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Astrology and Marriage

Astrology and Marriage

Your natal chart will show if you want to marry, if you don’t want to marry and if you can’t be without a significant other person in your life.

Some signs are more resistant to settling down than others. For example, people with strong Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius often have less need for intimate partnerships than other signs. They are independent and they value their freedom.
If you have a great deal of Libra planets, you will want to be in a relationship and get into a marriage. Often, you stay in a relationship long past its sell by date just because you don’t want to be alone.
If you have planets in the 5th and 7th houses (children, romance, marriage, partnerships), you are likely to marry and get into a serious relationship. With no planets in the 5th or 7th houses, you will have more options available to you.It doesn’t mean that you won’t marry, or that you won’t get into a committed relationship, it just means that it won’t be something you feel compelled to do. Chances are, you’ll have life lessons in other areas. For example, with planets in the 10th house you will be ambitious and want a serious career, with planets in the 2nd house and 8th house, you will have lessons around money and valuing yourself and bringing out your unique talents.  
One sure sign of several marriages is having Jupiter in the 7th house or Sagittarius on the cusp of the 7th house. Jupiter is a very optimistic sign and tends to jump into a new relationship without thinking about it too deeply. It always hopes for the best and sees only the good things about a person. Conversely, having Saturn in the 7th house or Capricorn on the 7th house cusp will make you more cautious in relationships and you could limit your opportunities for getting married or you may marry later in life.
Another feature of Capricorn or Saturn in the 7th house can be that you fall for people who are unavailable. It could be that they are already married, much too old or too young for you or in a different social bracket. If you meet someone who is married and they do become available, the likelihood is that you will start to find fault with them and not want the relationship any more. 
In astrology, Mars in a woman’s chart tends to describe her romantic partners and the kinds of men she attracts to her, just as Venus in a man’s chart shows the kinds of women that he is drawn to. 
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Here are brief outlines of the different Mars signs for women and the kinds of partners they will attract:

Mars in Aries
You are attracted to men who are active, sporty, innovative, creative, independent, a self-starter and who will fight for a cause or even for you if necessary!
Mars in Taurus
You want a man who is stable, reliable, sensual, sexual, grounded, with a beautiful voice (spoken or singing), who will stick in there for the long-term.
Mars in Gemini
You look for a man who is versatile, flexible, highly intelligent, good with words, a natural communicator, charming and who has a great sense of humour.
Mars in Cancer
You want a man who is nurturing, caring, good with children and animals or anything that is vulnerable, good around the home, a shrewd businessman and a family man.
Mars in Leo
You want a man who is romantic, self-confident, dramatic, generous, outgoing, charming and able to commit for the long-term no matter what the challenges.
Mars in Virgo
You are attracted to a man who is very intelligent, possibly with a scientific or medical bent, reliable, orderly, sensitive and spiritual.
Mars in Libra
You want a man who is handsome, well-spoken with good manners, cultured, courteous, who makes you feel like a woman, charming and with good taste in food, music and art.
Mars in Scorpio
You are attracted to the strong mysterious types, you like intensity, sexuality, sensuality, someone who is powerful and who focuses all his attention on you.
Mars in Sagittarius
You want a man who is adventurous, optimistic, fun-loving, likes travelling, well-educated and an extravert.
Mars in Capricorn
You are attracted to men with ambition, who have achieved success and status in their career, who is practical and secure.
Mars in Aquarius
You want a man who is very intelligent, independent, slightly quirky, who gives you plenty of freedom, with whom you can share lively debates and discussions
Mars in Pisces
You want a sensitive, dreamy, creative man, someone who has a strong intuition, who is sensual and likes physical closeness and touch.
For the kind of woman a man will be attracted to, look at the Venus placement in his chart.

Here are the Venus signs for the kind of woman that a man wishes to attract:

Venus in Aries
This man needs a woman who is active, possibly sporty, self-confident, a go-getter and who has a high energy level.
Venus in Taurus
He wants a woman who is sensual, earthy, grounded, stable, reliable and who is self-sufficient financially.
Venus in Gemini
This man wants a woman who is talkative, intelligent, good in social situations and who is able to act spontaneously. They are often involved with two women at the same time.
Venus in Cancer
He likes a woman who is nurturing, caring, domestic, who likes to keep a nice, comfortable home, and who will mother him.
Venus in Leo
This man is attracted to a woman who stands out from the crowd, who looks good on his arm, who is dramatic, outgoing and confident.
Venus in Virgo
He wants a woman who is sensitive, very intelligent, hard-working, grounded, practical and well-organised.
Venus in Libra
This man wants a beautiful woman who is gentle, very feminine, who dresses well, is charming and who is comfortable with people from different social backgrounds.
Venus in Scorpio
He wants a woman who is intense, very sexy, is powerful in her own right, who has an air of mystery to her, who is very loyal.
Venus in Sagittarius
This man is attracted to a highly educated woman, who is optimistic and fun to be with, who has a great sense of humour and who likes to travel and have adventures.
Venus in Capricorn
This man wants a woman who has achieved success in her career and who comes from a good, solid background. 
Venus in Aquarius
He wants a woman who is unusual, who is articulate and good with words, who is independent and who will give him plenty of space.
Venus in Pisces
This man is attracted to a woman who is sensitive, caring, nurturing, who doesn’t need big explanations but goes by the feel of the situation, who is creative and often artistic or musical.

Keep in mind, that in astrology, no matter how difficult the planetary aspects between two charts are, if both partners are determined to make the marriage or relationship a success and they are willing to put in the effort and work, they can do it. You are not stuck with the natal promise in your chart. There is always the potential to outgrow the more difficult aspects.

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