfriend or girlfriend gives you the world, you enjoy it with a little caution. "This must be too good to be true", is always running in the back of your mind. You’d rather talk about your feelings and your deepest desires on a simple date, over a luxurious 5-star candlelight dinner. You want a super intimate connection and want to make sure that the other person feels the same way. That makes you happy. With your moon sign in Taurus, you need one thing above all else to feel safe: security, an extra large load of honesty and someone to be your rock. Whether it's a surprise party, setting up that darn Ikea furniture, or saving your goldfish when it accidentally ends up in the drain. A well-rehearsed team between the sheets and writing the shopping list together at breakfast is someone who will make you happy. 

Your Moon Mate Match: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer & Pisces 


Tinder marathon, flirting for all it's worth, and once across the dating jungle - you don't necessarily need long-term commitments and serious relationships to be happily in love. Polyamory or Friendship Plus are more your thing. Talking through the night, learning sign language together or exploring lost places is all on the agenda when you're dating. That makes you happy. Your date should definitely be as articulate as you are, and communicate openly what he/she wants. An added touch of humour, a sense of adventure and a hidden side or two for you to discover, will make your date even more interesting to you. As a Moon sign Gemini you are looking for fun and lightness. That's why you need an experimental free spirit at your side, who breaks the rules with you and redefines love with you. 

Your Moon Mate Match: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius & Sagittarius 


As a Cancer Moon, superficial banter is not your thing. You want intensity and a honey moon phase that preferably never ends. Deep talk, letting the tears roll in front of each other and between the sheets, sex is celebrated like a spiritual experience. You prefer to be completely one with your favourite person and don't want to hide your vulnerable sides. As the moon sign of Cancer, you always wear your heart on your sleeve. That makes you happy. As a Moon-Cancer you need someone whose emotional radar is as sensitive as yours. Your Moon mate should not only give 100 percent to you physically, but also emotionally. This is the most beautiful and greatest proof of love for you leaving you feeling secure.  

Your Moon Mate Match: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio & Capricorn 


As a Moon-Lion, you are bursting with passion and you go all in when someone is important to you. In return, you need a lot of attention from your date or crush. You love the feeling of being the centre of attention. Whether it's a shower of compliments, small gifts or a surprise getaway with a publicly staged marriage proposal - you want a loyal partner with an XXL heart who will go the extra mile for you. That makes you happy. With your Moon in Leo, you need someone who will allow you your five minutes in the limelight, but also bring you back down to earth. "Yes-men, wallflowers or coach-potatoes are less suited to you. Enthusiastic adventurers as well as fiery and sunny dispositions that also tickle out your softer side are your perfect match. 

Your Moon Mate Match: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius & Aquarius 


Instead of emotional outbursts with sniffles and fits of laughter, you prefer to talk about what moves you quietly with yourself. You are more of a head than a gut person when it comes to dating and love. Romantic junkies and kitsch fanatics don't fall into your prey pattern. That makes you happy. Whether it's hours of figuring out the perfect road trip route or organising the fridge - as a Moon Virgo you need someone with an extra load of patience who lets you take control. Just as important, you need to be able to rely 100 per cent on the other person. Then you can let go of the rudder and take a break. 

Your Moon Mate Match: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn & Cancer 


As a Libra moon sign, harmony is your top priority. That's why you can't do much with hectic control freaks or opinionated quarrelsome people. Whether it's the "good morning" message and coffee in bed or practising with your sweetheart for the job interview - loving contact and mutual support are essential for you to feel good. That makes you happy. Spontaneously deciding where to go for a dinner date or saying "no" if you don't feel like double-dating with your BFF and her new babe. - As a Moon Libra, you need someone who pushes you to communicate your needs openly and still appreciates you for who you are with all your quirks and idiosyncrasies. The motto is: Balance is key! 

Your Moon Mate Match: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces & Aries 


As a Lunar Scorpio, your love-motto is "All or nothing!". Dark Sharing secrets and spicy desires, having eyes only for each other and a person who feels like your home - you want intensity, passion and a real soul connection. Only when you trust someone 100 percent and feel deeply connected, you can really let yourself go and commit. That makes you happy. You get jealous when your boo likes pictures of others on Instagram but then suddenly it turns into a fiery declaration of love between the sheets. You need someone who can deal with your mini-dramas and understands how to navigate around your conflicting emotional jungle and shows you that you are the "Real Deal" for him/her. 

Your Moon Mate Match: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Libra & Taurus 


As a Moon Sagittarius you know no boundaries and want to be everywhere at the same time. From the singles party, it's straight to base jumping and then off to the mountains for a hike. That's why it should never be boring when it comes to love. What you're looking for: someone who will go through thick and thin with you on your adventures, but who will also be with you when your good mood barometer is in the basement. Laughing together until your stomach hurts and going straight from the Holi festival to the pyramid exploration expedition is what makes you happy. Your date or dream partner needs a lot of humour and should provide variety. Action junkies, globetrotters with a thirst for knowledge and sociable sunny boys/girls are a perfect match for your active and carefree Sagittarius nature. 

Your Moon Mate Match: Sagittarius, Leo, Aries & Gemini 


Slow dating, dream wedding and then a home of your own for children - with the Moon sign Capricorn you like it old school. Behind your Capricorn poker face hides your sensitive side. They shouldn’t expect big romance à la Valentine's Day candle dinner and love letters from you. In dating and relationships, things like independence, ambition and reliability are more important to you than sentimentalism. That makes you happy. Your ideal dating partner combines a "let's do this" mindset and a 5-year plan with a great deal of sensitivity. You need someone who will conquer the world with you and with whom you can discuss your to-do list over breakfast. In addition, your Moon Mate should be able to push you to pour your heart out. 

Your Moon Mate Match: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo & Cancer 


With the moon sign Aquarius, you need independence like the air you breathe. No wonder you get goosebumps just hearing the word commitment. You're happiest when you can enjoy your freedom to the fullest and still enjoy all the benefits of a relationship. That makes you happy. As a Moon-Aquarius, you need someone who understands your urge for freedom and ticks similarly. Another must-have is that you're both on the same wavelength. Doing the New York Times crossword puzzle together, socialising at the hottest parties or travelling around the world in 80 days? Preferably all together! 

Your Moon Mate Match: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra & Sagittarius 


As a moon sign Pisces, you mostly swim in the depths of your own. It's hard to lure you to the surface. A shallow pick-up line like "I lost my number. Can I have yours?", superficial small talk or casual on-off dating won't lure you in. You want more and through your Moon-Pisces intuition, you immediately sense who boy- /girlfriend material. That makes you happy Unwavering trust, Hollywood romance and someone who's sure to keep their "forever and ever" pinky promise - that's your dating and love jackpot! Your special someone should be at least as sensitive and caring as you are, so that your wishes and needs don't get lost in the relationship. 

Your Moon Mate Match: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio & Taurus 

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