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What can Astrology tell you about your Finances?

What can Astrology tell you about your Finances?

What is the point of astrology if you can’t use it to improve your finances and increase your cash flow? If you are a practical earth sign, or have lots of Saturn in your chart, you may well think along these lines... Alongside various other uses, astrology has always been consulted for purposes of financial gain, often successfully.   

So, how does each sign handle their finances? Are you a saver or a spender? And how can you make the most of your talents to get the cash rolling in? Read on…
Of course, the whole story is rarely captured just by your sun-sign – unless, that is, you have multiple other planets and points there in addition to your Sun! So make sure to look up your Ascendant too, for it rules your overall attitude toward life and so your finances too. You can also check out your Moon and Venus-signs and any planets in your second house, if you know where to find them... Get your birth-chart drawn up for free.
No idea what your birth-time is? Not to worry. Read your Sun sign below. It does characterise, after all, the deepest and truest aspects of your being!  The question is, does the rest of you allow this quality to express itself freely? Or is it simply how you wish you were? Either way, follow the advice and ... thou shalt prosper!

Your Sign and your attitude to money…

Aries, ruled by Mars
A fool and his money are soon parted… Impulsive buys are your nemesis! You probably spend money faster than you can make it because you simply cannot control your urges: when you see something that you want you simply must have it right now! And then you forget about it – and on to the next thing!  
Special Martian Powers: you are a pioneer, a go-getter and a risk-taker. Use your boldness to make money by going where no man has gone before and…getting there first!
Taurus, ruled by Venus
You are deeply security driven. While you are quite partial to a bit of luxury, you will never go over your budget to get what you want. You have infinite patience after all!  So you prefer to wait. There will be plenty of time to satisfy your desires when you know that it won’t break the bank. You hate tat and prefer to invest in quality goods. The only time you do not think twice about spending money is when it comes to good food or possibly getting a…massage! 
Special Venusian Powers: you can make some cash by investing in very low-yield bonds…. You can also cash in on your superb taste and creative flair!
Gemini, ruled by Mercury
You must surely be a trained magician! For how else do you explain the ease with which you move about, meeting with friends for a night out, attending courses, going on short trips, buying books, magazines and all sort of other curiosities and spending hours on the phone, whilst always appearing light and breezy? Surely, you just pull cash out of a hat!  
Special Mercurial Powers: you can always get the cash rolling in through tweeting, speaking, writing or simply through your popularity with a large network of friends!
Cancer, ruled by Moon
You probably have a number of insecurities about money, doing everything in your power to ward off potential dangers. You will feel much better if you are blessed with your own home, since you like to spend most of your time in it anyway. Owning it outright will make you happy, for then the worst possible catastrophe is surely averted! You are attached to old things and tend to spend money without rhyme or reason, refusing point blank to spend, say, on new clothes, while never thinking twice about that antique silver vase that looks just like the one your grandmother had…
Special Lunar Powers: your greatest asset is your intuition! This lets you sniff out danger and avoid it. And you can sense people’s mood and give them what they need. You could also take that money out of your mattress and invest it.
Leo, ruled by Sun
You just cannot be a Leo and have no money! For how else can you maintain the extravagant lifestyle that you are accustomed to? And how can you display your incredible specialness and generosity with empty pockets? Oh no. You cannot show your face, unless you wear your full regalia and are able to spoil everyone rotten. If you are broke, you would much rather pretend you’re ill and stay in.
Special Solar Powers: show business is ideal for you! Just go somewhere where you can let your personality shine and the cash will come rolling in.
Virgo, ruled by Mercury
Here we have a really careful soul. You spend endless amounts of time making lists of your expenses and pouring over receipts – down to the last coffee cup – never letting yourself relax and just follow your whim.  Do try to let your hair down and have a little more fun! You spend your cash on organic food, healthy supplements and anything that you feel will improve your daily life.
Special Mercurial Powers: anything that requires your patience and your painstaking attention to detail is ideally suited for you. Everyone needs your critical skills, even if they are sometimes loath to admit it!
Libra, ruled by Venus
Looking good is of paramount importance to you! And so no expense is spared in the acquisition of the latest fashions, including the finest perfumes and cosmetics! So what if that anti-ageing cream costs hundreds of pounds? It is absolutely essential. You have so many social engagements after all…and you have to look your best! Then you are invariably surprised when you run out of cash mid-month.
Special Venusian Powers: get the cash rolling in by adding a bit of beauty, harmony and flair to the world. You can also become an excellent go-between!
Scorpio, ruled by Pluto
You are not one to fall victim to the materialistic urges that grip the masses. Always in absolute control, you can get by with next to nothing if you have to. But should you become obsessed with an idea you will spend yourself out of house and home to make it happen!
Special Plutonian Powers: crisis management – that’s something only you can do! And detective work...  Whatever it is, you can face facts and effect change, while revealing nothing.
Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter
Life is one great big adventure for you! And money is no object. You must think that money just grows on trees. You just spend spend spend, thinking that things will take care of themselves. And they usually do! You never think twice about spending money on a trip or to have a good time.
Special Jupiterian Powers: Teacher, philosopher, explorer – these are some great professions for you. You would also make a magnificent salesman, since your enthusiasm is contagious!
Capricorn, ruled by Saturn
Finances are a serious matter for you. You know well that he who pays the piper calls the tune. And so you have a healthy respect for money for it gives you the power you seek. You do your best to amass it and never spend a penny that is not somehow strategically geared benefit you in the long run!
Special Saturnian Powers: let’s face it – you were born to be the boss. Take charge, climb to the top and get the rewards that you deserve!
Aquarius, ruled by Uranus
You are too lofty to concern yourself with mundane matters such as money. You just need to have lots of it at your disposal. For how else can you present a supercool image to the world, indulge your eccentricities, and pursue your ideals? Changing the world requires large amounts of funding after all… Technology and gadgets are your weakness.
Special Uranian Powers: innovation and the world-wide-web are the way forward for you. Anything avant-garde, bizarre or off the wall can provide unexpected income. You could even become an astrologer!
Pisces, ruled by Neptune
You are an absolute dreamer and cannot possibly concern yourself with dirty subjects such as cash. Or maybe you idealise money instead – as the ticket to the realisation of all your dreams! Either way you have probably never looked at a bank statement in your life. You spend cash unthinkingly and often in the most impractical of ways. Anything to make your world more beautiful, romantic and refined! Candlelight is romantic after all…

Special Neptunian Powers: use your incredible imagination to enchant others, whisk them away and ease their pain! You have a knack for sensing the collective mood and giving the people what they want.

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