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Always On - Off to the Digital Detox!

Always On - Off to the Digital Detox!

What is Digital Detox?

Whether you're on a coffee break, on the bus or even in the middle of a date, do you find yourself reaching for your smartphone like a remote control? Then it's time to think about a digital detox. Without constantly looking at the little thing, you can get back to the here and now. Read a book, have time for yourself, simply notice what is happening around you.

With Digital Detox you learn to be more aware of technology. With more time offline, you'll become more focused, more content and discover a flow that no meditation app, no matter how good, can provide.

How much screentime is too much?

Sure, the smartphone is a brilliant thing: with a few swipes you can shop, book your holiday, chat with friends, find love or the next hot date. And it has never been so easy to access knowledge. Whether it's a voting machine, newsfeed or a video on how to fix your dishwasher - everything is just a few clicks away.

But if you check your feeds as soon as you get up in the morning, look more at your mobile phone than at the faces of your friends at dinner, and even have to make a TikTok video on the jet ski on holiday, it's time for a round of digital detox.

You can track how much time you spend with your smartphone via apps. This way you can see how long you've been scrolling on Instagram and the like - even though you actually wanted to do a workout, rearrange or go for a walk. "I just don't have the time. is no longer a reason. Because what will get you further? Fresh air and real colours? Or the next "Baby Shark Dance" video?

Back to Reality

Digital detox doesn't mean that you have to slide into complete abstinence and get yourself an analogue camera from the 90s. A conscious hour a day without a mobile phone or other digital distractions - yes, that also means Netflix and the like on the laptop - makes a huge difference.

Because Digital Detox is simply good for you. Not only does it make you realise in small steps that you can survive without a smartphone. At least for a while. You profit from many more benefits:

• Don't be constantly available - Being on call all the time not only wears you down, but also puts you under constant stress. Put an end to it and go offline regularly. Urgent calls can still come in. But first decide which contacts are really important.

• A good feeling - you think you're beautiful - until you compare yourself with all the profiles on Insta and Co. It's better to give yourself your own likes directly in front of the mirror. That has a much more lasting effect than a quick glance at the hearts.

• Look into the distance - Instead of always looking at the screen, let your gaze wander again andagain. Preferably right by the sea to the horizon. Your eyes will thank you.

• I was there - At the concert you hold your mobile phone up in the air the whole time for a shaky video with bad sound? Better leave it in your pocket and enjoy the moment.

• Here and now - Without a smartphone, you're much more aware of what's happening around you. And that there are much better secret spots for dinner in your neighbourhood than Google suggests.

5 x Digital Detox for Beginners

1. Detox Light

Before the Digital Detox, you can first find out which apps and gadgets are real time wasters - and what you really need. You can use an app to check your screen time and also set how long you want to stay on Pinterest and TikTok. In this way, you can slowly limit your time on your smartphone without having to give it up completely. And at the same time you become more aware of how much time you really spend on your mobile phone.

2. Mobile phone free zone

It's best to banish your smartphone from your bedroom or at least from the vicinity of your bed. A sunshine alarm clock that brings you out of the land of dreams with soft light is much more pleasant than your mobile phone.You can also set yourself time zones in which you are completely without. From 10pm in the evening to 9am in the morning? What is realistic for you to start with?

3. Old School instead of Smombie

You love photos? Then grab a good old SLR camera and get going. Playing with the settings is much more exciting than just pressing the button on the phone. Watches and simple phones - only with SMS and call function - don't just send you on a journey through time. You discover how much you can do without permanent mobile internet.

4. Push it real good

Push notifications are the hell of every digital detox contender. But the constant ding-ding-ding can be turned off or a "do not disturb" mode can be activated. That way, everything arrives, but you're not constantly notified.

5. Quite without

Digital detox camps are becoming more and more hyped. Whether it's a two-week nature retreat in the forests of California. Or simply a workshop weekend by the sea or in the forest around the corner, where you learn together with others to consciously enjoy time without your smartphone - a digital detox retreat is a perfect start to a more relaxed life without constant digital consumption

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